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The Real Reason Why I Eat The Way I Do


making-healthy-food-choicesI get asked this question so often I thought it might be time to put this down on paper so I can direct people to this article. I’m sure there are people who think that I’m crazy, extreme or just plain old type A personality.

If people want to think that so it makes them feel better than I’m alright with that. It’s just a label anyway so what do I care? What other people think of me is none of my business anyway.

But this question comes up from family, friends and listeners of the radio show. Why do you follow such a strict diet they ask? What’s the point we’re all going to die anyway.

I’m sure you’ve had many people ask you similar questions a well. For my sake (and for yours if you like) I’m going to list a few reasons why I eat the way that I do.

First of all it’s not “strict” if you love it, it’s tasty and it gives you results. It’s “strict” because you don’t have the self love to care about yourself so labeling somebody else s diet as “strict” makes you feel better about how poor your diet is. That kind of labeling is just a defense mechanism based upon fear and judgement.

The notion that we’re all going to die anyway is a poor man’s way out of doing anything. Why do anything if we’re all going to “die anyway?” We’ve been given a tremendous challenge and opportunity to take care of this wonderful physical/energetic ecosystem called a human body. Being a poor steward of anything is not something I’m interested in.


As you can probably see from the people that are aging around you, there are not many people who do it gracefully. Today people in their 70’s and 80’s live in retirement homes, unable to remember even their close friends and can’t do much without the assistance of others. Do you want to age like that? Or do you want to be able to have all your wits about you and doing your work when you’re in your 90’s and beyond?

I can tell you that I don’t want to have to be reliant on people when I’m older. It’s not fair. It’s not fair to the younger generations because they’re busy doing their work and shouldn’t have to spend their days and nights taking care of me because I couldn’t figure out how to take care of myself earlier on in life. It’s just not fair.

In my opinion death should be rather quick when you’re old. There should be a steep rapid decline. What we see in our culture today is the last 20 years of life is usually accompanied by chronic degenerative pain, illness and suffering.

So I eat the way I do so that I won’t be a burden to others as I age. I also eat the way I do so that I can still go hiking and surfing when I’m in my 90’s. Just like Paul Bragg. 😉

I’m Not One of The Sheeple

I like to think of myself as someone who lives according to different principles than others. If you think about the common foods people eat (wheat products, refined sugars, fried oils etc) these are foods created by companies who at the very least only care about your money. And at the very worst might be providing this food to harm you.

You see we live in a feedlot like a factory farmed cow or other animal. We eat feedlot food, have feedlot thoughts and wonder why we’re sick and don’t have any energy to accomplish our dreams or goals. This “food” that’s been created in some sort of factory is designed to keep you sick and addicted.

Then once you consume this garbage for 30 years you’re going to end up with a closed mind and stage 3 colon cancer. And what does a mineral deprived mind do when diagnosed with cancer? Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy of course. Your body and mind are running on so few minerals you can’t even begin to see that there are other possibilities of healing out there for cancer.

These companies and governments just want to eat you up and spit you out and collect taxes along the way. I don’t eat their crap franken food because I choose not to be mind controlled, manipulated or easily coerced like the masses of sheeple are.

This is why I avoid all processed foods because the companies that create them don’t have my best interest in mind. I choose to be a powerful voice of change in the world and Twinkies or Ding Dongs don’t support my goals.

Develop Disciplines

To me food is simply a tool to expand our growth in other areas of life. Diet and nutrition are similar to a hammer that allows you to build a desk so you can do the work you are called to do. Even the desk itself is there to allow you to do whatever work it is you’re supposed to be doing. Food then is the hammer that builds that desk.

Food is a great way of building disciplines on a daily basis. When you realize you can change your entire life using the discipline of eating a healthy diet, then you start to wonder what else is possible? What other areas in my life can I change like I did my health?

Food is a discipline because it allows us to harness the development of addictive habits that create possibility in all areas of our life.

Become The Best Version of Myself

I eat the way I do so that I can have the energy, vitality and life span long enough in order to help as many people as I can with my work. Food is information. When we eat we’re simply eating information. What information are you eating? How is that information changing you? Is it putting weight on you and making you tired? Or is it serving you with energy, health and vitality?

Personally I don’t believe you can achieve greatness in every area of your life without a diet that’s high in super herbs, super foods and incredible nutrition. The food we eat is creating our physical bodies on every level and it even helps to open our minds and awareness such that it’s a spring board for other possibilities in our lives.

How can you achieve greatness on a diet of hamburgers and pizza? Or a better question might be, how much more could you create and contribute if you consumed the best food ever?

Physical Appearance

Last but not least, physical appearance is one of the reasons why I eat the way I do. We all have a little vanity in our lives. The trick is to realize that we aren’t our bodies. Be that as it may, I like to look good, have muscle tone and low body fat. I mean who doesn’t want that?

The problem is that this is the only thing people think about when they’re eating a certain way. Calories in vs calories out. They measure fat, carbs and protein in order to get their physical form to look a certain way that’s been pre-programmed by society. They want to look skinny or buff because that’s what our society thinks is attractive and they’ll eat whatever they have to in order to look a certain way.

So sad.

This should be the least of all worries of anybody who’s wanting to be healthy.

So there you have it. I eat the way I do for many deep reasons. When I walk down the street and smell pizza being cooked in the oven at a pizza shop I don’t even consider that to be food fit for human consumption.

I’m just not tempted by it because I know what it’ll do to my digestion and I also know how it dumbs us down and keeps us addicted. And on top of that I don’t want to financially support a company that doesn’t share the same vision of the world that I do.

Question of the day…

What about you? What are your motivations for eating the way you do?

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