Top 2 Affirmations To Say Upon Waking Up Each Morning


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The 2 Affirmations I Say Every Morning Before My Feet Hit The Floor



I have heard that Louise Hay, upon waking every morning, tells herself in the mirror how much she is loved. She apparently even kisses the back of her hand and says “I love you.”

Like most, when I first heard this it kind if makes you smile and laugh all at the same time, thinking about how silly and foolish one would feel doing these acts of self love. Talking to ourselves and kissing our hands telling ourselves just how much we are loved? Sounds kind of corny, and just the right amount of lovely.

Upon reading Louise’s popular book, “You Can Heal Your Life“, I realized the POWER of self love and healing for the first time. I simply had never been exposed to any of this information!

As an child I remember thinking to myself, how could anyone possibly NOT know the Jesus story of the Bible? Having grown up in the church my whole life, I found this idea completely foreign that there were people who could possibly have never heard of this?

That all changed when I first stepped out of my safe little Christian bubble, meeting people in my work place and adult life who did not grow up like I had-neither in the church where they heard the stories of the Bible in Sunday school, OR had the safe little seemingly perfect family life I was blessed to grow up in.

So, as normal as my upbringing seemed to me, there have always been those who knew of Louise’s work, as well as the ideas of self acceptance, positive affirmations and words of healing spoken to themselves. I, however was shocked when I first read these things, as they were simply outside of my realm. It must have been similar to someone hearing the Christian story for the first time in their life!

As You Can Heal Your Life had such an impact on me, I decided to come up with my own morning ritual that I would recite and meditate on every morning when my eyes first gently lift until the moment my feet touch the floor. I have made my ritual go like this:

“May today I be the giver and receiver of miracles.”

“Today, let miracles begin and end with me.”

Repeat about ten times, before my feet hit the floor. I want THIS to be my everyday intention before anything else. How can God use me this very day to spread love and miracles?

And you know what?

Ever since I started this practice not that long ago-mere months probably, things have shifted. Sometimes very subtly, others at a tornado’s pace. Today was a TORNADO kind of day…I am so blown away I cannot even wrap my mind around the miracles that have abounded.

With finances beyond tight as we hold on to our dream and work with EHR, I seriously wonder how we might stay in our apartment one more month? It’s being revealed to me piece by piece, moment by moment, day by day. You just never know what a day holds!

Although money is slow in filtering in to pay the bills, somehow we are managing to stay alive, which makes zero sense on paper. THAT alone is a true miracle. By the way, a HUGE thank you to all you amazing souls who have supported our work on Patreon! I want to give every one of you a big fat hug! 🙂

As if that is not enough, what I cannot wrap my mind around are the EXTRAS that mean more to me than anything, as they are propelling my life and health forward in ways I never have extra money to do!

What’s funny, is that exactly what I NEED continues to come my ways in such bizarre, unexpected manners it’s nuts. Never in a million years did I think life would be so magical.

Just this week were notes from new friends on the other side of the world encouraging me to keep going, on a day that I felt like throwing in the towel.

So much love from a particular friend helping me work on which way to go as far as proceeding with my health journey. A phone call from out of the blue that literally saves us thousands of dollars over the next few years, and takes a monthly recurring payment away, which in turn relieves stress.

My pal Tanna from Teaxs and I got to meet in person to which she brought me a gift of some new Ann Marie Gianni makeup from her new line which I have been dying to try, as I have fallen in love with her skincare but had not yet tried the makeup!

A most beautiful angel gifted me a giant amount of money from out of nowhere to cover a health service I could not afford right now, but know will help me in a big way!

Another angel friend made me a tincture of a natural medicine that costs her much time and would cost me about $85 to buy.

As if all of these things above were not enough, I had been obsessing over a new bike for about two years, a specific make and model, as I am trying to go greener by riding more and driving less, and my bike got stolen about three years ago. I visited my parents house and I enter the garage to put something away and see that exact bike parked right there in front of me!

When I ask my dad what the deal with it was, he told me that my grandpa (his dad) bought it a few years back to ride around town, but now that he’s 92, he’s finally decided to give up biking and gave it to my dad, who has just been taking it out for a few spins here and there because he already has another bike. He then gifted it to me, telling me that it would make Grandpa so happy that I will get good use out of it!

This week has been one for the records. I have no words to say how blessed I feel.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: The entire day!!!!! Hands down one of the best days in a LONG time….

The Metal Diaries

Every morning I write in my 2015 Danielle LaPorte day planner and there is always a quote for each day at the bottom of the page.

Today’s read..

[spp-tweet “”Procrastination can be a form of intuition.””]

It was so moving to me I took a picture of it.

I marinated on that in for awhile, thinking and journaling about it, and I agree.

When it comes to my decisions with this metal detox ahead of me, I feel like time is expanding for me and new information keeps coming my way, so that I can make the best informed decisions possible for my particular body and makeup.

I have been listening to a lot of shows by Dr. Richard Massey, who I have had the pleasure of working with in person last year when in Austin, and on an interview I listened to him on this week he talks about how there is no such thing as a standard human. If there is not such thing, then what sense does it make for there to be a standard protocol for everyone??

So in my thinking with this mercury/heavy metal situation I find myself in, I am quite quick to agree that finding out my own system is taking time. It’s time consuming reading books, making notes, asking specific questions to professionals and also people who have journeyed down this road themselves. I am allowing time to be on my side as far as fact finding and gathering information.

It might not be ‘procrastination’ as much as feeling like I am slowly getting the right puzzle pieces handed to me one by one, but like Danielle LaPorte’s quote, I think my intuition is quite right on this at the moment. The time to act is coming soon, but the time to ask questions and seek is now.

Take the voices into consideration, and then filter through them and find what rings true for me personally. I am beginning to believe that EVEN with a metal situation, there is a major spiritual aspect to this predicament, and no matter what protocol or person I follow as I move forward, I need to ask God for guidance and feel what is best and right as I move…it seems to be equally physical and spiritual, and I am going to find out just HOW much so as I go along…

Still awaiting my Quiksilver mercury tri-test test, so hoping it arrives tomorrow!!!

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