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The Natural Product I Used To Get Rid Of My Warts

I love sharing natural solutions for common health problems that actually work. It’s so interesting to me that when people get a cold or a flu they’ll run down to the local pharmacy and get the strongest drug they can to get rid of whatever symptoms they have.

I think that it boils down to education. People just don’t realize how these medications are affecting their bodies. They think that the body is a machine instead of a living ecosystem that contains 8 to 10 times more “other cells” than their own cells.

In other words we’re more bacterial than we are cells that make up us!

This idea that the body is a machine has its roots in traditional western allopathic medicine. People think that we are machines similar to a car or a motor and you can add or remove parts as you wish. The common person thinks that organs only do certain specific things and they run independently of each other.


This idea reminds me of the book Brave New World where people are essentially robots and treated as such. This type of thinking trickles down to the health field in the form of fitness trainers. They talk about calories in vs calories out and how many grams of fat are in a piece of fish vs some carrots.

How the body works is so much deeper then anybody knows.

Personally I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface of how the body really works. My guess is that we know less than 1% of what’s really going on.

In reality the body is a massive ecosystem teaming with all kinds of life that are all interconnected at every level.

But I digress….

What I wanted to tell you about is this great natural substance put together by some wonderful people over at The company Alpha Omega Labs is run by Greg Caton and his wife out of Ecuador.

The reason why they’re in Ecuador is because they make a black salve that comes from the Amazon that let’s just say….supports your immune system so the immune system can heal yourself of skin cancer. I don’t want to come right out and directly say what you’re thinking so I don’t get on any kind of FDA radar here.

But you get the point.

The black salve product formerly called cansema, is really powerful and it’s used primarily on skin cancers. Because of that they recommend something not quite as strong called bloodroot paste. This bloodroot paste can be used for all kinds of topical skin conditions.

I had a wart I was dealing with on my right arm that seemed to keep growing and growing especially during the summer months when I was exposed to more sun that I am now. So I used some of this bloodroot paste and it knocked it right out in about a week.

I left the paste on for two days. After one full day I took the bandaid off cleaned it up and reapplied another batch. I kept it out of the water and dry for two full days and what do you know, the wart was gone!

If you have any skin issues like cancer, warts or things like that, I would buy up lots of the bloodroot paste as well as the black salve. The FDA of the United States actually flew to Ecuador and arrested Greg Caton and tried to shut down his herbhealers website. There’s an interesting interview with his wife on Natural News if you want to check that out.

So anyway I like to offer solutions that might work for you like they did for me.

Thanks for reading!

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