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The Case For Spring Water: Our Visit To The Lake Hemet Spring

Click play below to hear our lively interview with spring water advocate David Wolfe on how to radically improve your health!
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I’ve been noticing that as I continue on the path of health, over time it leads to more and more things that people might construe as being a bit strange.

Have you found this to be true? Do people ask you why you’re fasting or why you’re suddenly getting rid of toxic cleaning supplies under your kitchen sink? It almost feels like we’re modern day hippies doesn’t it?

It’s really quite interesting because as I continue learning more, and putting that knowledge into action, it really can be life changing.

For example, 10 years ago I would never have thought I’d one day be interested in harvesting my own spring water, colon cleansing, uropathy or anything else in that vein. But what I’m learning is that all of these practices really do make a tangible difference in how I feel but they motivate me to keep going.

In this post I’d like to talk a little bit about water and how we don’t really understand its properties. If you’d like to learn more about water you might want to checkout the H2O Magic videos on our site.

Much has been made about the book called, The Hidden Messages in Water which I read a few years back. Whether you agree with it or not, it’s important to drink the highest quality water available.

I’m not an expert but I might be able to share what I’ve learned in order to help you get to 2nd base. I highly suggest you use the website called find a spring to easily locate a spring near you.

Recently somebody I know was joking about how they loved the taste of the water that came out of a hose. It was that rust taste we all remember from being a kid and drinking water out of the neighbors hose on their front lawn. I can see how it would remind people of being a kid in the summer time when life was much more simple.

There are even people I know that think drinking tap water is fine. Typically I avoid even talking about it when in the company of people who aren’t into this type of thing. As somebody who used to drink lots of tap water (mostly from the drinking fountains at school) I’ve finally been able to swing the pendulum all the way around and enjoyed fresh spring water from directly out of the earth, the way God intended.

Recently my wife and I visited the Lake Hemet spring and had the most amazing experience. After drinking this water it’s going to be difficult to drink plastic bottled water again if I have to.

The term “spring water” is not a legal term. By the way, when looking at the source of bottled water look for the term “natural spring”. But even if the water is in fact spring water, it has been cooked and then put into plastic bottles. If it’s simply tap water (like with Dasani) put into plastic bottles, that’s even worse.

When plastic molds get made, ideally they should sit for 1 year before being allowed to enter the marketplace. This allows the chemicals in the plastics to set.

Unfortunately most of the plastic containers enter the marketplace shortly after being created while the plastic is still “soft.” This creates leaching at the microscopic level and allows xenoestrogens to become part of the water inside the bottle. Think of your water being more of a plastic “tea” than something that is going to cleanse your body and deliver nutrients at the cellular level. If you want that, you have to go to a spring.

Spring water is a living organism.

It’s my contention that in 50 years we’ll look back at drinking water out of plastic containers like we do smoking now. Fortunately more and more people are becoming hip to the idea that plastic does in fact leach. There are movements to create BPA (Bisphenol A – a chemical building block used to make polycarbonate plastic & epoxy resins) free bottles and numbers on the bottom of the bottles displaying whether or not the plastic is safe or not.

Water Becomes Your Blood

It’s important to realize that the water we drink in its liquid matrix actually works itself into our tissues and synovial fluids. But more importantly the water we drink becomes our blood. What are you building your blood from? If we have the opportunity to build our blood from the highest quality water why not do so? You don’t want to be building your blood out of tap liquid that contains drugs, chlorine, fluroide and homeopathic residues of tampons, and chemotherapy toxins.

Is Drinking Spring Water Safe?

This is a question that many people ask. Shouldn’t it be filtured? How do you know it’s not contaminated or polluted? Actually this type of thinking is a result of being brainwashed into thinking that there is some entity out there who should be entrusted with taking care of our health for us. Our health is up to us, not government agencies to regulate.

We’ve all been taught that water is H2o. That is one oxygen molecule with 2 hydrogen molecules attached to it. Think of a Mickey Mouse head with two big ears. Actually water is much more than that. That’s actually just the skeleton that makes up the “structure” of water. It’s like saying you are your skeleton and that’s all you are. Well that’s correct and not correct. Yes you are the skeleton in one sense but also the skin and body that hangs off that skeleton. One a deeper level, you are not even your thoughts or emotions. You are a soul. Saying you are just a skeleton is a bit simplistic.

Whether or not drinking spring water is safe all depends on the quality of the spring. Some things you want to look for:

  • The water is cold (around 42 degrees is optimal)
  • The water is fast flowing
  • The water can’t be accessed easily by animals
  • The spring has a pipe coming off of it (usually locals will rig up the spring for easy access)
  • The water has the correct ph and TDS levels

Assuming the water is clean and pure, there is nothing better you could be ingesting.

The Cleanest Substance You’ll Ever Come Into Contact With

Because the water that’s coming up from the spring has been deep in the earth for possibly thousands of years (before the industrial revolution) it has not been exposed to all of the toxins and chemicals that are currently in our air and envoirnment.

Everything we touch, smell and come into contact with on a daily basis has been exposed one way or another to the toxins our age, except for pure spring water bubbling up from the source.

On a physical level, it’s truly “living water” like Jesus talked about.

It’s quite possible, that fresh spring water is the cleanest and purest thing that your body will EVER come in contact with.

Water Is Not Just H2o

Let’s take a look at a very simplified version of the hydrological cycle. When it rains water falls on the earth. Typically this type of water is acidic and can contain chemicals and other toxins that it picks up in the clouds, atmosphere and surrounding environment. Many times this water is very hard. Hard water typically has a high TDS (total dissolved solids).

Think of rain water like a premature baby in the womb.

This water then falls onto the earth and finds the paths of least resistance so it can seep into the soil. It will go hundreds and sometimes thousands of feet into the soils, sediments, clays and finally all the way through the bedrock until it reaches an aquifer deep below the earths surface. As it seeps into and through these layers of strata, it cleans itself and remineralizes itself by being exposed to fungus, charcoal, clay and mycelia in the soil. Think of the hundreds and thousands of feet it has to travel as being the best filter ever conceived. God is amazing.

How deep or thick is your traditional Britta water filter? A few inches of a carbon block maybe? By the time rain water has made its way to the underground aquifer, it has traveled hundreds and more likely thousands of feet of filtering.

Once it’s clean and reached its final destination in the aquifer it will incubate for hundreds if not thousands of years. The water remineralizes itself in a cold dark place as long as it needs to until it is “ready”. It’s almost like it knows when it’s ready to be born. Maybe this is why it’s called living water.

Water always retreats from light. Whenever you see a healthy spring, you’ll notice it’s actually covered to some degree by trees or bushes of some sort. Not always but most of the time this will be the case. When light waves hit the water it actually severs the hexagonal connections the molecules make. This is why water always likes to be cold and dark. When water clusters itself into hexagonal shapes, it becomes “wetter.” The water molecules become smaller in size when they are in formation. This allows water to actually store information. Ever wonder how they’re using water as the basis for the next computer chips? That’s because water can actually sore and remember information.

So once the water is finished incubating itself by cleansing, re-mineralizing and restructuring itself, it begins the process of defying gravity and falling upwards as it comes back up from the earth. The water begins to use a vortex action by spinning itself when it rises to the earth’s surface in the form of a spring. How is water able to defy gravity and fall upwards? Using vortex action is one way.

When there are vortexes there is less friction. The vortex action is used all over the world. Cyclones, hurricanes, ocean waves, the earth, the universe and solar system all rotate around a central axis point. Everything is spinning, even electrons around a nucleus. When water spins like this it actually forms hexagonal bonds and acts like a single sheet of liquid.

This is how the sap of plants can defy gravity and move upwards to deliver the nutrients from the soil to the leaves or fruit many feet above the ground.

Once the water reaches the spring it typically is ready to drink. Springs are most often found at the top of mountains and in shaded areas. The colder the water and the faster it’s flowing the better. There are ways to test the TDS, temperature and other factors when you’re at a spring. You can even collect a sample and send it in for testing.

We bought 1 six gallon bottle from better bottle and filled up at the spring near Lake Hemet.

Get Out Of The Water Game

When making decisions on what kind of water to drink, it’s like trying to make your way through a field covered in land mines. The government is telling you one thing, commercials and mega corporations are telling you something else. It seems like each week new studies come out supporting this idea or that idea and it’s mind numbing.

I suggest getting out of the game all together. Let them argue amongst themselves about water. Let them sue each other because municipal water supplies are tainted like in the movie Erin Brockovich. I have the same mentality when it comes to reading food labels. If you get out of the packaged and processed food game, you no longer have to even worry about that.

Do your best to move away from depending on government agencies to regulate your water supply and then expect to tell you the truth about your water. Move more towards some self reliance.

Remember, water becomes your blood. Don’t let something that important be a political decision regulated by the government.



What kind of water are you drinking these days?

  • Tap Water Is Toxic
  • Bottled Water Is Refurbished Tap Water
  • Plastics Leach Into Bottled Waters
  • Xenoestrogens & Chemicals Can Ruin Key Organs & Cause Diseases
  • Don’t Rely On The Government Or Corporations To Provide Healthy Water
  • Find A Spring Near You To Get The Best Water Possible

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