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10 Free & Easy Things You Can Do To Feel Happy That Cost No Money



Feel Good Project day 95

Maybe the best part on being a tad low on money at the moment is that I get REALLY creative with ways to feel good for CHEAP!

Maybe struggles make creativity that much better!

So, as I walked Maggie through the park, I asked myself what were some either free or very inexpensive ways to do some things for myself to help me feel good today (especially given that today is the worst digestion I have had in months for some reason) and this is what I came up with and put into action:

  1. Hug a tree (which I have found over the past few days to feel SO god that I keep wanting to do it more!)
  2. Take an epsom salt bath (VERY inexpensive way to pamper myself and feel AMAZINGLY soft and relaxed)
  3. Journal (free for anyone who has paper and pens already! AND hey-it costs NOTHING to DREAM!)
  4. Apply a face mask to help me feel good in my skin today (I had one on hand that I had bought a month or so ago from the health food store, so I used the rest of that. However, tons of facial products and masks can be made using cabinet ingredients most of us have on hand just by looking at online how-to’s!)
  5. EAT less and DRINK more. I don’t know why but my inclination when my stomach isn’t 100% right is to think that eating more might help, but usually it’s the exact opposite. So, I decided to go the opposite route like animals do when they don’t feel wee-take a break form eating and flood my body with liquids!
  6. Sift through old photos of the past and release the ones (throwing in trash, ripping, shredding or even burning work) that energetically hold emotions or stress.
  7. Lighten my to-do list (and NOT judge myself for it, as I need to let myself just ‘be’ more than I do)
  8. Gave away even more possessions that are no longer used or adding any value to my life or space.
  9. Watched a wonderful interview of the Good Life Project featuring Kate Northrup talking about her book ‘Money: A Love Story‘ and got even more inspired to make the financial area of my life healthier and healthier.
  10. Let myself RECEIVE a gift from a friend. It was a gift of her time and energies directed toward me (for FREE and out of the goodness of her heart and amazing talents) and it blessed me beyond words, as well as brought me even more freedom in my journey back to health.

So, I’d say that it was a very successful Feel Good Project day! And mind you, this was all sprinkled between working and taking care of business! Quite extraordinary if you ask me.

In fact, I am so entrenched in the self care mode today that i am going to retire to bed with yet one more bath to wind down and unplug.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: This is not unique only to this particular day, but it’s the never ending appreciation and gratitude I feel for the long, lingering conversations I am blessed with daily with Justin. He truly is my FAVORITE thing in the entire world. There is nobody else I can imagine taking this life journey with. I feel like I won the love lottery and I will NEVER take this for granted…

Image: breathinghappy.com

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