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Why You Should Be Careful When Building Your Own Wellness Team For Healing


So I have come up with a plan.

The first part of my blog will be just about life, spirituality and plain old just BEING, as I experience it.

I’ve decided that for those who want to follow the heavy metal/mercury journey as it continues to evolve, I will break up that into a second section. This makes it easy for everyone (including me!) to navigate and gravitate toward what interests them.

This whole FEEL GOOD PROJECT has many facets, health being just ONE of them. The emotional. mental and spiritual is just as important to me, so this seems like a perfect plan!

It’s very clear that when one is dealing with some chronic issue like I find myself dealing with, it can become overwhelming and all consuming if not carefully guarded against. How can it not at times?

Time that used to be spent online browsing girly sites like pinterest, chick blogs, anthropologie (as well as numerous other fashionable online retailers) has now become dedicated to projects, blogging, health and wellness research, and finding natural minded doctors to work with me.

I love how Dr. Lissa Rankin puts it in her amazing book Mind Over Medicine, as gathering your ’round table’ team around you-the people you have interviewed, believe in and trust to help guide you as well as encourage you to listen to your own voice in health matters.

I feel I am building just that.

Finding my ‘tribe’ of practitioners is slowly happening, and I have tossed out the ones along the way who do not align with my true nature and the way I do things, or are not willing to look at other information presented to them that might not have before been on their radar.

However much time I spend on gathering my team around me as I move forward, I am striving to create balance by making sure I take some time out to also delve into creative outlets to get out of my hear a bit. Reading a beautifully crafted magazine for example (check out my new FAVORITE mag Bella Grace), keeps me inspired and not focused on feeling low.

Balance, balance, balance.

That is the name of the game, and when I am focused and aware that I need more of it, I make myself take a break- even if only for a few moments, go outside or get away from the computer for a re-centering. It has proved PRICELESS to my well being.

SO, starting next week, the split blog will take place, so I hope any/all of this is informative or inspiring to you on some level!

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: This is rarely important to me, but I checked off EVERY single item I had on my to do list today…it happens so rarely that I cannot believe it! My day started with being at the Toyota dealership at 6:45 am for a free recall service for the car. I have never once left a car car dealership or mechanic for absolutely FREE…AND they gave the car a FREE car wash….blessings from above! As silly as it sounds, we are on such a tight budget, I have not been able to justify spending money to get the car washed…it’s the little things! Even though it decided to sprinkle right when I was driving back home some for odd reason (since we have been in a severe drought and it NEVER rains), I remained thankful and remembered it was a free gift anyway, so I enjoyed the much needed drizzle and decided to not sweat the small stuff:)

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