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My Conscious Parenting Summit Review

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A couple of years ago my wife upgraded my ipod for Christmas because she kept seeing me reshuffling my lecture that I listen to on there. So she got me the ipod that holds something like 60 gigs of info. Now I’ve got over 4,000 lectures on health and healing from tons of different places.

Some of them are products I’ve bought, lectures I’ve downloaded etc. I rarely listen to music. There’s just too much to learn. I love music but man how can I listen to music when there is so much learn?

So today I was going over again the Conscious Parenting Summit by Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes Monarch. I forget how incredible that content is. I’m telling you, if you are considering having a baby, you and your wife or partner HAVE to listen to this information. I’m not just saying that because I promote the product as an affiliate but because it’s truly earth shattering information.

What average person out there knows about water birth, how to easily deal with a breached baby, how to understand what a baby needs when they’re 2 months old?

The Conscious Parenting Summit covers all kinds of fascinating topics.

You’ll learn…

  • Why skin to skin contact is vital in the first 6 hours of birth
  • How to do home births and water births
  • The role of doulas and midwives
  • The proper diet to eat before during and after pregnancy
  • How to eliminate stretch marks and scars
  • How to calm your baby easily
  • How to not be reliant on diapers if you don’t want
  • Tips to prevent autism from happening
  • Natural ways to increase fertility
  • Why vaccinations should be avoided at all costs
  • How to cleanse the body before conceiving and so much more.
  • Circumcision
  • The dangers of C-sections
  • Why the mother’s gut bacteria is critical for the baby’s health
  • All things lactation and breast feeding
  • The importantce of colostrum

I’m telling you this information is cutting edge. If you’re looking to get pregnant please buy The Conscious Parenting Summit even if you don’t buy through us.

I’d be honored if you followed this link but honestly I just want you and others to see that there are options out there and that it’s possible to give birth without c-sections and have a happy healthy baby with little or no pain at all.

Imagine no epidurals or anything! Giving birth completely naturally in a way that actually feels good where the baby actually falls out in water like a slippery dolphin. It is possible.

Haven’t we had enough ADD, ADHD, autism and SIDS? What are we doing to our kids? What’s wrong with how we’re raising the next generation? In my opinion it’s high time we start taking a closer look at EVERYTHING we’re doing 2 years before conception all the way until the child is an adult and see if there are areas where we can improve as parents and spouses.

As a culture we’re obviously doing something wrong. Each generation’s genes are getting weaker and weaker. Why do you think so many young people are getting diseases like cancer or dying from heart attacks at 25 and 30?

If you care at all about raising a healthy family, you need to check out the Conscious Parenting Summit.

If you buy it through our link we’ll make a commission. But by now I hope you understand that we only promote products we believe in and stand behind. This parenting program will be an education you’ve never received from any doctor or nurse that’s for sure.

Check it out below. If you end up buying it, let me know because I’d love to hear your thoughts about all the topics discussed in The Conscious Parenting Summit.

They’ve got a great video on their home page. Learn more about the program by clicking here.

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