Would You Be Able To Help Us Raise Money For New Equipment?


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Would You Be Able To Help Us Raise Money For New Equipment?


Since starting the show in August of 2012 I’ve been so happy learning about how our work has been positively affecting so many people. It’s truly been humbling that somebody with no radio or broadcast experience can have an impact on people. I have a love for healthy living as well as helping people achieve their goals. Because of that I felt compelled to start this show!

On top of all the positive feedback we’ve been getting, it has been incredibly fun as well. Personally I’ve been learning quite a lot from all the guests we’ve interviewed. Because it has worked out so well I’ve decided to continue following this passion and improving every aspect of our site for you all.

At first I was nervous about starting the show. I didn’t know anything about starting a radio show, I had zero experience behind a mic and didn’t feel comfortable at all. I still don’t feel all that comfortable but as I continue to put myself out there and do it more and more, it’s become a little bit easier each time. Whew!

I’m still working on not getting nervous starting each show but that will take time! Stress is the last thing we all need right?!

Because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed producing these shows and I’ve got tremendous feedback from all you guys, I’ve decided we need to take it up a level in terms of quality, especially in the audio department.

Right now we use Skype to do all our interviews. Skype is great but one thing I’ve been noticing is there is a slight delay and even an echo in the calls. If I happen to talk over a guest or visa versa, Skype will simply become garbled and echo out what both of us are saying.

Because of this I have to really tune in and know exactly when the guest is going to stop talking so I can ask the next question. As you can imagine the shows end up becoming more of an “interview” instead of a friendly conversation. Because the Skype technology isn’t quite up to par yet, there’s an element of comradery that’s being lost during the shows.

For example, since there’s a slight delay in the calls and the sound isn’t instantaneous like a real live conversation, I can’t make quick comments or interject with a joke or something like that. I feel like the show is lacking as a result.

The last thing I want Extreme Health Radio to be is a boring interview type show. What’s lacking is my ability to chime in and have the guest hear me immediately like a regular in person conversation. VOIP is great but it’s time to bump things up a notch.

I want our shows to feel like you’re in a room and the guest and I are talking on the couch having a good time while you’re eavesdropping on the friendly conversation.

The piece of equipment we need to do this will allow us to use our regular land line telephone for the calls instead of the VOIP connection that Skype uses. This will prevent delays from happening and improve the quality of the show dramatically.

It’s called the JK Audio. It allows us to record phone calls and brings the sound into our mixer.

Free For All Friday Shows

The other thing we are desiring to do is to purchase another microphone, pop filter, shock mount and and microphone arm to involve my wife Kate for the Free For All Friday shows. This will also allow us to have in studio guests as well. When both people are on a good microphone and in studio, the audio quality is the best there is.

Plus the interaction and banter that happens with in studio guests is much better than over the phone. I’m assuming we we’ll only be able to do a small amount of in studio shows but we’re going to try to do that whenever it’s possible. But my wife Kate and I will definitely be doing the Free For All Friday Shows this way.

Ahhh The Cost…

The only glitch is that all of this equipment ends up being rather costly. The total comes to $1,159.20. Yikes! I was originally hesitant to ask all of you faithful listeners for help on this but I thought I’d just put it out there and see what happens. Who knows right?

Here is a list of the items we’re looking to purchase for the show:

Microphone: $286.51
Sony Headphones $99.99
Pop Filter: $59.00
Shock Mount: $105.00
Arm Mount: $120.00
JK Audio: $470.25

We’re scheduled to resume shows again on February 11th Annie Jubb. I can’t wait and am very much looking forward to helping serve you this coming year with better and better shows!

Thanks everybody for your continued support. It really means the world to Kate and I. We’re indebted to each and every one of you! This show has the best listeners ever! 🙂

If you’re interesting in helping us with this project, Kate and I would be honored and humbled that you would support us in this. Thanks for listening and all your feedback, it’s meant the world to us!

Every little bit helps, even if it’s just $1.00!

If you’d rather send a snail mail donation feel feel to do it that way. Thanks you so much!!

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