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A Completely Drunk Lady Wanted Her Hair Cut & What She Did While Sitting In My Chair Made Me Speechless



Feel Good Project day 77

I have worse senioritis than when I was a senior in high school.

You know you’ve got a severe case of it when in your Desire Map day planner you write as your day’s core desired feelings:

to feel RETIRED….


That is honestly my deepest desire, as I am nearing the home stretch and I am just itching to reach the ribbon cutting day and step through to my new world.

Great day overall. Worked a 9 hour day at salon and am wiped but will sleep like a little baby tonight.

It’s becoming even more apparent that my worst days (feeling/digestive wise) are always days at salon. The more I step back the more obvious it is. When I am really tuned in to my body and listening, it’s rather silly how it’s screaming at me to be finished once and for all.

I look back at the past six months of working and see clearly now all of the signs that have been pointing toward my departure.

There are the obvious digestive disturbance flare ups upon entering a work day (including the night leading up to a work day as well), the emotional drainage factor, the physical discomfort of unnatural positions of my body while working, bad (lack of) chewing habits as I don’t schedule in a time to eat, along with no proper stretching before or after my work day.

Then, MY personal favorite some months back: mild electrocution by a curling iron.

That was a doozy. Fireball shooting out across salon floor included. AWESOME.

Just this last week a new experience was added: a random client that needed highlights and a cut (I was doing a favor for a friend) stumbled into my chair so drunk (off her you know what) that she couldn’t even hold her head up straight (which makes for a REALLY interesting haircut). The best was she proceeded to pull can after can of Budlite from her handbag and decided at one point that it was a good idea to serenade the entire salon with horribly loud and off key slurred country songs while under the hair dryer.


You know that saying about how if everyone in the room threw all of their problems into a big pile, that everyone would always take back all of theirs and not someone else’s?

Well, I agree.

Even though there have been really touch days with work throughout the years, with my health challenges, with relationship dramas etc-I would indeed take all of them any day of the week over what others have to deal with.

The drunk lady just reminded me that I have SO much to be thankful for about my great life that I don’t need to be drunk on a random Thursday just to cope with the pain. That made me beyond sad.

Even though I was annoyed beyond belief, all I wanted to really do was give her a huge understanding hug and encourage her (ok, and also give her a LOT of water:)

Today was a day of just feeling so dang grateful for my life.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: 6 am my alarm sounded and woke me from a dead sleep. I attempted to hit the off button like normal but it kept buzzing louder and louder. I became very aware all of a sudden that my arm was completely asleep from laying on it and as much as I tried to get my fingers to hit the button, it was to no avail. It is so funny trying to do anything with a completely numb, heavy arm. The best part was that instead of realizing that I could just use my OTHER arm to turn it off, I instead used the good arm to HOLD the asleep and tingling arm to try to keep hitting it until I succeeded. Obviously not being fully awake or present, I was so annoyed by this start to the day, but I actually got a few good laughs throughout the work day recounting the weirdness to friends and got some good laughs.

Being a human can be so weird.

Image: beautyhigh.com

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