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3 Reasons To Be Thankful For Conventional, Western Allopathic Doctors

TheAngryDoctor-620x459I don’t care how much you’re into natural health or alternative healing, if you harbor resentment or disdain for anybody or anything you’re blocking you’re own healing.

You can harbor a subconscious hatred that is nicely wrapped in your opinion about a particular subject matter (in this case Western doctors) that can deeply affect your health, and not even know it.

We cannot war against these people. If we see war out there in the world that just means there is war in our hearts. And how are we ever going to come to peace with ourselves or others when we have war in our hearts?

I realize that many of you may have been damaged by doctors. I realize that there are a lot of doctors out there that are concerned with money. Some doctors are highly egotistical and some really don’t care about their patients.

Then there are some doctors who are lazy and don’t require further testing for a patient which could result in some kind of diagnosis which was completely preventable had more testing been done initially. Other doctors are simply so self absorbed and living in their own worlds that they require women to have c-sections to deliver their baby simply to make sure they don’t miss their next vacation to Cabo San Lucas.

There’s no doubt about it, these doctors suck the pooch.

But until we get beyond this notion that we hate western medical doctors for all the reasons stated above, we’re never going to move forward on our own health and healing journey.

We can’t make enemies. We can however live our lives in such a way as to never really need their services. If we can do that we’ll have the best of both worlds. We won’t have a need to use what they offer us AND we can forgive them in our own hearts so we can begin making great strides in our own health.

Don’t let your own negativity around medical doctors be your own healing block that prevents you from overcoming your illness.

Contrary to popular belief in the alternative health field, here are 3 reasons to love your allopathic and conventionally trained Western doctor…

They’re Great To Help Diagnose Your Condition

Sometimes knowing is half the battle. With that said, do you see the problem with my last sentence? I used the word battle. It would be better written, knowing is half the healing. A diagnosis can be incredibly empowering or disempowering based on your emotional makeup and other factors. Dr. Richard Massey often talks about how a diagnosis can be its own virus that gets given to you at the exact moment the doctor tells you the bad news.

So be careful about a diagnosis. You never want to fight cancer or go to war with any illness. You’ll lose every time.

On the flip side knowing what’s going on can be incredible and in Western medicine right now there are lots of amazing advancements happening in terms of diagnosing diseases. We know that fear is really just a lack of knowledge. So when we know what we’re dealing with we can formulate a wellness plan that will restore our health.

So don’t hate on doctors too much because they’re leading the field in terms of diagnostics. The real test comes when you decide what to do about a diagnosis.

Doctors Are Incredible For Emergency Situations

It’s not going to take too much convincing for me to tell you that you don’t want a shaman rubbing God knows what essential oils on your newly broken arm. When you have acute situations there’s nothing better than allopathic medicine.

If they have to use surgery to help rebuild the physical structure of the body and repair joints, ligaments or bones, then so be it. Once they do their job, then you can start supporting the body to enhance the healing process.

I don’t think anybody who’s involved in a car crash would opt for a traditional medicine man over emergency room surgery.

Enough said…

If You Let Them, They Can Be Incredible Teachers

This third point is something that goes a little deeper. I believe everything whether it’s good or bad is a teacher. Good and bad are just labels we place on situations anyway. Ask Kris Carr or Jess Ainscough and they’ll tell you cancer was the greatest thing that ever happened to them.

No matter how the doctor treats you, there’s a lesson there. Perhaps you never loved or trusted yourself so you lived a physically abusive life that required the need for a doctor. The doctor’s actions could simply be showing you that it’s time to take care of yourself so you never need them again.

For me it was my mom’s cancer diagnosis that changed my life. It was when I realized that there had to be a better way of healing, that I started learning about how to actually take care of my body. My life has never been the same since and I wasn’t even the one with the cancer diagnosis!

The next time you’re at the doctors ask yourself as many questions as you possibly can about why your’e there, where you went wrong (physically, emotionally AND spiritually), and why you’re letting the doctor belittle you.

The answers to every one of these questions is your opportunity for massive change and growth in every area of your life.

But only if you’re willing to let them in.

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