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Why When You Eat Is More Important Than What You Eat


Listen to our interview with Atom Bergstrom about Solar Nutrition!

Sun, Flower. Flower, Sun.If you follow our shows to any degree you’ll know who Atom Bergstrom is. If you haven’t listened to any of them you can listen above or click here for one of the latest interviews with Atom.

Most people are concerned with so many things when it comes to diet. They’re concerned with cooking foods or eating them raw. They’re concerned with following a zero sugar diet, a gluten free diet, a grain free diet, the paleo diet, a calorie restriction diet, the raw food diet, the Atkins diet etc.

They’re sometimes concerned with food combining. I know I was. If you’re unfamiliar with food combining it essentially states that certain foods digests on an empty stomach much more quickly than others.

A heavy protein meal like a chicken, fish or steak can take up to 8 hours (according to the food combining principles) to actually leave the stomach. Other foods like breads and other processed carbohydrates (think pasta, pizza etc) can take 4 to 6 hours to leave the stomach. This is assuming you’re only eating that one food alone on an empty stomach.

Fruit on the other hand is water rich and depending on the fruit, if eaten on an empty stomach (like in the morning when you first wake up) it’ll pass out of your stomach in 20 to 30 minutes.

But what happens if you eat that orange or bite into that apple after a heavy steak meal?

Well according to the food combining principles, that piece of fruit will also stay in your stomach for 8 hours and actually rot and ferment. This is because the liver, stomach and pancreas need to produce all different enzymes to help break that food down.

I follow some of those principles but what I love about time conscious eating (some call it Solar Eating, or Chronobiotic Nutrition) is that it almost doesn’t matter what you eat, it matters what time of day you eat it.

Obviously you should pick a diet that you most resonate with. Once you do that you can apply the principles in Solar Nutrition into your daily life pretty easily.

Here’s how it goes.

All of our organs resonate at specific frequencies. Everything is frequency really. Also these organs are more active at certain times of the day. So this means there’s a time for your liver, a time for year heart, a time for your pancreas, stomach, intestines, colon, lungs and so forth.

During these times of the day they are more readily available to receive nutrition from the food we eat.

Does this mean if you don’t follow Solar Nutrition principles you’ll be unhealthy?

Of course not.

But what Atom argues for is that your health can be optimized tremendously if you eat food at the right time. Also on the flip side the damaging effects of certain foods can be mitigated by eating them at the right time.

Along with our organs having specific times where they are more active than others, each foods has a time as well. It gets pretty complicated because it involves math, the angles of the sun and lots of other principles I won’t go into here.

As far as the food goes, the basic principles are that each food is categorized based upon when it first receives radiation from the sun. It has to do with how it reacts when the photons from the sun hit it at certain angles.

Foods that grow higher off the earth (like fruit on trees) actually receive the first rays of the sun. Then as the earth turns and the sun goes higher into the sky, the food a little lower to the grown start receiving sun at different angles. These would be food that grows on bushes and so forth.

Then as the sun goes higher into the sky the food on that sits on the ground can receive sunlight.

Going even further you have food below the ground. These would be root vegetables like carrots or beats or even fish since they are technically below the ground.

These foods work much better (according to Atom) if eaten later on in the day.

It’s pretty interesting information and what I like about it, is that it doesn’t matter what diet you follow you can apply these principles and see how they work in your own body.

This is information you won’t get in any nutrition class or in school that much you can count on.

It seems to make a lot of sense to me. I follow many of the principles and so far thoroughly enjoy it and seem to notice a difference.

Let’s work with nature instead of against it.

How about you?

Are you willing to give it a try?

Comment below and let everybody know your experience!

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