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Tyler W. LeBaron – How Molecular Hydrogen Can RADICALLY Improve Your Health!



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As life would have it, we did two shows in a row all about hydrogen and brown’s gas. Maybe God is telling us something?
When things happen in my life like this I always wonder if God is trying to send me a message.

Either way we talked more about hydrogen than brown’s gas in this particular show but it was still loads of fun. Tyler likes to get really into the science so we really broke down what happens in the body when a person drinks or inhales molecular hydrogen.

We also discussed deuterium, tritium and other isotopes and how they impact the mitochondria.

The whole ideas is to not just create more ATP with the mitochondria we have, but also how can we actually create more mitochondria and get those new mitochondria operating properly and create energy in the cell.

So lots to discuss here. How can we keep more mitochondria, how can we improve the electron transport chain to be able to create 4th stage water, better utilize oxygen and also create more ATP?

If we can answer those questions and solve those problems, my believe is that we can extend lifespan by many many decades.

The name of the game when it comes to health is ATP production and having healthy mitochondrial energy to deal with oxygen.

When we do that, we live longer, healthier disease free lives.

Tyler LeBaron talks about how hydrogen can impact mitochondrial health!

I hope you enjoy!

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Show Notes

Project 180 Vaccines

Show Guest:

Tyler LeBaron

Guest Info:

Masters in Exercise and Sports Conditioning
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Internship at Nagoya University Japan to research molecular mechanism of H2. Relevant course work include: Biochemistry, Physiology, Advanced Exercise Physiology, Nutritional Biochemistry, Molecular Cell Biology, Quantitative Chemical Analysis, Biology Analysis Techniques

Tyler W. LeBaron is the Founder and Executive Director of the science-based nonprofit Molecular Hydrogen Institute. His background is in biochemistry and exercise physiology. He was a 1-year Adjunct Instructor of Physiology, and interned at Nagoya University in the department of Neurogenetics to research the molecular mechanisms of hydrogen gas on cell signaling pathways. He is a director of the International Hydrogen Standards Association (IHSA) and the International Molecular Hydrogen Association (IMHA). He speaks at Medical conferences in the US for doctors CMEs/CEUs, and at academic biomedical hydrogen symposia and conferences around the world. He is also a member of the Academic Committee of Taishan Institute for Hydrogen Biomedical Research. He collaborates with researchers at home and abroad, and helps advance the education, research, and awareness of hydrogen as a therapeutic medical gas

Show Topic:

Molecular Hydrogen

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