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The 4 Major Items All My Clients Take by Robert Von Sarbacher

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If you don’t have the files on Sulfur and Mezo and Genesis let me know and I will send along! Via email…

All my healthy clients are on the major 4 items… here’s the scoop on how to take them correctly and questions regarding why it works this way and not if you combine them together…(NOTE: my fave drinking water for my clients is always spring water for regular drinking water, NEVERRRRR RO (reverse osmosis) water and NEVERRR distilled… see my file on water purification units – anyway, I have to use RO for simple stuff like this though… since it’s a minor 3 cups a day or so max – and you’re getting super minerals in every time you take it with the RO water so no harm no foul… many of my clients make their own spring water just by putting on a device on their water pipes that transforms EVERYTHING completely!!! )


taken with RO (reverse osmosis) water always preferred – b/c it dissolves in 10 seconds instead of 3 mins… also, there are no annoying side effects that come with taking it with spring water like nausea…or such…

It MUST be done a minimum of 2x/day except when you’re starting out getting used to it all…

Sulfur is taken like so: shot glass with 4 tbl of RO water and 1 cup with 1 cup of RO water in it…put the tsp or tbl of sulfur into the shot glass, drink it down… chase it with the cup of RO water to erase the taste instantly off of the tongue!!!!

In about 2 weeks you will no problem taking any quantity of sulfur almost and no nausea though most never have nausea at all.

Remember to never take sulfur with anything but water or sugarless cranberry or sugarless pomegranate or highest preference with just one lime squeeze… NEVER take it with a sugary substance as it will ferment it and it will NOT work at all.. it will destroy the sulfur.

Always take sulfur on empty stomach and wait 30 mins… any preservatives from prescriptions or other supplements will destroy sulfur instantly so ONLY take those at least 30 mins AFTER sulfur thus sulfur is fully in your blood already.

All rest of the info on sulfur is in the sulfur file sent via email…

(PPM) Pure Plant Minerals

(2x/day (4 tbl) or 3x/day (3tbl) ) (highest fulvic acid content in the world) are taken on empty stomach as well – waiting 15 mins after… sometimes it can be annoying on the throat so you can take it with RO water (not spring water) – you want the minerals from Fulvics only and they can be messed up and totally 100% un-absorbable via eating them with foods or taking them with anything besides RO water, hence my desire for them to be taken straight only (no water at all) or in RO water only, if it annoys you to take it straight…  Remember that Fulvics is the be all end all of my protocols b/c any time I start a new one I use this to make sure I have no side effects from detoxing ever! It does have another beneficial side affect and that is…. You have to do anything you want any time you want with hunger and desire for life surpassing so much…. Once you are used to taking it, trying downing an entire gallon of Fulvics at one time (maybe 3 months later when you are used to it, not now,) and see if you don’t do everything you’ve procrastinated on for the last 5 yrs in ONE SINGLE DAY! THAT IS Pure Plant Minerals.

Genesis and Mezo

taken PREFERABLY on empty stomach and wait 15 mins… at a minimum my clients take 4 tbl 2x/day and at a max my clients take 4 tbl 4x/day or eat the whole bag in one day, it is a FOOD not a supplement… (Mezo on the other hand is limited to 1 ½ tsp total max per day split up or not however you see fit…)… at 4tbl 4x/day you will see new muscle growth without working out as the body starts producing more and more HGH on it’s own! (at least that’s the only explanation) and thus with HGH you have fat disappearing from your body as is the norm with HGH production by your body.

So putting it all together:

All my clients in general do it as mentioned below to space everything out, note that if you do not space them out they will not work! I’ve seen it, tried it, experimented different ways with it, and this is how it works every time perfectly…

Wake up to 4 tbl of PPM if doing 2x/day or 3 tlb of PPM if doing it 3x/day wait 15 to 30 mins, then do sulfur as per directions above and wait at least 30 mins, then do Gen or Gen/mezo and wait 15 mins then eat: the 4 basic times are bfast & lunch & dinner and at nighttime (about 3 hours after 6pm dinner, like 8pm or 9pm or so)… so those are the 4 times of day generally these super supplements are done depending on the below…

So the different ways to take it are :

1) if doing sulfur and PPM 2x/day then do it b4 bfast and at nighttime

2) if doing the sulfur and PPM 3x/day then do it either bfast, lunch and nighttime, or lunch dinner nighttime, this always gives a good 12 hour spread (instead of 10 or 8 hour spread between people’s late bfast and early dinner right? … )

3) Genesis Mezo is either 2x/day or 3 or 4x/day … preference for at least the first few months is 3 or 4x/day obviously since you’re trying to build a foundation and you want the HGH going all the time right? This way you can work on your figure without even trying!!! Amen!!! Please spread it out if only 2x/day…

NOTE on mezo

I prefer always to have it taken am and pm otherwise I will just do it at nighttime only… but it will be ¾ tsp am ALWAYS taken with Genesis if Mezo is taken at all, and ¾ tsp at nighttime ALWAYS taken with Genesis if Mezo is taken at all… or all the 1 ½ tsp of Mezo taken with genesis at nighttime only…

Emtpy stomach means haven’t eaten for 2 hours basically…

If you think you cannot believe how good you feel on the Major 4 items all my healthy clients on are on, and uh, most of my not so healthy ones trying to get better… well then… For those that would like to add the Goji berry protocol to this and double the HGH production of what is produced by the Genesis and Mezo then do so by writing me and I will send it along.. you will love it! The Goji Protocol is $40… No human can imagine what it feels like to be on the above Major 4 and then a few days later add in Goji berries… wow! WOW! And by day 14 of Major 4 you already feel like WOW impossible but add that in. 🙂

Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

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