5 Reasons To Stop Eating Bread


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5 Reasons To Stop Eating Bread


gluten-free-bread-slicesI realize this isn’t going to be a post that’s too popular with people who love bread. But on the flip side I do realize there are many people who have learned why bread is bad for you but don’t really have that extra motivation to give it up.

I’m here to help you take that next leap and give up bread and wheat products from your diet. I realize many people like to do things in moderation and that’s totally cool.

Here are some of the reasons why I don’t eat bread anymore.

Since 2003 I’ve not consumed any bread or wheat like products. I may have had a slice of pizza here and there when I was in Australia many years ago. But other than that, I avoid the stuff like the plague and feel great as a result.

Here’s why I avoid bread….


If you look at how bread was made many years ago it actually had iodine in it. But the iodine would make bread look brown and far be it from “sophisticated” white folks to eat brown bread. So they removed the iodine which was actually one of the only healthy things about bread back in the day.

By removing the iodine from the bread it make it look like the white wonder bread we’re so used to seeing today. Wheat isn’t white people. When you see white food (unless it’s roots of plants or things like cauliflower) run for the hills.

We like to take products like Iodoral, Lugols iodine or even something like Nascent to help with iodine levels in our bodies. We also consume a lot of sea vegetables like kelp, dulse and nori to help bring iodine into the body.

If you want to learn more about iodine and how it affects the thyroid gland and your hormone health, I would highly recommend an event going on as of this writing called The Thyroid Summit which is 100% free to listen to and watch, all you have to do is simply sign up and register.

Once the event is over, you can easily purchase all of the recordings for a nominal price.


Most breads contain bromides aka Potassium Bromate. These are classic thyroid disruptions and as a result you’ll have hormones that aren’t working properly. Potassium bromate is in most wheat and flour products. Just think about how many consumable food like products this translates to. Your’e talking, pastas of all kinds, cereal, breads of all kinds, any baked goods.

The American diet contains so many wheat products that it’s no wonder why there are so many people with thyroid and hormone issues. To rebuild your hormones we like the products like Elk Velvet deer antler and Pine Pollen developed by our good friend Daniel Vitalis. We did a great interview with him about hormone health which you can listen to by clicking here.


The amount of processed carbohydrates and sugar from bread is simply something our bodies were not designed to handle. Yes people can get away with a sugar bomb like that if they’re running marathons and living the life of a full time athlete. But most people are having some form of processed and refined carbohydrate like this 3 meals per day.

Sugar acts to feed cancer. Cancer cells have 14% the receptor sites for sugar than they do for other types of energy. Sugar prematurely ages the body, it causes internal inflammation and internal scarring of arteries and causes death faster than any other substance. There’s no doubt about it, processed sugars that come from highly refined carbohydrates is straight poison to the body.


Being gluten free seems to be all the rage these days. Just go online and do some research for the dangers of gluten and you’ll soon realize how indigestible gluten is. Man was never meant to eat gluten. The molecule of gluten has an interesting shape. It has hard angles and it actually cuts and shreds the insides of your intestines cutting off the villi that line your gut.

This prevents our bacteria from being able to transmutate the food we eat into absorb able particles that can pass through the villi into our blood stream. The more gluten we eat the more collateral damage we’re doing to our own ability to digest any kind of food. This is why people who have consumed lots of wheat and flour products for many years have food intolerances to foods later in life that have nothing to do with bread. This is why many of these same people have auto immune diseases. The over size food particles enter the blood stream and the body treats it like a foreign invader and attacks it.

Cut out gluten. You’ll be glad you did.

Extreme Processing

Think for a moment about how much processing it takes to properly consume grain. I think of hundreds of men or machines that pull the grain through some kind of steel wheel to crush it all down into a powder. Then you have to sift it and seperate it. Then you have to soak it to remove the enzymes, then you have to cook it and it goes on and on.

The sheer number of things that must be done to a grain in order for us to even get close to digesting it, is ridiculous. Add to the process that most grain crops are sprayed with pesticides, fungicides, herbacides and contain genetically modified organisms (GMO) and you’ve got a recipe for cancer, heart attacks and diabetes.

Here’s something else the most people don’t consider. Most wheat crops are watered with municipal tap water. Do you know what’s in municipal tap water these days? You’ll find homeopathic residues of pharmaceutical medications.

Also tap water contains elements of fluoride, chlorine and chloramine which get into your cells and cause all sorts of problems.

Lastly tap water contains the spores of calcium deposits. Have you ever looked at your shower faucet or bath faucet and seen that dried up white chalky substance that’s usually caked to the side of the metal where the water comes out from? Well that’s most likely calcium. According to our friend David Wolfe, all mammals eventually end up dying as a result of over calcification.

Calcium cases internal fibrosis of our organs which causes them to become hard and rigid and significantly shrink over time. If during an autopsy you compared the liver or lung for example of an 90 year old man vs a 25 year old man, you’d notice that the organs are half the size and much more fibrous, brittle and hard.

As a result of their shrinkage, they can’t work properly causing a cascading effect of degeneration inside the body. When your organs shut down you’re most likely going to check off the planet pretty quickly. Fortunately in the Longevity Now Program David Wolfe outlines an entire step by step protocol to dissolve bad calcium out of the body.

I don’t know many people who are talking about how most bread is processed using calcium riddled tap water but it’s a huge issue and one that ages us quickly over time.

So as you can see eating bread has a whole host of problems related to it that it would be best to avoid.

Next time your family invites you over for a big bowl of pasta, you might want to go for the salad instead….

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