The Buck Stops Here: Why I'm Choosing To Not Carry On This Terrible Family Trait


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The Buck Stops Here: Why I’m Choosing To Not Carry On This Terrible Family Trait



Feel Good Project day 62

If it wasn’t breathing or bolted down in our place today, it was pretty much given or thrown away!

I never envisioned my life as an organized, tidy, minimalist ever being on my radar. I LOVE what I am becoming. 🙂


I am not trying to throw any family members under the bus but holy heck I seem to come from a family who likes ‘stuff.’ My grandmother who passed away a few years back was a true hoarder, the kind where you have to make a path to the kitchen kind of gal. God bless her. I loved my grandma, but I do not want to carry on any messy traits possibly passed down the family line.

Yes, I have decided the buck stops here.

With me. In this lifetime. NOW.

The work to get here has been a challenge at times, but today as I spent literally ALL of my New Years day cleaning and donating unused or unwanted items that could use a new home, I couldn’t help but reflect on the me that WAS while thankfully celebrating the me I am BECOMING.

Thirteen years ago I had a storage unit with boxes full of Lord knows what. Eleven years ago I lived in a tiny studio apartment downtown that had more Parisian items crammed into it than the whole city of Paris itself. Ten years ago I never wore the same outfit twice as I had so many clothes that everyday was like shopping in a department store.

Six years ago I realized that simple was better and learned the lesson of unattachment to things. And pretty much since then, I have been continuing to clean, clear, and make room for MORE of what matters to me these days: FREEDOM, PEACE, and JOY.

Not things.


The more I continue to get rid of, the more my spirit craves growth and embarks further on the path toward wholeness and healing.

I have to say, there are quite a few things these days that get me feeling pretty darn good, but one of the very top I believe is this: SIMPLIFY.

The more that goes out the front door, the more I am able to breathe.

It’s as if I am returning to a place I always knew existed but have never visited until now.

The more I grow as a human, the more I realize again and again just how interconnected everything is. Life is not broken into simple black and white categories like physical health, spirituality, financial health, successful relationships etc.

I cannot have one without ALL areas being affected.

Watching this all start to align with each other has been nothing short of amazing. The healthier I get in one area of my life, soon after another area begins to follow, as my perspective and VALUES change.

Best New Years I could have asked for.

Feeling tired but so so accomplished.

THAT, my friends, feels GOOD.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Waking up to a warm sauna and rebounder session while the golden sun made it’s debut. While jumping on my Belicon, I listened to motivational and inspirational talks on my ipod to light a fire under me as this day marks new beginnings and old endings. As if that wasn’t great in and of itself, Justin made us the most beautiful hot cocoa I have ever tasted!!! YUM on a cold winters morning. (Yes, it DOES occasionally get chilly here in Southern California, and was such a day!) The recipe he came up with has One World Whey vanilla protein powder in it and I was a bit leery to drink much as in the recent past I have not reacted so well to it with my digestive issues. Well praise the good Lord I was able to drink a full cup (in a mug with angel wing handle by the way) and felt pretty good all day. New year, new digestion? I am believing so…


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