How I'm Dealing With Mercury Toxicity & My Chelation Plans


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The Latest Blood Test Results For Mercury, Heavy Metals & A Fibroid Update!



Hearing LOTS of information about health over the past few years, it can be surprisingly hard to actually soak up and RETAIN all of the information presented to us.

I want to blame it on my ‘foggy brain’ from dealing with heavy metal toxins over the years, but if I didn’t have that as a valid excuse, would I still find it extremely challenging to both learn and apply more of the health principals I have learned from the wonderful guests on our show through the past two and a half years?

The answer would still be yes I believe, but to much less of a degree.

Sometimes the information that exists at the mere click of a button can often be overwhelming as well as unnerving. I’m finding myself smack dab in the middle of too much information, not enough time to sift through it, and a brain that is easily overwhelmed by the choices and paths which I am faced to choose from.

I had a few funny moments throughout the day today, where listener friends of the show wrote in to me, suggesting I re-listen to some of the very shows I co-hosted with Justin! Ha! These were not meant to be offense in ANY manner, they were out of pure hearts, gently reminding me of the wonderful wealth of knowledge right here on the home front! I will indeed be listening to a few of the shows with guests that provide much wonderful and powerfully life changing information when it comes to heavy metals.

With metal and mercury testing so far I have done lab work and now am moving on to the second and third phases of urine and hair analysis tests! I am the first to say-boy can this all get expensive trying to navigate health! Even though we are ‘in the health field’, I am no exception to the large sums of money spent on returning to better health.

My most recent blood tests tested for levels of mercury, arsenic and aluminum. It showed no detected mercury (which I am not one bit surprised by, after researching for hours of how these tests are so complicating, and even negative tests do not say much in regards to true mercury issues), a tad high on the aluminum level, and no known arsenic.

From what I have researched and even consulted with a few people is that mercury and heavy metal exposure is most likely to show up majorly in blood tests immediately after exposure, meaning within days after being exposed, not usually years. Metals can migrate and store in organ tissues, making it very difficult or near impossible to diagnose in some cases.

Where I stand right now is I have had and continue to have major symptoms of mercury exposure, if not straight out poisoning, but we will see…

My latest saliva tests for adrenals (Sabre Sciences) shows my hormones and adrenals are compromised, with intermittent kidney pain and ‘off’ tests.

My blood results last week showed my CA 19-9 test (pancreatic antigen marker) has fluctuated again into the high range. The ‘normal’ range being between 0-35, in the sixteen months, this number has gone from 54 to 130, back to 54, up to 60 something and now up to 97. Not as high as it’s been but not as low either, which I would obviously prefer.

So let’s see…I am trying to just cover all of my bases so I remember where I am at and where I continue to go on this journey back to reclaiming my well being.

My liver enzymes are pretty stable at this point, as in the past they have been fairly high. My liver and pancreas have times of on and off again pain, but these days it’s fewer and farther in between…as I had over a solid year of intense pain almost every single day!

The subserosal uterine fibroid that has been holding on for too long now is continuing to measure just under 8cm, but I am still hoping to get that down using castor oil packs weekly for fibroid shrinkage.

The pain that continues to cause me though is majorly uncomfortable, and unfortunately there have been more than my liking of ovarian cyst ruptures thrown in there as well!

Okay, this is where I stand going in to this mercury thing, so I wanted to just be very clear of the levels things are at, so I can remember where I start, as I am very eager to watch things shift ALL throughout my body as I step forward in my chelation as soon as I get a few more things sorted out.

I laugh when clients and people who knew very little about my personal or health life, would ask me why I hadn’t had kids yet after being married almost ten years, to which I have learned to gently respond that my body had different plans.

As much as I wouldn’t wish ANY of these often painful issues on anyone, I am starting to see them as a part of the MUCH bigger picture, and if I can be a help to others in ANY way, then it will all be worth it. I am determined to get my body in ship shape though, as we would most certainly like to move forward with having a family. I thank God daily for a VERY patient husband. He is the absolute best thing that ever happened to me.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Watching a kind young man abandon his car in the middle of a busy intersection to help another push his broken car to safety. SUCH strong willingness to help and serve always warms my heart, and renews my ever increasing faith in the loving kindness of the human spirit. 🙂

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