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6 Days Of Not Eating Anything And I’m Not Even Hungry



Feel Good Project day 111

Doing better than I thought I would be on Day 6 of my fast-HOORAY!

The video below will give more details, but I feel/hope as if I have crossed over the hardest part! I have very little hunger if any, and today is the least bloated I have felt during this entire experience so far.

I won’t lie though…I am SO looking forward to adding food back in after these 21 days. There is just something about eating that I enjoy so so very much. I am pretty sure most people feel like that right?

Besides the fasting progress, my creative juices just wouldn’t stop again today! It’s magical really. The moment I sit down with an open heart and the true intention of being guided with this whole project I have brewing, the floodgates of creativity and inspiration spill all around me.

I have never ever been in a situation like this before in life quite honestly, so I am finding it to be fascinating and relieving, to know that one can truly live an inspired life.

Have always wondered how this feels, so as you can imagine I cannot contain my giddiness.

What did feeling good involve today you might ask?

Well, it was taking it EASY. Giving myself grace. Walking slowly through a park with Maggie. Organizing spaces in our home that needed a refresher. Buying a juice mid-day so I could relax and not have to work at making yet another one. Grabbing a few new fine-tip pens at Staples to replace the ones that have run dry, in order to keep my creative juices flowing. Bought inexpensive peach colored roses at Trader Joe’s to put on my desk here in our bedroom where I do all of my computer work, which brings me a TON of happiness.

Spending time dreaming and reading were good too, as my body still feels like it does not need to be pushed right now during this stage of the fast.

I took extra time today (forgot to mention in the video) to muscle test everything I put into my body at certain times of the day. Like lyposomal vitamin C for example…I muscle tested for it before I decided to take it, as i wanted to make sure that’s what was the best possible thing my body wanted and needed.

Felt good to really continue to delve deeper into my body for answers…and to listen to the whispers it gives back.

I still honestly have NO idea what foods I may be eating in general (before this fast) that might be causing my digestive problems or inflammation, and that’s frustrating to keep wondering. Still thinking this might be more of a spiritual issue or unresolved emotional problem, so I will continue to work through some things that it could be rooted in.

Overall, good day. Being THANKFUL through all of this is helping me get through. Giving thanks for what I have takes my focus off of what I ‘can’t’ have or eat 🙂 Beyond thankful for the time (having quit the salon) to be able to give to this fast fully so that I can truly heal and get desired long lasting results is amazing,

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: My new stove that our landlord put in today! I’d prefer a gas range but they replaced electric with a newer electric, but I am still very grateful. The old one was THIRTY FIVE years old if you can believe that??? I think it was about time:) It’s clean and new and I am blessed. 🙂

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