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1 Tip For Changing Your Entire Life – Finding Your Saturation Point

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It seems like lately I’ve been writing a lot about mindset and changing your life. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people writing in who feel stuck and want to change their lives.

I think that’s why I get motivated to write about these topics because food and nutrition is one of the best tools we can use to make changes in our life. Think about it, people would rather lift heavy weights at a gym than change their diet.

If you can change your diet and subsequently change your cravings for things, you can do anything. There’s no stopping you.

But sometimes as we are in the midst of changing our diet we need more. We need something that will take us to another level in terms of motivation and inspiration.

It’s not easy to change thought patterns that have existed for 20 or 30 years.

I like to look to athletes as a perfect example. Kobe Bryant happens to be somebody who comes to mind. If you know anything about Kobe you know he has an insane work ethic that nobody else has. Nobody else even comes close.

If you want to change your life, you have to pick an area of it you’d like to change and have an incredible laser like focus that will stop at nothing until you finally get what you want.

How do you do that you might say?


Saturation is the key. What do I mean by saturation? I mean picking a topic and spend all your time consuming it. Read books about it. Read articles and blog posts about it. Watch movies about it. Talk about it and listen to radio shows or online interviews about it.

You might be able to spend 30 minutes per day reading a book about it. But while you’re working you might be able to read 2 or 3 articles about it during or after work hours. When you drive home or spend time at the gym, you can listen to radio shows about it.

If you add that up, that will mean you’d spend maybe 3 or 4 hours a day saturating your mind with this new information.

Some people say that in order to become an expert in any subject you need at least 1,000 hours of study. If you spend just 3 hours per day immersing yourself with this new information, you will be an expert after 1 year.

Now imagine during that year you actually apply those new found principles into your life. Now you’re putting action to your learning.

For me I love learning about spirituality, health, politics, religion, ancient history, economics and more. I’m on a lifelong quest of learning and discovering new information and then applying that information to my life.

It’s a roller coaster ride that never ends. There’s no end to the rabbit holes you can go down. Every day I’m learning new things and discovering new ideas that blow my mind.

Life is incredibly rich, juicy and inspiring.

I’ve never been the same since I applied this one habit to my life. I saturate myself with the information I want to learn. When I’m doing the dishes I’m listening to it, when I wake up I start listening to it and reading about it. When I go to bed at night I’m still listening to empowering information that’s going to enrich my life.

During the day I’m reading articles about these subjects, I’m talking about it on our radio show and living it when I’m out doing things.

It’s a lifelong quest to discover new truth and open my mind to new awareness and possibility in life and it makes living so much fun.

I invite you on this journey with me of exploring everything life has to offer through complete and total saturation.

Are you in?

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