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The Health Benefits of Sulfur & How To Take It by Robert von Sarbacher

Click play below to hear our lively interview with nutrition researcher Robert von Sarbacher.


Start off slowly with the preference of taking it with RO (reverse osmosis water please). You can take it with hot or warm water as it dissolves faster that way, it’s up to you. I have found this 100% unnecessary (heated water) with RO water… because with RO water even if room temp water, even cold water will easily dissolve sulfur! [Directions on starting off slowly will be given 2 paragraphs below.]

The way the majority take it is next to their bed stand is the Sulfur, with a shot glass and a full glass, both have RO water in it… they take 1 tsp or TBL b4 they exit the bed – stirring it into the shot glass and taking the shot… then they take 1 cup of water right after and do nothing for food or liquid for at least 30 mins… This ensures it enters the blood stream before you get a chance to poison it or destroy it with prescriptions’ additives or nutrition supplements additives and preservatives.

So, 30 mins later you continue with eating and drinking for nutrition and regular meals and drinks and etc… by then the 30 mins has done it’s work and sulfur is already in the blood stream and body is working for you to it’s maximum.

Slowly means you have to test how you are on it… in general Sulfur removes detox side effects but everyone is different and sometimes have to take little bit at a time and not huge amount at once, just get used to it first… Take one simple tsp of it in a shot glass, with RO water hopefully, and stir (it will dissolve in < 10 to 15 seconds) and then drink (very bitter) and then swallow one more glass of water to get it down you and into intestines as fast as possible… If no problems, then please continue with a tsp morn and night … and switch to tbl in morn and tsp at night for a few days, then do 1 tbl am and pm, and eventually week or two later start on 1 tbl 3x/day. (except in case of heartburn use as much as like as often as like to quell the pain and so your body has the tools and can produce proper stomach acid.) Preference is for it to be taken on an empty stomach by 2 or more hours since you had last eaten, and not to eat anything afterwards for 30 mins; however, there are exceptions such as the case of Heartburn! Or worse Acid Reflux! Heartburn and Acid Reflux and GIRD and etc.

Whenever these are the case you can take up to 8 TBL or MORE per day ANYTIME the pain hits you whether before a meal, or middle of the meal or after the meal or ALL THREE CASES, just keep piling on more and more sulfur… There is NOOOO limit to it, it is a food and is classified as a food by the World Trade Organization and not toxic, eat the whole bottle at once, if you like, but that is a WASTE OF MONEY… just take between 1-2 TBL in water or just put it into your mouth and chew and swallow (bitterrrr whew) – and do that ea time you’re hit with heartburn, not just the standard 3 Tbl per day… In other words, you are to take 1 TBL 3x/day minimum while you have heartburn coming up even if it is NOT present nor hurting you at that moment, just doing that every day is a minimum for 3 weeks.

Until you can go 1 week without the tiniest hint of heart burn or acid reflux, you are to keep it up at 3 to 8 TBL per day… Those with Acid Reflux or Heartburn do now have to do anything slowly, pour 1-2 Tbl right into the glass of water and drink it down right at heartburn attack time… just nail it with it, even if doesn’t get rid of the pain, watch what happens in next 2 hours… and then again, next time it hits… as the hits will become less frequent and less intensity every time til gone… it will NOT work like baking soda to annihilate the pain right there and then but baking soda will have to be taken every day for life if you use only that… whereas with sulfur – only use it til no more heartburn etc ever again… say, 3 -7 weeks at that quantity.

As a protection for those taking chemo and Radiation it is utterly magnificent – the oxygenation thru the body when taking sulfur is so great that chemo and radiation show almost no damage done to the good cells but cancer cells are getting the snot knocked out of them…


Many are against the use of sulfur b/c 99.9% of out there is chemically made, I understand this since it eats all the Vit C out of your body (that’s not true exactly, an oversimplification but good enough explanation for now of synthetic nasty sulfur) thus leaving you depleted of one of the greatest cancer fighters in the world… however, no such thing happens with LIVING SULFUR!!! EVER !!!

Only chemical sulfur does that and not Mineral Sulfur/Organic Living Sulfur, as this is…. Crystals of sulfur grown off of the Pine Sap from pure Pine Trees, that’s what you are after and that’s what this living sulfur is… so keep that in mind… Also, though non-toxic, distilled sulfur is also powerful, but will not rebuild a body’s cartilage nor repair nerve damage nor repair soft tissue, nor has rebuilding capacity (unless something is added to it) so it is not as powerful as LIVING SULFUR, but LIVING SULFUR will do all those building things ON ITS OWN without anything added to it, nor will it deplete the body of anything ever. It is a food, not a supplement.

Taking sulfur :

1 tsp, 2-3x/day is the minimum for any reason (need new cartilage between the knees etc 9 months in general maybe 11). All cancer and viral diseases are 1 TBL, 2-3x/day.

Sulfur works best under 3 conditions:

Proper sunshine (20 mins per day is good), and proper exercise (walking 20 mins per day, some squats and situps (just all simple stuff), and proper amount of water (preference esp with those with higher diseases is to take 1 gallon of water per day, but anyone who ever has any disease should be doing that anyway – see website why proper water?? b/c sulfur will NOT work if it doesn’t have water to work off of, b/c it literally separates the H2O into O and uses that oxygen to put into cells and force oxygenation as much as possible!!

No water, and sulfur will not work period…

Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

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