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The 1 Mindset Change I Made To Go From Yelling At People Today To Being Incredibly Grateful For Everything I Have


Feel Good Project day 44

Christmas came early today for us as we celebrated with Justin’s parents before we drop them at the airport this week for their trip to Seattle to spend with J’s brother and his wife and kids.

I made the celebration dinner-shepherd’s pie with sweet potatoes (I have allowed a few to slip in these past few days-although I think they are bloating me out) and took extra time creating healthy, organic meals and juices in the kitchen today. It feels good to feed the people I love good food made with the best ingredients possible.

I got frustrated today when I ventured out to the nearest Whole Foods, which is about half an hour away. Sunday traffic here in Southern California can be absolute nuts, which I had braced myself for, but I always seem to forget the extra nuttiness around the holidays.

The whole way there I had attempted to stay positive while listening to Christmas music and dreaming about all the fun upcoming events in these next few weeks I have to look forward to.

However, a few miles from reaching my destination, I felt my Zen completely get zapped from me as I sat through stoplights, long lines and crazy bad drivers. I started calling people names inside my head and I felt like a horrible person. SO not loving and kind.

Crankiness overtook me after I ran more errands and by the time I came home I had nothing left but complaints to greet Justin with. I felt bad about this and had to step back to take a look at what was going on inside me to make me so angry.

I felt convicted by my lack of love that is for darn sure. I also felt pretty stupid when I realized I complain about how far I have to go to get organic, healthy food and why can’t there be a place closer to home that makes non GMO organic rotisserie chicken!

When I stepped back from it all and looked at all I DO have, I laughed to myself.

I have the BEST the world has to offer withing a few miles and minutes of where I live. The truth of the matter is that I don’t have to go pick my own fruit, grow my own vegetables (although I would LOVE to if we had a yard), raise and slaughter my own chickens, pick apart chocolate pods to retrieve cacao nibs, climb a tall coconut tree to get my thai coconuts and the list goes on and on…..

Man, am I ever SPOILED.

This life I have is so golden it’s not even funny.

I seem to keep needing to smack this idea of living in a state of gratitude back in this thick skull of mine. GRATITUDE is where it’s at. If I don’t have thanks and gratitude in my heart daily, then I cannot give out true love to the world.

I know it was just a part of the day and I shouldn’t beat my self up over it, but I really did feel something change in me today when I recognized just how bratty and entitled I caught myself being. I stopped immediately and gave thanks for EVERYTHING I had in my grocery bags-and more than that-in my LIFE.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Two things were great today that made my heart happy! One:a man playing the most gorgeous violin outside Trader Joe’s that filled the hectic parking lot with merriment and joy. It changed that space completely. Two: on a walk with Maggie and Justin this afternoon we met a pet potbellied PIG named Hammy! He was GREAT!!! Super cute and very happy! His tail just wagged and wagged like Maggie’s and made me want one! Hmmm…a pig in an apartment….sounds like a great book title eh?


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