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Water Purification Units by Robert von Sarbacher

Click play below to hear our lively interview with nutrition researcher Robert von Sarbacher.

Note: I never use this unit anymore as he was harassed by govt out of the selling of it to the little guys – he will only put this in now at major corporations and such only… this is not available for us – but amazingly good info on water in general in here as well as my selling of the Hexahedron (water enhancer not purifier) which I am still selling (not to be confused with the (SEE FILE) Water Structuring file – which is the Unit I AM selling for water purification)

Not to be confused with the Hexahedron999 biophoton water attachment – http://robertvon.hexahedron999.com which is a water enhancement device NOT for purifying, only enhancing water with biophotons, check the endless array of testimonials and photos of just this alone added to water and what happens to plants, even with no fluoride or chlorine filtration, or any filtration at all, just straight tap water thru this device onto plants, wow!

However, my website above mentions the KDF water filtration units as well, I will not let my clients get those units with the Hexahedron as they are inferior – though they are the best in the industry for regular filters… instead I have all my friends family and clients make use of The Genesis Showermate Water purifier for shower water purification at home and MOST especially for travelling (DO NOT CONFUSE THIS with THE GENESIS SYSTEMS ONLINE COMPANY – SHOWER FILTERS ETC CALLED SHOWERMATE EQ – 40 (Equinox) and others  that removes NO fluoride or chloramine at all nor many other things)

My clients also use Genesis Over and Under counter sink units and Whole House units, we can also do entire Hotels, Cities, and Countries, and have done so in fact – entire countries that is! Spas in Hotels love us b/c we are soo much cheaper than the usual in comparison on a yearly basis and yet superior water supply for their guests, and every once in a while an entire hotel will want one of these for their general guests too, not just the spas in the hotel… be glad you’re staying in a hotel like that!

[ShowerMate design was made by one man that collects the royalties off that design no matter who uses it to house their filter or purifying systems… it’s in home depot filters, sold also by Genesis filters of course, and ewater and by the once upon a time Equinox company and others… do not confuse someone with a showermate shower filter as having any relation at all with Genesis original showermate…there’s only one real Genesis and they are not online – showermate is just the housing for the unit, not the company.]

In all the earth it has no equal at water purification for perfect drinkable water supply for humans and animals and plants…

Again, the shower unit will last on average for a family of 4 for about 1 year – do the math if less than 4 people using it!

The whole house unit will last on average for a family of 4 for about 6 to 8 years! Do the math if less than 4 people in family. Cost to replace is about half that amount on the whole house unit only! … call us in 7 years and we’ll let you know…

But why a shower unit at the very least, why not just skip it and do the counter units… I wouldn’t even let someone do that only!!! Why… b/c the shower unit alone will give you water better for humans to drink than anything you can buy in a store, – on top of which is my main point… please pay attention to this:


Don’t bother trying to google, there’s no more website (see why in the next paragraph)… and of the 10,000 other Genesis water filters out there on google, none of them are ours, their EQ-40s or some other nonsense or they are the old Equinox filters that are still out there after company disappeared 10 years ago 1998 or so .. seems the name became veryyyy popular very fast after this came out in early 90s! How do you know those other Genesis filters aren’t ours??? They won’t remove fluoride or chloramine!

In fact… we had that website going for 7 years and every week, if not sooner, it would be attacked and hacked unmercifully over and over again, we finally took it down… it is just that intense of an attack in this industry…. … could you imagine a shower filter that removes fluoride and chloramines without spending $5,000 per shower filter??????? Consider this: after the fact that any human being on earth could buy the cheapest filter on earthhh and remove 99% of chlorine using simple one inch carbon filter, they finally came out with the new addition to the water supply called chloramines, which cannot be filtered out via standard 1 inch of carbon like most filters are… instead it requires 3 feet of the stuff, not worth the time of day obviously!

Genesis will remove not just regular chlorine but also fluoride and chloramines (greater than 90% on all of those) as well as remove antibiotics and pharmaceutical chemicals AND LIVE VIRUSES and as well – it will also remove disease signatures from the water and remove pharmaceutical chemical signatures and remove antiobitic signatures from the water …

This purifier in the form of a shower filter (we have all types of units available by the way, even able to do entire countries water supply and can set up any country on earth with the world’s cleanest water supply and most useful to the body water supply and the cheapest countrywide water supply on earth, better than any country or municipality or state water filtration system in the USA even in terms of cost, never mind mindboggling filtration) can even remove fluoride and chloramines, and I know of some celebrities and super wealthy in Manhattan that paid $5,000 for a shower filter that could do that!!!! Wow! Scary! I’ve seen those filters, they’re above amazing looking but wow, not worth it!!! Considering this exists.

This technology has been around for over 40 years (it’s currently 2010) and almost no human in the whole of the USA has heard of this purification system….EXCEPT FOR MAJOR CORPORATIONS, PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES AND MILITARY AND OTHER OFFICIALS – why???? Why are the best items on earth not available to the small guys like us!!!!!!!!!

I’m so used to this – but it is available in the USA as well as anywhere in the world – I’m doing my small part with the help of the founder to get these out as I made a request to do so when seeing some of the Foundation’s technologies laying around (and NOT BEING USED ) … As I helped out in the past with nutrition consulting, the founder allowed me to sell these thru her, and this is now available for everyone…

Put this in perspective: The #1 shower filter in the USA that uses NONE of this technology is $200 and lasts for about 1 year…. It also gets a little of the fluoride out, not the 90% + we get out…In general it doesn’t do a good job at all on the major chemicals of Chloramine and Fluoride removal as no shower filter on the planet is capable of doing this (uh, without spending $5,000) (and trust me I’ve seen that $5,000 shower unit wow)!!!!

I know that regular $200 shower filter is quite superior to the $30 shower filters at Whole Foods grocer and anywhere on the internet however… not just b/c they get out a lot more antibiotics and pesticides and pharmaceutical company residuals but also b/c those cheaper $30 ones last only 3 months at best and cost $10 every 3 months to replace at the very cheapest, usually more, and in the end you are spending $70 if you’re lucky every year thereafter too …and it’s not worth it, b/c you can’t fill up your water bottles with the cheaper versions b/c they’re not clean enough, and bathing in it shows a continual increase in chemical poisoning in the body which is not happening as much at all with the $200 one mentioned above, that’s regular technology not our filters (except chloramines and fluoride of course keep contaminating you).

That $200 is worth it as far as well-known technology is concerned, and I had used that one before getting the Genesis one – but I will never recommend it again, b/c it’s inferior to the Genesis and lasts so much less time and will not even touch Chloramine nor do the major removal of fluoride nor major removal of antibiotics/pharmaceuticals nor pesticides etc ON THIS SCALE nor remove disease signatures from the water nor remove pharmaceutical chemical signartures nor antiobitics signatures from the water like Genesis does, just to put things in perspective.


$30 from walmart or whole foods shower unit with replacement cartridges maybe $70 ish per year or less maybe…
$200 for regular technology but larger filters and muchhh better filtration leaves the walmart and whole foods grocer version in the dust but of course no removal of chloramines or fluoride…$100 per year thereafter on avg.

Genesis showermate filter

Removes everything and leaves portion of minerals and most of them ionized at that and removes all disease signatures…discounted to under $200 every 1 to 4 years thereafter when you get them replaced…. Some take showers every 7 days ( I actually no quite a few older folk who do that scary practice so it’s expected that unit will last considerably longer just do that math as mentioned )

The Genesis Showermate or travel unit

Same thing… it will last on average for a family of 4 about 1 year, and if it is Less Than a family of 4 you do the math.. you can also use it for filling your water bottles at home with water that’s better than anything in a bottle from a store (having disease signatures removed) – and using it for cooking, but most importantly use it for traveling so you can refill your water bottles on the road or wherever you stay at a hotel!!!

Awesome! Reverse Osmosis and Distilled waters will eventually land you in trouble physically b/c they’re completely stripped waters, and will suck out all the nutrients from your body in a matter of years, making you go premature grey too in that time too, the diseases you end up with in < 10 years alone from using those types filters (and not doing a super nutrient smoothie every day to compensate or at least an attempt to compensate) is scary…… Anyway, I fill up all the water bottles in my house using this device so that I can use to cook with it or drink from it! Making it endlessly economical!!!! Reverse Osmosis is the least worrisome over distilled and de-ionized – something about not removing all the minerals but great on chemical and etc residual removal… just inferior across the board to Genesis products. This filter will remove a competing amount of minerals from the water that anyyy carbon filter will remove, that’s not an issue, however, those remaining minerals will have a majority of them converted to ionic minerals, what does that mean??? You’ll have homemade spring water in a matter of speaking, does this make sense? Your body will have NO interest in those minerals at all, nor any minerals (all of which are non-ionic, heavy metal form as far as body is concerned) which you get from drinking regular store bought spring waters! Why do we care about the minerals being in this water, or making it thru this filtration then if body not using them?? B/c they make it so the body does not continually lose major minerals as if it was doing a cleanse 100% of the time as it does with distilled water and reverse osmosis type waters… thus the body is at rest drinking this water… all others on the market like de-ionized and revere osmosis and distilled and others are so stripped as water it’s beyond belief… calcium, potassium and magnesium and more start leaving the body immediately when drinking these waters b/c you’re on permanent cleanse mode and those minerals are used to escort heavy metals etc from the body. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF PROBLEMS

For as you see, those type waters make it so the blood cannot retain PH levels AT REST (ie, water goes thru digestion, seeping into blood stream and 24 hours later it will cause lowering of blood PH forcing body to instantly compensate for this with use of minerals from the body to make up for lacking PH – just another reason for the body to lose minerals for a nonsensical reason, ugh) So again … When the body gets these stripped waters, it cannot retain PH in the blood AT ALL, thus forcing the using the minerals from the body to make it so that you stay PH balanced… hazardous in sooo many ways (if you see my point now re: the mention above of physical impairments/diseases that results from this sucking you dry process, NEVER MIND ALSO THE GREY HAIR).

Put this another way… place a PH balancer in water… say Himalayan salt and stir it into water, and water raises it’s PH to 6.5 from regular tap water which is usually around 5.0 to 6.0… now come back 24 hours later it’s now at 5.0 to 6.0 again…. Oops! This salt will NOT retain PH in water, nor will it in blood, uh, although Flower of the Ocean Celtic Salt will retain that PH in blood or water… you get the idea a little more clearly now regarding minerals???

When drinking Genesis water the minerals do nothing for increasing minerals in the body or otherwise, but they make it so that body retains PH without having to eat anymore of yourself, your own body nutrients, or to call upon your reserves to do so.

This is the process the body uses to deal with these types of stripped waters vs spring waters… if you’re not doing a super smoothie to replenish every day you’ll be in trouble soon enough with those stripped waters… If you’re doing synthetic multivitamin on top of drinking that type of water it’ll make it even worse even faster, as is the nature of synthetics.

Again, the shower unit will last on average for a family of 4 for about 1 year – do the math if less than 4 people using it!

The whole house unit will last on average for a family of 4 for about 6 to 8 years! Do the math if less than 4 people in family. Cost to replace is about half that amount… call us in 7 years and we’ll let you know…

All units are sold for pipes that are ½” pipes, if you have the rarer ¾ inch pipes let me know beforehand so we can adjust for you no problem.


All this power and purification and amazing ability to remove live or even dead viruses, pharmaceutical chemicals and gas and jet fuel and industrial poisons, and chlorine and chloramines and fluoride and arsenic and on and on, and the disease etc signatures therefrom…while retaining enough minerals to make it not leach you… and all this without any really noticeable lack of water pressure coming out of the shower unit never mind the other units as well! Was that not enough? How about this, despite this power, it lasts longer than anything on the market on average for it’s size…!!! The whole house units even more so! AND THEY COST LESSSS!


All water units are taking 3 weeks or less as the Foundation is doing this a favor to me since I requested the old tech to “get out there again” and they said fine, you want to you can sell it and we’ll let the units go out but it runs thru the foundation so… have to wait on them… just in case you were wondering if they would be there in 3 days, it’s more like 2-3 weeks, please forgive the delay and bare with me and us….

Shower filter specs:
Capacity 25,000 gallons
Flow Rate maximum can handle 2 ½ gallons/min
Pressure highest can handle 100 lbs (I’ve never seen one be able to go above 60 lbs)
Lowest temp can handle is 33 degrees (both these temps are unbelievable as well, no one has these stats)
Highest temp can handle is 110 degrees
Will remove more than 90% of all fluoride, chlorine, pesticide, herbicides, chloramines, Radon, MTBE’s, Hydrogen Sulfide, arsenic, etc etc… more items removed, just write me and ask for it….

PS – I have been asked to give a description of this technology that’s been around for 40 years which only the big guys know about and why it’s so significant… and why we should be a little ticked off that some of the richest in the world had access to this technology but we did not despite being cheap!!! How and why are they able to remove disease signatures without the now super expensive but popular use of physics devices… why is this so cheap in another words… simple… they are made with rare earth non-pole magnetics.

For example… you walk into a room of busy and super wealthy business men and want to talk to them about the power of super magnets for all sorts of technologies… they all IMMEDIATELY remove their hands from the table at the same time.. then start to get up and back up towards the window as you get closer, and as you stand their giggling, you realize they’re all wearing $15,000 rolex watches… (for those who don’t get this parody – rolex watches are instantaneously destroyed when they come close to magnets… ) so you say no worries… these are non-pole magents they will not affect a rolex watch and you show them Rolexes are unaffected by it!

These are specialty type magnets… they are used the world over from Saudi Arabia to Japan to increase the flow of oil out of the ground for oil wells and in cars to make the engines not have wear and tear to normal extent making their cars last 300k to 500k miles instead of the usual 150k to 200k in the USA…and used in water purification systems the world over when they need some medical grade super waters… Such cars are not allowed in the USA, but Japan and other countries will sell them to any other country except the USA. They are illegal to sell such cars to the USA with those magnets in them, but you yourself can have them put in no problem!

They must be taken out of cars coming here for fear of reducing GM and other car company profits and for reducing to 1/3 the car repair industry… However anyone that wants one let me know and for $100 I’ll send your car specs to the makers who will send you the details of how much and how many magnets your car will need and specs on where to place them in your car via an engineer or you can drive up to Pennsylvania and have them do it for you…

Usually for some cars it’s cost <$1000 to, on average, about double the lifespan of your car, sometimes triple…for others it’s $1200 total for the magnets and installation, I have someone in Dallas that will put them on for me for <$300 so it’s much cheaper if you know someone…not to mention increase resale value for those who know what these magnets are and can do…For those in the oil and gas industry that would like to on average, about, triple the amount of oil you get out of a well - let us know and we’ll be glad to put these magnets on for you…. They’re used all over the earth for increase viscosity of oil (and making oil wells sludge proof almost which is one of their highest claims to fame) and water and purification… This is NOT a new technology… but it is a hindered one, to an extent, in the USA more than others. PPS – A lot have asked for a more precise explanation of these Stripped Waters – sooo.. de-ionized water is the most stripped water, Distilled is 2nd most stripped water, and Reverse Osmosis is 3rd most stripped water…. Drink any of these waters if you think you do not have enough gray hair yet!! Now if you look at the reverse osmosis unit that has a standard 10 micron or so filter instead of the ultra .5 or .1 micron filter, you will see that it is the least stripped of all stripped waters however you can’t tell the difference really between distilled and reverse osmosis when it’s using a really powerful .5 or .1 micron filter – in that case, it’s the same as distilled in terms of how stripped it is… be careful if you ever buy one of these…

De-ionized will land you in the hospital or just dead if you try to drink this all time and you will die from WATER POISONING… as it sucks out soo many electrolytes from your body it causes an imbalance in your brain and you die… see this link for more on water poisoning… http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-water-poisoning.htm but do not confuse thirst (body telling you you’re dehydrated) with imbalance of electrolytes) . This is a huge problem –

Distilled is similar but not as bad as De-ionized… since in general it removed the big heavy minerals mostly but not as much removal as de-ionized… most have never heard of de-ionized unless they’ve been to Whole Foods Grocer and filled up your water bottles there… they have a choice of de-ionized vs. reverse osmosis.. it will take minerals out of your body as it puts you on permanent detox… which is great if you are actually ON a DETOX…b/c you’re putting in large quantities of teas and fruit juices and veggie juices and blender drinks back into you all day so that’s perfect! But, if not, what on earth are you doing drinking it! Making a tea with it? Good, use distilled!! It’ll suck out everything it can out of that tea, heck, use de-ionized in that case.

Reverse Osmosis

Usually ok b/c 10% minerals get thru, this makes for less pulling of minerals out of your body as explained way above…but …not so much if has the special super filter of .2 or .1 micron … then it’s just form of distilled…

Do not confuse distilled and de-ionized, as de-ionized is purer in general than distilled but of course there are the $3 to 4 distillation units and if they are kept clean by cleaning them every single day then they can be a match for de-ionized…

NEITHER Reverse Osmosis NOR Distilled NOR De-Ionized is meant for families!!!

You can’t drink it unless you’re going to make up for it later with the adding of electrolytes back to the water to make up for it… For Example, anyone heard of Vitamin Water???? It’s just de-ionized water with electrolytes added back into it….

Would you like to see an article on the amazingggg use of the ultra perfect totally stripped NOTTTTT for drinking de-ionized water does inside human bodies when injected versus drunk straight???????

Here we go:

Robert von

Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

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