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Is Your Morning Routine Killing You?

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Here’s My Version Of The Typical American Morning…

It’s a little bit difficult for me to write about the typical American morning without including the typical American afternoon or evening.

This is going to be a little thought experiment for you.

In quantum mechanics they like to have thought experiments in order for you to understand certain principles that require a unique way of looking at something. In Zen Buddhism they have what’s called koans which are in essence very similar to thought experiments.

Here is a typical American morning of a very average person we will refer to as Bob.

After a restless nights sleep Bob finally get some deep sleep and some much needed REM right when the alarm clock wakes him up with a vengeance. He is so distraught he wishes he could just sleep all day. “It’s only Tuesday” he thinks. “How the heck am I going to get through the rest of the week?”

Bob finally gets the energy to get up even though he’s exhausted from getting only 6 hours as restless sleep. Bob doesn’t realize the bed he sleeps on each night has a mattress filled with chemical compounds. Just about every mattress is sprayed with a fire retardant chemical by law. The sheets that Bob was sleeping on were also washed using soaps that had chemicals and toxins in them. Bob breathes in these chemicals each night when he sleeps.

Bob wishes he could do something about his life because he is depressed about his horrible job and his situation. It’s 5:30 AM and Bob stumbles over to the kitchen to make coffee filled with caffeine made with non organic coffee that was sprayed with chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. The water Bob uses to make his coffee is tap water that has residues of pharmaceutical drugs and toxic chemicals like chlorine and fluoride in it.

While the coffee is brewing Bob decides to have some scrambled eggs from diseased chickens that were not eating a natural diet. These chickens were packed into cages where they have no room to even spread their wings or turnaround, let alone move. The chickens produced sick eggs that are very unhealthy. He scrambles the eggs in a pan that contains heavy metals that leech into his food.

Then Bob decides to have some cereal made from non organic wheat that is giving him diabetes but he does not know yet. The cereal contains high fructose corn syrup which also contains mercury and other chemicals that are silently and slowly going to give him a disease like cancer. But you see Bob doesn’t know that yet either. Then he pours pasteurized, homogenized non organic milk from sick and disease cows that contains so many chemicals and puss cells that it’s damaging his liver but he doesn’t know that yet either.

All of this is raising his blood sugar to astronomical levels which gives Bob a sense of dissatisfaction and a slight level of depression about his morning so far. And then Bob decides to make some English muffins with peanut butter on them. The English muffins are a non organic white flour. This causes some inflammation and in turn an insulin response in his body. As a result it raises his cholesterol in order to repair the inflammation in his arteries.

The peanut butter that Bob uses is filled with chemicals from being sprayed with herbicides and fungicides but it also contains aflatoxins. This causes an immune system response and white blood cell response in his body. But this is OK because Bob simply feels a sense of fullness and happiness from the food that he’s eating.

Bob doesn’t realize that there is an never enough food to fill an empty soul.

After realizing that he’s already late for work Bob decides to scarf down his breakfast in record time. He wishes he could enjoy it and he wishes that he did have to go to work today. His wife is still sleeping in bed and he would do anything to trade places with her because he hates his job and is beginning to hate his life.

His chemically laden breakfast seems to give him just enough energy to get through the day like a dazed and confused robot. He wishes he was doing something different with his life. He’s also wishing he could just go back to sleep and spend a day with his wife, but he realizes he needs to go to work to pay the bills.

Bob is $35,000 in debt.

Then Bob decides to take a shower but he doesn’t have any time to enjoy it because he’s really late for work. He feels his heart racing and his adrenaline is pumped because he cannot afford to be late one more day. He slathers on some soap that contains more chemicals and poisons than he could even count. He then rinses off with water that is not filtered that contains fluoride, chlorine, chemicals and residues of pharmaceutical drugs from the municipal water system provided to him from his town.

After he gets done with a shower he puts on some deodorant that contains aluminum and other had heavy metals right onto his armpits where the pores are open all day. The chemicals from his deodorant are absorbed right into the open pores of his armpit where they are now in his bloodstream affecting his lymphatic system.

Now that Bob smells good he decides to hurry up and put on some clothes that were dry cleaned using toxic chemicals that get absorbed into his skin all day long as he sweats. He midly sweats all day because he is so stressed out.

Bob is looking good though, and he smells like a million bucks. If only Bob felt inside as good as he looked outside.

Then Bob decides to brush his teeth with toothpaste that contains fluoride, natural flavors and other chemicals that get absorbed into his body through his mouth. Bob doesn’t realize that diseases are festering and brewing inside of him.

That’s OK because Bob feels like he’s doing the right thing for his family and this is what he has to do to be a good father, even though he’s becoming more and more depressed each day.

Since Bob is in a rush he doesn’t have time to floss his teeth so he skips that for today. But he does have time to spray a little bit of hair spray or put some gel into his hair. The problem is that these hair sprays and hair gels contain toxins and chemicals that get absorbed into Bob scalp. Oh well, Bob doesn’t know anything about that. He does know that his hair looks mighty fine today.

Bob is looking dapper!

Bob is starting to notice some bags under his eyes, some gray hair that is growing and some wrinkles on his face that were not there a few weeks ago. Oh well he can’t deal with that now as he’s late for work. Life sucks for Bob. He is trying to avoid being too depressed. Bob runs over to the kitchen. His heart is now beating a mile a minute and he is slightly sweating because he realizes he’s going to be late for work so he grabs his coffee filled with caffeine and runs out to his car to go to work.

His car needs about $800 worth of work done on it for repairs but he doesn’t have the money for that now. He’s already 10 minutes late for work and realizes he needs to get gas on the way. His stress level goes up as you realizes his boss is going to be pissed off at him.

Does Bob stop and get gas or does he take his chances? Will his car make it to work? Bob doesn’t know the answer to these questions but he knows that if he stops for gas he’s going to be so late that he could get fired.

Bob decides to take his chances and get gas after work. This raises Bob’s stress levels even higher as he’s taking a huge risk here. He cannot afford to get fired now that his wife is pregnant again and they are thousands of dollars in debt. But Bob decides that it’s worth it to take the chance since his boss is going to be fuming mad that he’s already 10 minutes late to work.

Bob cannot afford to take the chance of being even more late.

He sips his coffee thinking that he needs a pick me up like some strong caffeine in order for him to wake up. But his heart is pounding, he is stressed out, and his stomach is hurting from something he ate this morning. “Hopefully it all go away”, he says to himself. As he’s driving down the highway, the car in the lane next to him suddenly cuts over into his lane right in front of him and then slams on its brakes. This makes Bob extremely upset so he starts yelling at the guy in front of him and flips him off.

“Okay calm down”, he says to himself. He never thought that he could feel the emotions and feelings of being stressed out, nervous, depressed, sad and unhappy along with a sore stomach all within minutes of waking up.

“How did this become my life?” Bob asks.

Bob finally settles down and continues driving. He thinks that since he took the freeway to work today there is a chance that he might only be 5 minutes late for work instead of 10. But he’s also stressed out that his car could run out of gas at any moment.

Bob decides that it’s time to listen to the radio in order to get some entertainment during his commute to work. His own thoughts are causing him to be more depressed, sad and unhappy. Bob doesn’t dream anymore. Bob doesn’t have fun anymore, those days are long gone. So Bob needs lots of entertainment in order for him to escape from the hell that is now his reality.

He turns on his favorite radio station only to find commercials. This is OK because some form of entertainment even commercials is better than being trapped in his own mind with thoughts of being unhappy and depressed. Bob gets his mind programmed by the mass media during these commercials. He becomes increasingly unhappy because he doesn’t have all of the things that the commercials are telling him he needs.

Bob doens’t know it but his world views are changing every time he listens to the radio and watches TV. He’s become more passive and dissatisfied.

“Oh well, at least I have a job” he says as he continues sputtering down the highway to go to work. He can’t even open his window because of all of the exhaust and fumes coming from the semi truck in front of him. It’s starting to give him a headache. Hey, “fresh air is overrated anyway” he says.

Bob finally makes it to the parking lot of work and realizes he’s actually 1 minute early. He can’t believe his car didn’t run out of gas. So Bob decides to take the next 30 seconds and take a deep breath and think about what has become of his life.

He becomes so depressed because he hates his job so much and all of the debt he is in. Not only that but he has only about 30 seconds to dwell on all of this so that he’s not late for his workday. He knows he needs to start taking care of his health, his spiritual life and his finances but where does he find the time?

Bob woke up only 90 minutes ago.

This lifestyle for Bob continues through lunch dinner and evening day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Is it any wonder after being exposed to so many toxins, chemicals, poisons, stress, attention, depression and worry followed by a horrible diet with the lack of sleep, that Bob gets a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer when he is only 42 years old?

We have all been there and Bob situation I’m sure you have as well. Let Bob’s story become an example to us of how not to live.

You see Bob was exposed to so many chemicals, poisons, stress and worry after only being awake for a matter of minutes. Bob lived a depressing life. He lived a life where he was not following his passions or he was not creating value, inspiration or motivation for people.

Bob was doing a job he hated in order to pay the bills and the debt that he accumulated.

Bob lived in a hamster wheel, a never ending cycle of poor health and depression.

Whenever you do with your life, don’t be Bob.

What are you passion about? What do you really want to do? Are you living the life that you dreamed about when you were a child?

Learn how to extract yourself from your job perhaps on a weekend were you can start to dream again and learn how to achieve goals. Your life is much more than a crappy 9 to 5 job. You are more than that.

By the way, after Bob’s diagnosis of stage 4 cancer he passed away and left his pregnant wife and two year old daughter after going through three rounds of chemotherapy radiation and surgery that never ended up working for him.

Bob was used and abused by the system from cradle to grave. Poor Bob didn’t understand this. When he was born roughly $9,000 was generated by the state by receiving a birth certificate and Social Security number.

Also Bob never knew this but his body (namely his social security number) was put on the New York Stock Exchange as collateral for the U.S. Debt. You see Bob paid into the system all his life by paying his taxes, getting his vaccinations, taking his pharmaceutical medications when he got sick, getting into thousands of dollars of debt because commercials and the media taught him to pay for things using credit cards and money he didn’t have for things he didn’t need.

From cradle to grave the government and the United States of America corporation (The United States and The United States of America are two seperate entities) were able to not only use his body as collateral for their own debt, but make millions of dollars off of his very existence.

This article was merely an example of a typical American morning routine from a fictitious character named Bob who sadly represents many of us today.

Promise yourself that life’s too short, don’t be Bob.

  • Harold says:

    Great post, about what is the hamster wheel of death that so many of us have been on most of our lives.

    In June I decided to get off and do something else with my life and in just 3 months it has made a big, big difference in how I feel and look at things. Unfortunately, like most Americans my body has a lot of abuse to repair and slowly but surely we are making changes to our lifestyle to work on that damage.

    Today I went back and had a taste of what my former life was like and there is no way that I would voluntarily go back to that daily grind.

    Thank you for making me think about other things that I can do, to work on improving my life and make it even better than it is today.

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