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Why Are People So Addicted & Unwilling To Change?

foodaddiction-wont-changeIt’s interesting how in the last few days there was instance where one of Kate’s clients’ dad was diagnosed with cancer. The man’s father was about 65 years old and was just diagnosed with throat cancer, bladder cancer and stomach cancer all at once.

Can you imagine that?

Being diagnosed with 3 cancers all at the same time like that is beyond crazy.

At that delicate time I believe it’s important to be loving and caring and not to tell people what they should do. So when the guy sitting in Kate’s chair mentioned how they looked into the Gerson therapy, Kate was rather pleased and quite surprised. She then waited until it was a good time to mention our show. But then in the very next sentence the guy said how his dad didn’t want to do the Gerson Therapy because it would prevent him from having his alcohol and cigars every night. And then he said the coffee enemas took him over the top.

He proceeded to say that if he’s only got 3 or 4 months to live (which is what the doctor told him) then he want to do it on his terms. This is a man who has grand kids and is only 65 years old.

I’m beyond trying to figure people out. That’s not my place and I’ve let that go many years ago. But for the sake of this writing I’m going to dig a little deeper.

What do you think causes or allows for a mindset like this? Why do you think people like this give up so easily? Why do you think he’d rather be addicted to his poor diet, alcohol and smoking before trying to live to see his family a little longer?

Is it the fact that he’s been mind controlled by the media his whole life? Is it because he trusts authority beyond his own sense of self? I believe people like this are so addicted to their unhealthy lifestyle habits that they don’t even realize it’s not even them that are craving this unhealthy path.

We now know that there are more than 10 times “other” cells in our bodies than even our own human cells. So our physical makeup is actually made up of more cells that aren’t us than are us.

Most of these other cells are bacteria, microbes, parasites, yeast and fungus. These organisms have cravings also and want to be fed. Candida and an overload of fungus in the blood stream, the brain and colon can actually cause impaired mental states often leading to depression and a host of other mental imbalances.

I suspect a guy like this is so overloaded with toxicity that it’s the fungus and parasites that are addicted to these harmful lifestyle habits and not even him!

On top of that it’s my contention that when your body is running on such poor nutrition lacking in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phyto nutrients you’re able to be fooled more easily by the campaigns of mass media.

This person has bought into the lie that only doctors can heal cancer and only chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can heal diseases like this. He’s bought into the lie that some “authority figure” in a white lab coat can actually tell him there’s such a thing as a “stage” of cancer and he only has 4 months to live.

Why does he believe all this garbage?

The media’s conditioning over 65 years.

When we give our power and soul away like that it’s very challenging to gain it back again. The media and this “culture” is doing a very good job at keeping people busy, in debt, stressed out, controlled, sick and addicted to drugs, alcohol and fast food that is killing them with every bite.

So what can we do about it?

Nothing but love them and accept them for who they are and speak to only people who show signs of waking up from the fog. In the Bible it talks about not “casting your pearls before swine.” I believe the point here is to share information but let the chips fall where they may.

It’s not our job to change people.

I’m sad to say this but we can’t become emotionally invested in the lives of other people who don’t want to live. If they want to live a life of excess we need to let them. If they want to eat, drink and be merry then we need to let them live out the consequences of that.

I realize it’s hard when it’s your own parents, family or friends but if they know that you are into health and don’t ask, then it’s not in our place to try to change them.

Ask Yourself Questions

Perhaps through an experience like this we can ask ourselves, what is the reason why this person living a toxic and destructive life, in MY life? What are they trying to teach me? What is their experience teaching me? How can I become a better person because of it?

If we can use these experiences in our lives to help sharpen and refine us so that we can be a better example and help more people than it might be a new way of looking at these situations in a positive light.

What do you think?

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