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Welcome To Your New Natural Healing Community!


dv419050bA dream of mine for the past couple of years has come to pass. When I started Extreme Health Radio, it actually just started out as a alternative health blog with the intention of having a radio station connected to it.

After I realized that that’s what I wanted to do, I thought we need to build a community around the listeners and guests of the show. Initially I thought Facebook was the logical place to build that community. I still LOVE our community there but I knew we had to have a forum right on the website where people could talk about healing, nutrition and living life with intention.

I noticed other websites and online radio shows out there doing similar things but not creating a community around the online talk show.

I felt like now was the time to launch this community. Kate and I receive emails each day from amazing listeners who share their knowledge, research and insights about all kinds of topics.

You guys are so incredible and we LOVE receiving emails from everybody. People have been donating as well as emailing in to tell us how much they like their new sauna or rebounder or just to offer their advice for a health condition we might be having.

Kate and I would look at each other and think, “If “so-and-so” had a chance to meet “so-and-so”, I know they would connect on a lot of levels.”

Recently we know of two people who are our friends as a result of starting the show and one of them was about ready to move out of her apartment and needed a place to stay for 6 months before moving overseas. Our other friend had a chance to meet this person (through our new forum) who was moving out of her apartment. He offered her a place to stay and even work on some like minded projects together!

It’s amazing to think that there’s a pretty significant chance that had Kate and I not started this forum, these two amazing people would not have met up!

To think that what you can do can actually change the lives of people is incredibly fulfilling and we are humbled to be able to be at your service.

So What’s The Plan For The Forum?

Well it’s imperative for me to only allow people into the forum who are like minded and aren’t interested in self promotion. Many times in forums people are only there to somehow create more exposure for whatever it is they’re doing.

I’d rather have less people involved in the forum who are aligned with our vision, than tons of people who just want to promote themselves.

The other issue with forums is spam. There are software programs that search for forums simply to create an account with that links to their own website. I’m doing everything I can to stop this kind of thing from happening.

Again the entire focus of this new community is you. I want this to be a forum where you can feel safe, inspired and motivated to get answers to your health questions and live the life you were born to live.

I realize there are many places online delivering this same kind of content so I feel humbled that you are here to join us. That’s why I’m doing everything I can to make it a fun and happy place filled with inspiration.

Although I do like healthy debate, there’s a time and place for it. We have many people who have differing views on health. For example, some people eat meat while others are vehemently opposed to it.

As long as everybody treats each other with love and respect we can all share our opinions and insights as far as what’s working for us in this moment. I’m more concerned with the intention and motive behind the person. If you’re sharing your ideas in a loving, humble and open way than I’m all for that.

But if you’re on there just to debate, argue and show how much you know, we’ve got no time for that.

Want To Help?

We need real human moderators. I suspect that this forum will grow much faster than I am able to handle. We do have software programs in place to prevent spammers and hackers but I can’t rely on them 100%.

We are looking for high quality individuals to help moderate this forum to limit bad language, bad behavior and encourage everybody to treat each other with respect.

Kate and I plan to be making a daily appearance in the forums to help serve everybody.

Thanks so much for your interest in what we’re doing and remember, we’re at your service!

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