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A Certain Member Of My Own Family Felt Snubbed Because I Wouldn’t Let Them Keep Taking Advantage Of Me



Feel Good Project day 88

FEEL GOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: sitting on top of a hill in the sunshine with Justin during chiropractic appointments, my hands spread open on pine needles to ground myself while soaking in the view of mountains in the distance as well as green grassy knolls. NATURE calms me and makes me feel wonderful beyond belief.

Wanted to get my feel good moment out first as it’s stayed with me all day and warmed my body and soul.

My gosh, I really am seeing how letting go can feel so very wonderful even in the midst of what feels like uncertainty and stress.

I feel like I am the main character of those stories I have only heard others talk about on documentaries or read about in books, where they have no idea how things were going to work out, but they trusted all the same. And THEN the floodgates opened up and there were unexpected MIRACLES day after day, providing exactly what was needed….and more than often MORE than what was needed.

I received a check in the mail today for $20 from a client who I have passed on to my pal Kelly at salon who is taking over my business after I stepped down. It’s only $20, but what it stands for is ABUNDANCE. Provision, miracles and absolute abundance.

Never once in my almost 17 years of doing hair has a client ever sent me money for no reason!

This woman owed me absolutely nothing. She just felt prompted apparently to send a sweet card of thanks for the years of service and a check.

THIS is the stuff I have been hearing for year that never thought could or would happen to ME.

This very first week with quitting the job has proved quite full of grace and encouragement every where I turn. Instead of fear and doubt, I am being met with pure LOVE and confidence. Very strange thing when fear melts away and is replaced with faith.

I thought I had experienced this before in my life (especially being the faith filled Christian I grew up as!) and I think I have to a tiny extent…but this time in life is blowing those memories of provision and peace out of the water!

Quite extraordinary.

Just as expected though, in the midst of this there was a curve ball thrown in to test my commitment to my faith in this new found trust.

I prefer not to get specific with this one, but let’s just say there was a situation yesterday with a family member who I felt snubbed by and completely taken for granted as well as advantage of for awhile now. I feel I have given of myself and my talents beyond belief, only to be made to feel bad for not over extending myself like I have done for many, many years.

Setting boundaries while remaining loving has been my goal, and I feel good about the way I handled it, but still sad about the way it was received (or lack thereof).

I came across a message today that spoke directly to me which said:

You are flying high right now, which may threaten others. But don’t descend, because others will soon become inspired by your example.

Lets stick to this hope and make it my intention as I let go more continually throughout each passing day, and pray that I will be used to inspire in any way I am called.

Image: theprayingwoman.com

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