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The Anti Cancer Diet Approach I’d Use If I Were Diagnosed

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In this anti cancer diet article I’d like to share with you what I would do if I were diagnosed with cancer. It’s all about stacking the odds in your favor. It’s about adding many different approaches and protocols on top of one another in order to give you the best chance of survival.

Note: If you’re interested in listening to my growing audio library of over 40 hours of mp3 interviews with doctors, scientists and researchers on cancer, simply click the link below. You can download all the interviews to your ipod or a cd and listen to them whenever you want.


I created this post for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I got sick and tired of so many people in my life getting cancer and going through the traditional medical model, of slash (surgery), burn (radiation), and poision (chemotherapy) to cure cancer. I just wanted people to know there’s a better way, a safer and more effective way to overcome this disease.

The other reason I wanted to create this post is to use it as a reference for my own health journey and to be able to direct people I know to this information.

As you probably already know the amount of information about treating cancer in a natural and holistic way is abundant on the internet. This post is not meant to be exhaustive in any way. If you have sites, books, videos or any other information to add to this post please comment below and send it over.

As I continue to learn more to help people, I will be adding information to this post.

I hope that after reading this people can understand that there are other choices. The medical approach to cancer only represents a small percentage of the equation in terms of true long term healing. But because the cancer industry is a big business that infiltrates the media in order to create a reliance and a worship of men in white coats, we’ve only been told one side of the story.

There are literally thousands of people healing from cancer without using chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

The Beginning Of Cancer

Most people don’t know how to even take care of themselves and to stay healthy. Why? There are many reasons. I think one of them is a lack of time. People don’t have the time each day to do a few simple things that will help keep them well.

We get sucked into the lie of consuming more clothes and bigger houses. We want to buy what everybody else has and end up getting into debt. Then we need to work jobs we hate which cause all kinds of stress in order to pay off that debt. Because of this we don’t have time to do things in life we truly enjoy. We don’t get to take the time out of our day and exercise or make healthy food to eat. We eat fast food on our way to the office while sitting in traffic. We don’t have time to really take care of ourselves.

And the cycle towards cancer and heart disease begins…

I don’t have all the answers but in this post I hope I can give you some resources that will open your eyes and you can begin your journey into what it really means to heal from catosrophic diseases and reclaim your health.

As we all know cancer is a very complex situation. The causes of cancer can be many. This is in no way meant to be intended as something you should do if you have cancer. I simply put this information out as something that I would do if I ever had cancer.

Cancer can and should be a teacher. You need to figure out what cancer is trying to tell you.

  • What is God teaching you through cancer?
  • What is out of balance in your life?
  • Do you have emotional issues that need to be dealt with?
  • Are you stressed out over finances on a regular basis?

We need to figure out what the lesson is here.

In my opinion cancer is caused when a person’s life is out of balance and their immune system is compromised. Think of it like a teeter totter like when we were kids. At some point one side is going to dominate and get heavier depending on your diet and lifestyle. As soon as that happens your immune system is no longer capable of keeping things in balance, and whatever your genetic weaknesses are, that’s what’s going to become your health issue at that time in your life.

So what’s the cure to cancer? A healthy immune system.

Why is your immune system not working? What’s going on? As time goes on the abuses we bring upon our bodies simply become too much for our beat down immune system to deal with. Normally after the 5th decade of life, we become much more suseptible to diseases of various types, including cancers.

Before reading this list, it’s important to know that if you’re going to work at beating cancer (using only natural methods), then you’re going to have to take a very very aggressive approach. Think about how invasive, powerful and destructive chemotherapy, surgery and radiation are. Now you need to go to that extreme using natural methods.

Simply not eating hamburgers and eating salad all day isn’t going to cut it. If you’re fighting for your life, it takes extreme measures.

Below are some ideas you can start doing while you’re on a journey of learning more and more about how to beat cancer holistically.

Cutting Out Sugar In The Diet:

Many doctors like Dr Tullio Simoncini have said that cancer is a fungus. His hypothosis may or may not be true. Assuming it is, we know that fungus lives and feeds on sugar. There are certain types of cancer cells that have six times the receptor sites for sugar than a regular cell. The first step towards beating cancer is cutting off its main food supply, sugar. If I had cancer I wouldn’t eat anything sweeter than perhaps a tomato, green apple or cucumber. I would never eat bread, fruits, wine, carrots, pasta of any kind, grains, wheat or rice. Any carbohydrate turns to sugar inside your body. If you don’t want the cancer to grow, stop eating the sugar.

If you’re interested in treatments using insulin potentiation therapy it has been shown to be extremely effective in terms of how cancer relates to insulin levels and sugar in the body.

Avoid Things that cause cancer

Think about things in your life that put a burden on your immune system, whether they be food, stress, toxins or anything else.

Ask yourself questions like…

  • What in your life is unnatural?
  • Are you exposed to fumes at work?
  • How about electromagnetic pollution from cell phones or other devices?
  • Do you eat food from microwaves?
  • Are you under extreme stress and worry on a consistent basis?
  • Do you have toxic chemicals in your home that you clean with?
  • Do you drink pure water or tap water?

Simply make a list of all the chemicals you might be exposed to on a daily basis and start either removing them or replacing them with natural organic products that don’t contain chemicals.

The Tooth Connection:

Many whole body dentists like Hal Huggins, Stuart Nunally, Bob Dowling, Dr. Bob Marshall, and others have stated that cancer begins in the jaw and mouth. In Chinese medicine each tooth corresponds to a particular organ in the body. By letting bacteria grow on the tooth it causes stress on particular organs that are probably already comprimised by poor nutrition, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle.

According to these dentists any root canal is toxic and likely to produce cavitations which causes infections in the jaw allowing bacteria to proliferate. When a tooth is pulled (like our wisdom teeth), the white blood cells that help clean out bacteria can no longer get to that area so the bacteria have nothing that is going to kill them. In my opinion the first step towards improving your immune system to help fight cancer starts with fixing what’s going on in the mouth. From what I’ve been learning since 2007, it appears that poor dental hygene and its results are the biggest stress on the immune system more so than any other thing.

There are thousands of doctors and dentists I could list links for but here are a few to start with.


The five main channels of detoxification in the body are the skin, the lungs, the colon, the liver and the kidneys. Obviously there are more avenues for toxins to leave our bodies but these have classically been known to be the main ways toxins leave. Imagine a city of a few million people and everybody had to evacuate only using 5 roads. Now imagine you completely block 2 of them.

What happens to the other two roads? Chaos, blockage…..disease.

The best way to improve your chances of survival is to get rid of these few million people (ie. toxins) and open up all the roads. Regular colonics are a great way to do exaclty that, along with limiting your daily exposures to chemicals, poisions, and other toxins that put a burden on your immune system and eventually need to be expelled through the body using one of these detoxification pathways.

Simply do a google search for “colon hydrotherapy YOUR CITY OR ZIP”

Herbal Cleanses:

Personally I do make it a goal to do 2 herbal cleanses per year. Every six months I like to allow the body to cleanse using herbs. There are many herbal products you can get. My advice is to get into a habit of doing one every 6 months at least.

Ejuva Cleanse
Dr. Natura Colon Cleanse

Daily Practices:

Turning off wireless router

After going through the work of Anne Louise Gittleman along with many others I’ve learned that it’s a good idea to turn off your wireless router when you’re not using it. It’s one less burden on your immune system. Again you may be thinking this isn’t a big deal or you don’t believe that radiation from cell phones or wireless routers affect us. Listen to some experts on One Radio Network, read the books, look at the research and you might have a different opinion after you do all that. I’m not here to convince you, but I’m just saying that if I had cancer, I would limit my exposure to as many unnatural elements in my life as I could, and wireless radiation would be one of them. You may also consider the radiation coming from your computers, cell phones, televisions and microwaves (you don’t still use one of those do you?).

Here is some more information from Yahoo! health of all places.

Skin brushing

Skin brushing allows the skin to breathe, exfoliate and get rid of toxins. We’re sweating all day long and your skin is your largest organ of detoxification so it’s important to brush off dead skin (which is where most of the dust in your house comes from) in order to open up the detox pathway. This idea was talked about by Paavo Airola in his book Are You Confused. You can buy a skin brush from most health food stores for about $5 dollars and it’ll last for years.

I like to brush right before getting in the shower towards the heart.

Oral Care

Brushing teeth with baking soda, sea salt and 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide has been something that I’ve been doing since 2009 and I really think that it’s helped a lot. Ditch the toothpaste that has chemicals in it along with harsh abbrasives and start using something more natural.


Zapping is using a device that sends electromagnetic pulses into your body using a device that’s about the size of a credit card and about an inch or so thick. It pulses square waves at certain frequences into your body. The idea is that every cell, virus, organ, toxin all vibrate at exact frequences. Using a zapper sends counter frequences into your body that destroy these pathogens. Zappers are similar to using electronic medicine like Rife machines to cure cancer. Dr. Gerald Smith uses them in his protocol I believe. If you’re interested in using Rife technology there’s some information put out by Nenah Sylver that you can look at.
Terminator 2 Zapper


There is a great book on the benefits of being grounded called Earthing that gets into the science of grounding and how the electromagnetic pulses of the earth affect our immune system. The great thing is that you get a mousepad and some sheets and you don’t have to do anything different. You use the computer the same way and you sleep like normal but you get all the benefits of being physically connected to the earth.


Rebounding according to many people is considered the #1 best exercise because it exercises every cell in the body by use of g forces. Other than helping to build bone density, one of the great things it does is to help pump your lymphatic system. From what I’ve learned it is the only exercise that can do this. The lymph system is critical for not only helping to filter out toxins and poisions from the body but it also helps to clean and expel these toxins. Remember the accumuliation of all these assalts to our immune system is what’s causing it to not work properly. Give yourself every chance you can to heal.

If you’re on the cheap, go to a sporting goods store and for $50 you can pick up something that will last until you can get a better one.

We like the Rebound Air rebounder. You can find out more here.


Sweating is another amazing way to expel these toxins. For serious cancers many natural healing centers use far infared saunas to heal. You can get one for about $1,000 dollars. They’re great because they use a different kind of technology that most traditional saunas that heat up the air in a room. This type of sauna heats up deeper into your tissues and bones instead of heating up the air. The air is actually not warm but you sweat like crazy.


If I had cancer I would drink lots of high quality water. Get on find a spring and find a spring near you and store this water in glass. I would avoid plastics as much as possible. If you do use plastic make sure it has a number #1 on the bottom of the bottle. There are some good plastic containers that are BPA free at better bottle.

There are many things you can do to your water to “doctor it up” like spinning it (commonly called vortexing), adding a pinch of high quality sea salt, MSM, and fresh squeezed lemon. If I had cancer I would do all the above.

If you can’t get high quality water just get something that says “natural spring water” on the label where they list the water source. And make sure that the bottle itself has a number 1 on the bottom and drink up.

Oxygen Therapy

Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for showing that cancer cannot live in an oxygenated enviornment. I wonder why your doctor doesn’t know that.

Here are his own words:

“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.” — Dr. Otto H. Warburg in Lecture


In our culture injesting our own urine is considered strange and weird. Makes sense to me. But if you start studying urine therapy and have an open mind (which you should if you’re fighting for your life), you’ll start to learn just how benefitial this practice is. I have done this but with only a few drops in Braggs apple cider vinegar mixed with water. Make sure that you catch the mid stream of your urine flow and your urine isn’t bright yellow. One of the reasons people can’t imagine doing this is because their diet is so horrible that their pee is foul. The cleaner and lighter you eat, the more clear and clean your urine will be.

Many proponents of urine therapy suggest your first morning urine is the best and most medicinal to use. I realize this is going beyond what many people consider socially acceptable. But if you read the info on this therapy and learn about it, you’ll start to have an open mind.

Here are some books about it:

Anti Cancer Diet

Cancer fighting foods to start eating:

  • Garlic
  • High antioxident foods like berries
  • Noni
  • Onion
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Ferments (Sauerkraut, Kombucha, water kefir, milk kefir, rejuvelac, mead, yogurt)
  • Cruciforus veggies (brocolli, cauliflower and cabbage are excellent)
  • Grape seed extract
  • Watermelon seeds
  • Coconut oil
  • Brocolli Sprouts
  • Green leafy vegetables like Dandelion, Kale etc.
  • Superfoods like Colostrom, Cacao, Maca, Goji Berries, Pine Pollen, Green Powders, Bee Pollen, MSM, Noni, Spirulina, Velvet Deer Antler, Fresh Aloe Vera, Blue Green Algae, Marine Phytoplankton, Camu Camu Berry Powder
  • Ginger
  • Missle Toe
  • BEC5 from Eggplant (Dr. Jonothan Wright)

“Foods” To Avoid:

  • Any processed food
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar in any form


There are about 92 known minerals that are available to humans. I’ve read that vitamins actually come from minerals, which is why they call them vita-min. Minerals are crucial for health and for every cellular function in the body. People who are highly mineralized, don’t really get sick. Minerals are the key to good health. There are many ways to increase your minerals.

Here are some ways:

  • Eat organic
  • Eat wild (seaweeds, brazil nuts)
  • Grow your garden with dilute ocean water
  • Drink wheatgrass (grass is the only food on earth that I know of that is able to uptake all 92 minerals in the soil if they’re available). You can visit ocean grown for ocean grown wheatgrass that can be sent to you.
  • Eat superfoods
  • Buy sea minerals at the health food store and add a drop to your water each day.


In my opinion juicing is critical for health as well. I know that there’s differing opinions out there but if I had cancer, I’d be juicing lots of dark green veggies like Kale, dandelion, sprouts, celery, cucumber, lemon and maybe 1 green apple to taste. All organic of course. Juicing is a big part of The Gerson Therapy for cancer. I believe they juice 8 ounces every waking hour each day.

There are many different types of juicers, some better than others. I’d rather not get into that here. Just buy one and use it every day to make green juices.

Herbal & Medicinal Teas

Making teas can be a great way to regulate and enhance your immune system to fight cancer. Chaga and Reishi are considered to be the king and queen of cancer fighting and immune modulating herbs. I would suggest you buy a tincture of these herbs if you have the money. The reason is because there are certain water soluable medicines and alcohol soluble medicines that can only be extracted using a dual extraction process. I’ll talk more about that in another post. But there are products like the ones at Surthrival that have these mushrooms in a dual extracted form so that you can get all of the cancer fighting medicines.

If you’re into doing it yourself you can buy these mushrooms in bulk at mountain rose herbs.

  • Chaga
  • Reishi
  • Chaparral
  • Astragulus
  • Goji
  • Shizandra


Hemp Oil
Cansema for skin cancers
Raw Apricot Kernals that contain Laetrile.
Ron Teeguarden’s Super Pill
714 Xmanufactured by CERBE Distribution at (819) 564-7883 or (508) 378-2274.
Essiac Tea
Robert Von’s Mini Beet Protocol
Cesium Chloride
Zebrafish embryo recommended by Michael Payne
10,000 milligrams of lysine per day as per Matthias Rath
Cancer Fighting Herbs
Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate)
Magnesium Oil
Haelan Cancer Treatment
Aloe Essence
Protocell taken with indole-3-carbonyl. You can also get protocel here and here.
Hoxsey Herbs/
Hoxsey Diet
MMS Cancer Protocol
DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide)
BEC5 (Skin Cancers)
LifeOne Article, LifeOne Info, LifeOne Purchase
Advanced Purity Resveratrol
Cansema, Black Salve (Skin Cancers)


Dr. Gonzalez is using pancreatic enzymes to help disable or break apart the proteinacous coating that surrounds cancer cells. Because of this protein coating, our body doesn’t know that the cell itself is foreign or domestic. It doesn’t know what’s cancer and what isn’t. When these enzymes are taken in larget amounts, they break apart the protein coating so your body can recognize that they’re cancerous. Then your immune system (which is mostly benefitial bacteria) including white blood cells (assuming you’re taking care of your immune system by now) are able to kill the cancer cells. The enzymes are not doing anything, just destroying that protein coating surrounding the cancer. It’s your immunue system that is actually getting rid of the cancer.

There’s been books written and hundreds of studies done on this work. If I had cancer, I would be taking heavy doses of these enzymes.

Read more about it below.

Dr. Gonzalez
Allergy Research Group
Beauty Enzymes

Further Information:

Doctor Yourself cancer articles
The only answer to cancer
Alt Cancer
Winning Cancer
Cancer Management
Dr. Apsley
Dr. Apsley’s cancer clinics
Dr Mercola’s cancer articles


There are literally hundreds or even thousands of forums and websites you could join. I suggest this one. But pick one, join, start asking questions and learning. When you start interacting with other people who have got rid of their cancers using natural, conventional or hybrid approaches, not only is it very inspiring and a great place to share experiences, but you can make friends as well.

Crazy sexy cancer

Check Out The Crazy Sexy Cancer DVD


Healing Centers:

Hope wellness center
Living foods institute
Tree of life
William Hitt center
Hippocrates Institute
Optimum Health
Gerson Therapy
We care spa
Camelot cancer care
Doctor Richard Massey 830.990.2924

Miscellaneous Videos To Watch:

Learn more about Healing Cancer From The Inside Out Here

Burzynski, the Movie – Cancer Is Serious Business Checkout The Burzynski Clinic

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