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Why We’re So Sick – 6 Essential Healing Tools For The 21st Century

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There’s no doubt about it, we as a culture are sick. So many people are getting weird diseases and “syndromes” at younger and younger ages it really boggles the mind. I recall about 8 years ago I asked my general doctor why there were so many instances of cancer today.

He basically shrugged me off and gave me a line about how we have better technology to detect diseases these days. What do doctors know anyway? I could tell immediately he didn’t know what he was talking about.

Autism has skyrocketed in recent years along with other childhood “diseases” like aspergers syndrom, ADD, ADHD, childhood asthma and the list goes on. Nobody seems to know why, at least in the mainstream media. In 2005 cancer moved past heart disease as the number one killer in the United States.

Wise people and people who really understand health and nutrition know exactly why. I’m going to share with you a few of my ideas as to why we’re getting so many diseases in our culture today and then list some tools I believe that are going to be essential for not only preventing diseases like cancer, heart attacks, stroke and diabetes but also in curing them.

Depleted Soils

Our soils have been depleted since the 1940’s when farmers began notifying the United States Government of radical declines in mineral top soil. We’ve completely exhausted the mineral supply in America. There is no known strategy for stopping this depletion and remineralizing the soils.

Today one would have to eat over 50 peaches to get the same minerals from just one peach in the early 1950’s.

It has been known for decades that a mineralized body simply does not get sick. If you have all known minerals (92) in your blood stream, getting sick is almost an impossiblity. When we don’t have these minerals our cells can’t detoxify correctly and don’t function properly causing toxins and waste to accumulate and allows the presence of disease to take root.

The Tooth Connection

Here’s a short list of holistic dentists who understand the tooth connection to cancers and other diseases.

Dr. Bob Dowling, Dr. Hal Huggins, Dr. Robert O. Nara, Dr. Steven Hines, Dr. Suart Nunnally, Ramiel Nagel, Dr. Bill Wolfe, Dr. Lina Garcia, Dr. Mark Manhart, Dr. Mark Breiner, Dr. Gerald Smith, Dr. Thomas Levy, Dr. Robert Marshal, Simon King, Boyd Haley, Dr. David Kennedy, Dr. Dawn Ewing, Dr. Paul Connett, Dr. Merrily Sandford.

I’ll briefly explain how cancer can be caused by having a root canal, a cavation, or mercury fillings.

Let’s use the example of having your wisdom teeth removed, like I did in 2000. When the teeth are removed an area of the tissue starts to grow over the pocket where the teeth were. But now that there is no ability for white blood cells to enter the infected area, the pathogenic and anaerobic microbes and bacteria begin to proliferate. It’s like having a house on fire (but you can’t feel it) with no firemen there.

These bacteria can travel throughout the rest of the body and also begin to grow in certain areas. These bacteria are so toxic that they have been known to kill animals in studies. You can read the work of Weston A. Price for more information on the specific studies he did in the 1920’s.

Because we raise our children on high fructose corn syrup, ungidigestable starches and grains, they grow up with cavities and thus begins the process of a slow downward spiral of ill health and potential diseases like cancer, diabetes and more.

Perhaps if the diet our children at had the minerals it might even be able to withstand these bad foods we’re feeding them. But because our children have no minerals in their bodies, coupled with a poor diet, cavities most surely ensue.

For more information on my experience with a holistic dentist click here and watch the video at the bottom of the page.

Lack Of Breastfeeding

When a child is born the most natural food for it, is breast milk from the mother. There’s only one time in a persons life where they can double their body mass within a 6 month period, that’s during the first 6 months of life. This is when a child should be drinking breast milk that contains, beneficial bacteria, antigens, antibodies to every disease the mother has ever been exposed to, vitamins, minerals and growth factors.

Breast milk is natures first food. It helps to format the hard drive of a newborns brand new immune system.

When a child gets cooked, soy based (which is very high in estrogenic compounds) bottled milk microwaved in plastic for the first few years, there’s going to be nothing but trouble. Vaccinations makes total sense when we bring a kid into the world with no immune system. Any bacteria they’re exposed to will kill them.

It comes down to the germ theory (Louis Pasteur – 1822-1895) vs the terrain theory (Antoine Bechamp – 1816-1908).

When a child is born, they’re coated in a slime that’s actually containing bacteria from the mother all over the outside of the body the helps to protect them from pathogens and bacteria outside of the body. So what do we do? We clean all this off of the newborn.

When the child basses through the birth canal it actually swallows this slime (up until then, the childs immune system is compeltely sterile while in the womb) to help it charge up its immune system to deal with life. Can you see why C-sections are a bad idea? If they can’t pass through the vaginal walls they won’t get this bacteria that literally jump starts their immune system.

The child gets an internal coating by swallowing this while passing through the vaginal canals as well as getting this on the skin as it passes through.

On top of that, we don’t breast feed our children and then we feed it gerbers baby food. Perhaps the mother and father don’t even have good bacteria themselves to pass on. Or even worse the mother could have smoked or drank alcohol while pregnant and ate nothing but sugary junk foods.

Then a child comes into the world with weak genes, poor nutrition during pregnancy and development, then it gets birthed via C-section and we wonder why they’re sick. Instead of getting breast milk it gets soy and plastic to drink. When they’re finally able to eat, we don’t nourish it with healthy foods but we feed it even more chemicals, toxins and poisions found in most all baby foods.

By this time you have a 3 year old kid eating junk food and they get dependent on antibiotics they’re whole life. They’re dependent on antibiotics because they quite literally have no immune system so they get sick when somebody across the room blows their nose.

This mineral depleted life ends up expressing itself as a cancer diagnosis at 40 instead of living a full life of 120 years like promised in the Bible.

So why are we getting sick and spawning a generation of sickness and disease? It all makes total sense now. I should have told my doctor this. They’re so blind they can’t see the forest through the trees.

The tools listed below are part of just 6 tools that impart the most beneficial properties for health. They are versatile and powerful because they can be used for a variety of treatments. There are obviously lots of other things I could have added here like an inversion table, a bio modulator from Dr. Jerry Tennent, grounding mats, RejuvaMatrix, zappers etc.

But I wanted to keep this list as simple as possible.

As a species we’re passing on weaker and weaker genes to the next generation. It behooves us to start using some out of the box ideas to help restore the healing functions of the body. I presume in the coming years reliance on technologies such as these will be even greater than they are today.




If you haven’t read my article on the benefits of rebounding, please take a look at that. Suffice it to say, rebounding is the best way to build bone density on the planet (from an activity perspective). Rebounding is also the only exercise that exists that actually strengthens every cell in the entire body. Want better eyesight? Start rebounding. Want better circulation? Start rebounding. No other exercise can be matched in terms of overall health benefits.

It won’t increase strength like weight lifting will but it’s much more healthy. About that, there is no doubt.

And that’s coming from a person who’s lifted weights heavily since 1997 and still continue to do so.

To sum up rebounding every day is one of the most important things you can do to prevent sickness and disease. And if you already have an illness, rebounding is almost always used worldwide by natural doctors to help overcome health challenges.



Sweep Function Frequency Generator

I’m not an expert on frequency generators by any means. I have learned quite a bit about it from two people specifically, that is David Wolfe and Nenah Sylver. The main rife machine out there is called the GB 4000. It works on the principle that every cell and atom in the world vibrates at certain predetermined linear ranges of frequency. Everything vibrates. Quantum mechanics and string theory have proven this.

When the opposing or opposite frequency is brought into existence it actually nutralizes and breaks apart the existing pathogen that is also vibrating at a frequency. Similar to breaking a glass with your voice. According to Nenah Sylver, Dr. Gerald Smith offers the GB400 on his site.

The uses for the GB4000 rife machine are endless. One could find out what what frequency their colon cancer vibrates at and use the counter frequency by putting some in water and drinking it. Or you can apply it directly to your body. Since every illness has a bacterial or fungal component, you can use this to treat just about any disease known to man.

Learn more about the GB4000 here >>



If you would like more information about this interesting technology and how it can be used to heal diseases, you can watch this video here. There is a good website run by James Golik that sells these machines. Here’s his website. Even though this technology is relatively unknown by modern culture, it has been around for many many years.

Learn more about the Bio Photon Analyzer here >>



FAR Infared Sauna

FAR Infared saunas are one of the most beneficial healing tools to have. In our bodies toxins, chemicals, pathogens, viruses, bacteria and fungus tend to store themselves in the lipid matrix of our fat cells. The FAR infared sauna actually heats up matter in the room instead of heating up the air to about 130 to 170 degrees. The heat penetrates deep into the tissues (far deeper than a conventional sauna) and actually causes these fat cells to oscillate and vibrate and super high frequencies.

Then they rise up through each dermis of the skin and you start to sweat out these toxins. The huge benefit is that you’re completely bypassing the liver and other organs of elimination.

Sweating has been used for many years in just about all alternative cancer treatments. By buying one of these and using it when you’re healthy, you’ll not only prevent lots of diseases but you’ll also lose weight, feel more relaxed, sleep better and even detoxify your glands, organs and body.

Sweating is absolutely essential for healing and detoxification today. The two saunas we recommend are the Saunex and the Relax Far Infared Sauna.




A nebulizer is simply a tool created by the pharmaceutical companies to deliver medication via the lungs through a misting technology inside the nebulizer. We can simply buy one of these inexpensive machines and hijack it to use for optimal health and healing benefits.

They can be used to treat colds, flu, lung cancers, heart problems and just about any other disease. Getting these healing substances directly into your lungs has healing properties that take place all over the body.

The list of substances you can use in the nebulizer are endless. Some that come to mind are MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) created by Jim Humble, MesoSilver, diluted essential oils and more. Basically you’ll be looking for herbs and substances that are either supportive to the lungs or antiviral and antifungal.

If you’d like more information on MMS you can watch some free videos on our recommended videos page or there’s a trailer you can watch on our DVD page.




Juicing fresh raw vegetable (not fruit!) is one of the quickest ways to detoxify, alkalinize and restore balance to the tissues of each organ, blood and body as a whole. You get a flood of enzymes and minerals all contained in highly structured water coming straight from the plant. If you want to learn more about structured water watch the 14 part video series by Daniel Vitalis on our recommended videos page. You’ll be blown away.

All water inside a fruit or vegetable has been structured by mother nature. Because there is no fiber do digest (unlike using a Vitamix or Blendtec blender that blends the entire fruit or vegetable) the minerals, vitamins and phyto-nutrients can be absorbed and assimilated directly into the blood stream within minutes after drinking it. This is essential for optimal health and healing.

The Gerson Therapy is the main cancer clinic that comes to mind in terms of juicing a high amount of vegetation per day. Using that protocol, you get 8 ounces of fresh, raw and organic vegetable juice every waking hour of the day for 16 hours.

Juicing is an amazing tool for not only treating cancers and all diseases but also preventing them. It’s the easiest way to add into your diet HUGE amounts of plant material that will help you achieve optimal health.



All of these tools are amazingly powerful if you use them by themselves. But what if you used all of them each day should you get a diagnosis of some sort? But don’t wait until you’re sick. In the same way that the Chinese use herbs like reishi and chaga to prevent cancers and diseases as a “tonic”, so to should we start utilizing these amazing technologies in our daily lives to prevent sickness.

If you implement all of these tools into your daily health strategy you’ll be stacking the odds in your favor to such a great degree you might never get sick again and could die at the ripe old age of 120. Just like how God promised in Genesis.

Living in a healthy body and dying in our sleep at 120 is the way to go in my opinion.

What say you?

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