How To Change Your Morning Routine For Success In Life


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Why I Changed My Morning Routine & Why You Should Too



Have you fallen into a rut when it comes to your daily morning rituals? Do you feel like if you could just get a handle on how you start your days, maybe they would turn out better?

Are you looking for some ideas and inspiration to help you start your days better?

We all know from successful people and people who live great lives that when you get up, and how you start your morning have a great impact on how your days turn out and thus how your life plays out.

Here’s the problem though. Kids, dogs, schedules, lack of sleep and no time or privacy.

Depending on how much you value this idea of starting your day correctly will directly determine what you do about each of these three situations. They can all be dealt with, with just a little creativity and planning.

If you have kids you can make sure to get up earlier than they do to get a few things done before you wake them up. If you have dogs that need to be fed you can feed them quietly first thing in the morning (I hope you would consider feeding them raw food obviously!) and they’ll eventually be trained to your new morning routine.

As for not having any privacy that will have to be worked out on your end as each of us lives in different houses and living situations. But with a little planning and creativity you can set something up to have a half hour of stillness in the morning all to yourself. Usually the solution involves getting up before everybody else.

If it’s time you don’t have in the morning, then again I’d suggest going to bed earlier so you can get up earlier before all the chaos and commosion starts in your home.

Getting up earlier than everybody else solves a million problems when it comes to how you start your day!

My Experience So Far…

For the longest time I would get up whenever it made sense. By nature I’m a late night person and wake up late kind of guy. Left to my own devices that’s what I would normally settle into.

Our live shows start each morning at 9am Pacific and there’s so much I want to do each day before the show starts. I’d like to meditate, write 1 article per day, sit in our FAR Infrared Sauna, rebound for at least 20 minutes, read and make a green juice. Sounds like a lot to do before 9am right? Actually I need about a half hour before 9am to get everything setup for our interviews and to do show prep.

So here’s what it has been looking like lately

  • 5:45am Wakeup
  • 6:00 Roll out of bed
  • 6:10 Meditate (15 minutes)
  • 6:30 Write (About 30 minutes)
  • 7:00 Sauna (30 minutes)
  • 7:45 Rebound (20 minutes)
  • 8:15 Read (20 minutes)
  • 8:00 Green Juice (20 minutes)

As you can see the last item making a green juice has not factored in that much to my morning routine. I’m going to streamline it a bit and maybe get up a bit earlier to fit those in.

What I’ve Noticed So Far…

Since our studio is at home it helps me tremendously to have the flexibility to do all this before work. Obviously you don’t have to do all of the things I do or any of them for that matter but you can do something that’s valuable for you.

We all live such different lives and need different things at different times. After changing how my days start, I’ve noticed huge gains in productivity and staying focused on my work throughout the day.

When you know you’ve got a schedule and a clock to abide by you can’t mess around. If you have to be sitting at your desk by 8am, that’s something that’s non negotiable so you’ll make everything work around that.

I think the first step to changing our lives is waking up with a clear direction and a plan for how the day is going to play out. When you get up and set your intention right, great things will begin to follow in your life.

It might not be all at once and it might take years but day by day, you’re slowly becoming the type of person for whom success will come.

The question is, are you going to stop reading this article now and actually plan out your mornings?

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