Why You Should Invest In People Instead Of Crossing Things Off Your To-Do List!


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Why You Should Invest In People Instead Of Crossing Things Off Your To-Do List!


Feel Good Project day 70


I am LOVING my new day planner that Justin got me for Christmas-the Desire Map planner 2015 by Danielle LaPorte.

I am in the midst of reading her book The Desire Map as well, and I am really resonating with the overall message of it. If I had to sum it up, it’s basically about going inward to figure out what your core desired feelings are, and how we are actually all wanting to connect with the FEELINGS associated with what it is we are dreaming and scheming about ‘getting’ and having in this life, even if we don’t actually end up getting those things in a physical manifestation.

She obviously goes into WAY more detail but the idea really is perfect as I enter this next phase in my life.

Part of the day planner is an area to write your core desired feeling for that specific day, so I have committed to filling that section out upon waking up before I go about my day. I am realizing that, already over a week into the new year, that I have hardly touched my precious book, and if I do not come up with some sort of plan, then more and more weeks will fly by and before i know it I will have not achieved the very things I have set out to do.

Small acts equal big changes in my opinion.

Just SHOWING up everyday is what it’s all about.

Had two great adjustments at Bergman Chiropractic today with a wonderful float session in between. Then this early evening we had a wonderful in studio interview with the lovely Michelle De Berge from glutensugardairyfree.com and had an exciting and lively chat about the impact that food makes on our lives. We followed it up with a dinner party with lovely, dear friends who ALL are so encouraging and add so much to our lives.

Today was busy and I didn’t get one thing done on my budding dream for my new vision about where my life’s work is going, but I am learning the power of investing in people first and foremost, and today was like one big hug from the many interactions with friends.

In my day planner, in the back there is an astrology projection for this entire year, and it reads that the people that come into our lives this year and on a journey with us for the next nineteen years. WOW. all I can say is that I feel this to be true as within the past few months, the new friends journeying alongside us and us to them feels VERY aligned and synchronistic, and I have a feeling our work together is just in it’s infancy.

Part of feeling good is getting the support you need, especially when you don’t get much from the people in your life you’d think would give you the most.

I am choosing to surround myself with these people as they feel like love to me.

Good, great feel good day today!

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Realizing that one of my true passions in life is encouraging people. I was given a few different opportunities today to really root for people and tell them they have so much to give the world. In doing so, I was reminded I was talking to myself. 🙂

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