Why I Almost Didn't Donate My Hair To A Cancer Foundation


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Why I Almost Didn’t Donate My Hair To A Cancer Foundation & What I Learned From Letting Go Of Lies I Told Myself



Feel Good Project day 86

No better way to mix up stagnant energy by bringing in the NEW than with a foxy haircut!

My oh my did I lose some inches today.

Never before in my life have I had hair this short and I am LOVING it.

I knew that something needed to mark the beginning of my ‘new’ life upon retiring and cutting of my hair seemed so symbolic to me.

My first official day out of the salon and had to start with a bang.

Part or letting go involves releasing control as well as embracing something new or seemingly challenging or uncomfortable. The hair seemed like the perfect thing to shed old, negative feeling about feeling stuck and dragged down, and the shorter and more extreme the better it felt like to me.

Throughout the years as a stylist I have probably done over 50 ‘big’ haircuts for clients looking to donate their ponytails to an organization called Locks Of Love, who take donated hair and make wigs from them to help cancer patients.

It’s nothing that was personally on my radar to ever do, and I never really saw myself losing that much hair in one cut.


The more I learned about the cancer ‘industry’ (because that’s what I believe it really is these days) through chats with our guests on Extreme Health Radio, the more disenchanted I have become about personally participating in cancer walks or any other money making fundraiser that I believe just pads the pockets of some pretty slimy people, while doing very little to actually come up with ‘cures’ of any sort.

Knowing I was going to do a big cut today and that I would have enough to donate would normally have turned me off the minute I heard it goes to anything cancer related that’s not actually helping to get to the root problem. HOWEVER, with this particular situation I thought why not give and see if it can help someone!? Especially if it actually makes it to someone in need, who’s probably been through the ringer of the medical world and could use a little hair lovin’.

I have ZERO idea if this company is actually doing what they say they do with all the hair as how can anyone really know without seeing? I have heard a few disparaging comments throughout the years that leave a gal to wonder. I am going to go by blind faith here and send it in and HOPE it can be of use somehow.

Releasing the negativity I often hold toward the industry was as important as actually releasing my attachment to the idea that long hair is the best look for me and also letting go of the lie that I look less feminine with shorter hair.

Boy oh boy do I feel so much more FREE.

My good friend Charee who is ONE talented stylist blessed me with this haircut in her gorgeous and welcoming living room, where the conversation that ensued was just as amazing as how I felt leaving with my new ‘do.

Quitting my job is going to make me really be intentional about connecting with the people that mean most to me. I am so used to people coming to ME all of these years-as I do most of my good friends’ haircuts anyways, so it’s not been a big effort to see them as were consistently coming in to see me all of these years.

What I have been dwelling on lately is that I have a few AMAZING friends who I blessed beyond belief to have in my life-and I am going to go for quality over quantity now, as I value my time differently because nobody is going to pay me to spend time with me!

I have spread myself too thin for many years, trying to meet too many people for short little bursts of interaction that never went too deep. NOW I can really focus on those who feed my soul and I feel better by just being in their presence.

Today was one of those days, I feel happy, full, and LOVED beyond belief.

THIS was a feel good day if I ever felt it.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Smiling all the way home from my haircut, giddy about the newness represents in ALL areas from this point forward.

Image: spartandaily.com

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