5 Reasons How Chiropractic Naturally Decreasing Pain and Fatigue


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5 Reasons How Chiropractic Naturally Decreases Pain and Fatigue by Dr. James Maggio


“Are you okay?” her work colleague asked as she saw Jane looking sick and deadly stressed out. No, of course not. Jane has her bloodshot eyes almost popping out from the socket. She moves slowly as not to hurt her tired back and shoulders even more. Finally, she was able to respond with a weak smile, “I’ll manage.” Later after work, she visited a chiropractic physician dedicated to wellness for treatment.

“Chiropractic” is a word that is derived from the Greek terms”cheir” which means hand and “praxis” which means action. When these are put together, they refer to a treatment that’s done by hand. This practice was introduced byDaniel David (D.D.) Palmerin 1895. He conferred the theory that manual manipulations of the spine can help cure diseases and illnesses and improve overall health.

Speaking of some magic performed by this medical system, chiropractic care is not all too technical. It is but a natural and effective way of supporting the wisdom of your body to bring back optimal balance and function of the spine and the nervous system. Note that chiropractic procedures treat not only bad backs but also the neck, muscles and the rest of the body. After a chiropractic session, you will feel comfortable and feel less body pain.

In this article, we will tackle five reasons how chiropractic naturally decreases pain and fatigue.

1. Improve Spinal Health

A lot of your vital body parts are connected to your spine. As such, when your spinal column (vertebrae) gets treated and aligned properly, the rest will follow suit. You will experience optimal relief in your muscles and joints. The chiropractor can work with you to improve posture, build up core muscle strength, and improve spinal health overall.

2. Balanced Nervous System

When your spinal bones are perfectly aligned, you will have a balanced nervous system. Conversely, if they are not in the best placement, vertebral subluxations will be encountered. This often leads to common ailments such as back pain, allergies, carpal tunnel and migraines or headaches. Chiropractic adjusts the spinal cord so that the switch board communicating signals from the brain would function appropriately.

3. Increase Range of Motion

Notice that when you encounter fall, any incident, tension and fatigue, your body tends to move slower. This is because your spine, soft tissues and nerves which are directly related to pressure of your movements become somewhat damaged. Range of motion is affected, posing negative impact to the mechanics of your entire body movements.

How well you respond to the changes in your surroundings and the agility of your reflexes are taken into account in chiropractic. Again for this case, chiropractors can correct vertebral subluxations that slacken your spine. Interferences will be managed to be fixed through manipulative therapy, alleviating damages and making spinal mobility become normal.

4. Reduce Muscle Tension

Without utilizing medicine or the need to undergo surgical procedures, chiropractors and therapists address muscle tension by performing massages and traction’s that ultimately eliminate fatigue.The key is to keep your nervous system in good balance. These professionals are trained to set your spine and nervous system in proper place and alignment so you will have increased energy. In some cases as seen fit, stretching as part of the chiropractic can help relieve muscle tension as well.

5. Create Natural Painkillers in the Body

The foundation of chiropractic originates on natural body healing. This implies that when we undergo chiropractic practice, our body will be capable of creating a series of chemical reactions such as endorphin release that act as natural painkillers. When done, chiropractic hence frees any interference in nerve transmission to the body. The end result is that we’ll encounter proper body motion and natural tone of muscles. An adequate and normal amount of endorphins will boost the balance of the nervous system which corrects illnesses associated with stress and over fatigue.

Through not based on solid science, chiropractic care is a method of spinal manipulation that is safe and proven effective by many practitioners and patients. When combined with cardiovascular and strengthening exercises and some counseling, this hands-on therapy can put your nerves, muscles and mind relaxed and sound.

Dr. James Maggio is a Level three certified trainer of the ProAdjuster System.

Some of Dr. Maggio’s professional achievements since beginning practice in 1995 include remarkable results treating headaches, arthritis, and many other condition.

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