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We Went To Texas To Get Our Root Canals Pulled!

Texas-March-2014-12_smFor those that don’t know Kate and I went to Texas last week to get some dental work done. We figured now was the time to go. In 2010 I went to the best biological holistic dentist in the world, Dr. Stuart Nunnally to get my mercury amalgam fillings removed. You can read more about my overall experience in this post.

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Stuart Nunally you can listen to our latest show with him or even visit his website.

This time we were going to have my two root canals pulled out of my head along with 4 wisdom tooth cavitations corrected. According to the research 70% to 90% pulled teeth are infected with bacteria. If you don’t know what a cavitation is, it’s simply an infected area of the gums, jaw and most likely bone that result when a tooth is extracted, like wisdom teeth.

A pocket forms when the tooth is pulled and in that socket bacteria of all kinds begins to grow and then the gum tissue grows over the top forming a bubble of toxic substance below the gum tissue. Because there’s no way for white blood cells to get to the area, this bacteria grows unimpeded and it can spread all throughout the body.

And Kate was going to get her one root canal pulled. So we had a bit of work to do.

After a 2 and a half hour flight from Los Angeles we got a rental car in San Antonio and went to Whole Foods to stock up on some green juice and some healthy food for a few days before we visited Dr. Nunnally. After Whole Foods we were going to visit Kate’s brother who lives near Austin.

When we were about to leave Whole Foods in the Domain I decided to change from pants to shorts in the parking lot.

Bad move…

Kate & I got detox foot baths after our dental procedures.

Kate & I got detox foot baths after our dental procedures.

It was at this time that I believe my wallet (containing my driver’s liscence, credit cards and debit cards) fell out of my pocket and I didn’t know it.

We proceeded to check in for 2 nights in an Air Stream trailer that Kate booked for us. It was her dream to sleep in one of these. She can now check that off her bucket list. 😉

Halfway during the night when we were exhausted I realized I lost my wallet.

I kept thinking about how much I had in my wallet. How could I lose it? I’d beat myself up in my mind about it. I thought if somebody buys a sauna while we’re gone I’ll have no way to pay for it w/o my credit card. How could I be so unaware as to let this happen? I kept ruminating on it in my mind.

Kate getting a Rife treatment from the good folks @ The Hill Country Health Store!

Kate getting a Rife treatment from the good folks @ The Hill Country Health Store!

Finally it dawned on me as we were driving around Austin. My name is a fictional entity. My name in all caps or even initial caps is fiction. I am not my name. So the very thing that my license represents is fiction. The “licence” itself is fiction too. We really don’t need a licence to travel down a highway.

I realized that in my mind I was drowning at sea. If somebody threw me a life raft (my wallet with all my fictional goods in it) I’d be saved. But then I realized that the life raft itself is not even based on reality.

I breathed a sigh of relief and let it all go. who cares right? In 20 years I probably won’t even remember this day, let alone losing my wallet with all my credit cards in it.

We ended up meeting a really great couple on our trip named Chelsea and Josef. We were greasy and tired and they were so nice to offer us to take showers at their apartment.

Getting to know Chelsea and Josef was so great. They listen to our show and are on the health journey with us. It’s so fun to know that people in our generation care about health and the implications it has on every area of life. Learning about their journey was just incredible and it blows me away that people can be so kind. We got to play with their dog Travis in their apartment. It was just amazing to hang out with them. I kept pinching myself wondering how did all this happen just by launching a website?

Kate & I speaking with Andy from the Hill Country Health Store.

Kate & I speaking with Andy from the Hill Country Health Store.

After two nights in the air stream trailer, we got a hotel for two nights in Marble Falls so that we could get our dental work done.

I’ll go into specifics about my 2nd experience with Dr. Nunnally in another post but the surgery went great for both Kate and I.

When we were all done we drove back to the hotel to recover and as I was getting our bags out of the trunk of our rental car guess what fell to the ground?

Yep, you guessed it….my wallet.

Apparently it had been stuck in between the door of the trunk of the car and the actual trunk itself. There was this small little indented area and my wallet just flew right out somehow.

Kate loves her Air Stream!

Kate loves her Air Stream!

It’s amazing what shows up in your life when you decide to let things go isn’t it?

When you truly let go of attachments to temporal things, it seems as if there’s more room for better things to come into your life.

It’s really strange out that works. I’m still trying to figure out what the lesson is for me on that one. Perhaps that is the lesson. To. Just. Let. Go. Stop trying to control everything.

I’m still blown away that that happened.

While we were there we got a chance to meet Dr. Massey in person and spend some time with Meridian as well. They’re doing some truly amazing things together it will blow your mind. I’ll talk about that in future shows.

Right before we left Dr. Nunnally's office!

Right before we left Dr. Nunnally’s office!

At the very end of the trip we got to spend some time using a Rife Machine at a great health food store called The Hill Country Health Food Store right there in Marble Falls.

We also had some detox foot baths done and Kate even had a mud pack done on her liver, gall bladder, pancreas and thyroid gland.

What a trip!

We sure missed Maggie but it was so much fun and a great experience getting your teeth done by the best biological dentist in the world.

It was a whirwind of a trip but I can’t tell you how good it feels to have infections like these taken out of our mouths.

Sorry we were not around to carry on the live shows for the week but we hope you enjoyed all the content we did post for you during the time we were gone.

Thanks for reading!

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