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Why Is The Bellicon Rebounder So Darn Expensive?

As many of you know from listening to our show, we promote THE best rebounder on the market today. It’s called The Bellicon and if you’re interested in this amazing piece of machinery you can watch the video about it in our store.

I had the pleasure of rebounding on one of these a few different times in my life before we promoted them. For the first year or so of the show we didn’t even actually own one, although like I said I had used them in the past.

I’ve been into rebounding for many years and even wrote an entire blog post about all the benefits of rebounding that has become wildly popular.

After having the Bellicon ourselves I figured it was time to talk with the guys at Bellicon to discuss rebounding in general and the Bellicon in particular. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to that show yet, be prepared to laugh as it was one of the most entertaining shows we have ever done.

But I don’t want to spend this blog post talking about why rebounding (jumping up and down basically on a mini trampoline) is so benefitial, I wanted to talk about why I love our Bellicon so much.

But before I talk about how amazing the Bellicon is, I want to address some people talking about the price. We’re heard people say things like, “Did that thing get created by God, why is it so damn expensive?” or “I don’t get why it’s so much money for a trampoline I could get for $50 at Walmart” and then I’ve even heard people accusing Bellicon of being greedy and money hungry.

Funny how the internet provides a platform for people to say negative things. But such is life.

First of all I’ve been working with Bellicon USA for just about a year now and have had many interactions with the owner and his sister Philipp and Saskia and they’re both wonderful people. They’ve always been helpful and very kind and simply fun to talk to.

They conduct business the way it should be conducted. They truly want to help people and do things with honor from what I can tell. I like supporting people and small businesses like that rather than trans-global corporations.

I really like how they do things there at Bellicon.

I presume that the people balking at the price of these rebounders have never jumped up and down on one. If you’ve used a cheaper rebounder in the past and then get on something of this caliber, you’ll realize they are world’s apart after your very first jump.

The other thing about the price tag with these rebounders is that the Bellicon is really the first company to offer a high end piece of exercise equipment similar to expensive high end commercial grade blenders and juicers.

For some reason I don’t hear as much negativity surrounding the $2,500 price tag for a Norwalk Juicer or paying $500 or $600 dollars for a Vitamix or a Blendtec blender.

Having owned low end items like cheap blenders, rebounders and juicers I’ll tell you that you simply get what you pay for. You probably know that already.

It’s because Bellicon was the first to come on the market with a high quality industrial type piece of exercise equipment, people can’t wrap their mind around the cost of it.

I’m sure when Vitamix first started people said to themselves, “Why pay $500 for simple blender I can get for $40 at the local store.” But once you’ve used a Vitamix or Blendtec you realize there’s a world of difference.

It’s the same way with the Bellicon.

The other amazing thing is that with the Bellicon you can get on a payment plan. They offer a service through BillMeLater.com where you can get no payment or interest as long as it’s paid within 6 months.

Bill Me Later is done through Paypal and I highly suggest taking advantage of that.

You can also call up Bellicon (tell them we sent you!) and they’ll set up a 3 pay installment for you. I would take advantage of that if you can.

Why I Love The Bellicon So Much

So the real reason why I love the Bellicon rebounder is that it’s like jumping on a cloud. It’s so springy and soft because it’s made with flexy ropes that are like these incredible elastic bungee chords that make bouncing very easy.

It’s soft on your joints like jumping on a trampoline. Your knees and ankles don’t feel any of the G-force of the shock when your feet and legs hit the mat.

I love how when you jump you don’t have to try to get off the mat and catch air. It’s so bouncy and springy that the mat does almost all the work for you. You don’t have to try to get lots of air it just happens automatically.

They also offer bars so you can hold onto something in case you’re worried about balance and the other great thing is that the legs can fold flat so you can store it away easily.

Personally I’d recommend buying one and see how you like it. I’m convinced you’ll use it every single day not because you know you should but because it’s fun and it actually makes you feel amazing after you get off of it.

I’m not sure if it’s increasing endorphins or increasing blood circulation levels or what’s going on but it’s really motivating to use it each day because of how much fun it is.

Below are some picture of ours.

Don’t mess around buying cheapies. Your health is worth every single dollar you spend on it.

I plan on using mine for 15 to 30 minutes per day for the rest of my life.

How about you?







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