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Tea and Decoctions preparations and directions by Robert von Sarbacher

Click play below to hear our lively interview with nutrition researcher Robert von Sarbacher.

These are the directions for making regular TEAS and Decoctions (teas that are super concentrates and vastly more powerful (about 10x more powerful and take 5 to 24 hours to make and dilute down into a concentrate)

Complete bone and Tissue Formula TEA making Directions and for many who take herbal super concentrated teas and decoctions as they are called – this is the secret method… for example: ESSIAC tea is made similarly to this as well!!!

First regular TEAS:

Take boiling water and pour it on top of the tea – wait til drinkable and drink it when cool enough to drink! (usually 30 mins) Or cover it as soon as boiling hot water it poured on top and drink when cool enough to not burn you ….(usually 45 mins) Or put a cover on top that is air tight (ie it will pressurize!) and then drink it when cool enough to drink….(usually an hour)

NOTE: don’t have to wait that long can just wait 15 to 20 sometimes and then drink it by putting in ice however – you will find that the 30 mins mark is the key to getting the most out of simple teas like this – for example – when it came to GREEN TEA – the original sourced one from Japan and Okinawa and etc… they found that simple steeping – no top on it – not covered – will yield the most talked about anti-oxidants on earth at 5 min mark! – most quoted anyway – and very weak anti-oxidants at that – but at 15 mins mark it was twice as powerful anti-oxidants that would come out and at 30 mins mark anti-oxidants never seen before came out that eclipsed all the others in power! — bet no one ever told you about that before???? So, keep this in mind on all teas please!

Ginger tea:

One of most potent super teas known to man if ONLY you had a clue how to make it properly – these are the directions directly from the Malaysian Indians themselves!!! Ginger is sliced very thinly and put into the water ( 1 inch off of thick section of ginger or 3 inches off of skinny section of ginger) – this is it is placed into water even before it starts boiling, right when water is put into a pan… turn it on and cook – add 20 mins to cook time after it starts boiling… so because I have a gas stow and 5 cups of water come to a boil in 15 mins – I just set timer for 35 mins (15+20) and walk away and come back at 35 mins and it’s about 4 cups of water and I strain, add ice, and drink the whole 4 cups in one fell swoop….

First Malaysian Indians never said anything about drinking it super hot – but it is alwayssssss preferable and MORE powerful to do so in EVERY TYPE OF TEA I”VE EVER KNOWN… #2 Indians made it a REQUIREMENT that you always drink the tea within 4 hours of waking IFFF your normal waking time is 8am ish – ie, it is always drunk before noon!!!! (they said it messes with your cycles to drink it after 12 noon! #3 take as long as you like to drink it before noon (instantly all of it for sip it for 4 whatever hours long – doesn’t matter but get it all in before noon) and do this entire drinking for 2 months – no change in diet was ever required – prolly good but not required during the entire 2 months of drinking a quart (4 cups) of ginger tea per day b4 noon!!!

These are directions for making a decoctions… it is done the same for all super concentrated teas like this…

3 notes:


When making a tea the usual is 1 tsp of tea to 1 cup of liquid… that’s about 5 ½ tbl of tea to one gallon of water, however sometimes you find it better under nasty circumstances like accidents to increase this to about 1 cup of tea to 1 gallon of water…. Do this for a month before cutting down to the much easier version of 5 ½ tbl of tea per gallon of water…


Drinking large quantities of this require them to be followed with protection of the liver to keep it absorbing and transforming on que perfectly all the time… we use a substance called liver/Gallbladder tincture (1 or 2 dropperfuls 3x/day on empty stomach taken at least 30 mins away from the tea (which was also on an empty stomach) The one or two droppersful is determined by the use of the amt of tea you will drink per day 1 cup versus drinking a qt per day and by how concentrated it is… 1 cup versus 5 ½ tbl of tea it was made with… NOTE: Liver/GB tincture is awesome for enzyme action before meal by 30 mins or so… not just to keep things like this tea moving thru you.)


For those in constant pain, just b/c you are drinking this 4x/day (1 qt per day) and drinking it on empty stomach does not mean that you can’t drink more! More means the body reverses pain within days instead of weeks or worse… by drinking more even if NOT on an empty stomach – that’s ok – b/c you know it will help as long as you do at LEAST drink 4 of the cups on an empty stomach, the rest is gravy necessary to push you over the limit that’s required for body to reverse pain faster … we’ve had people drink it every 4 hours plus a few times in between for 4 days just to do extra b/c they like the body’s reversing of pain… feel free… but Liver/GB tincture must be done on an empty stomach – usually 30 mins before a meal is just fine –


Making 1 to 2 to 4 gallons at a time….

Use a Stainless Steel Pot – Walmart is $25, professional places $250 – those are the range of prices

NOTE: best pot to use but unfindable are VisionWare (ebay.com) for 1 gallon max is the size they have… do not have higher sizes but they are the best but umm, too slow, since no one wants to do only 1 gallon of tea at a time….since by the time you are done you only have ½ the quantity of liquid left you started with…

Put quantity of tea into the Stainless Steel Pot (5 ½ tbl of 1 cup) for every gallon of water you initially put into the container
Put on highest setting (wise to time the amt of time it takes to come to a boil for that quantity of water)
When water comes to a boil immediately turn this down to lowest possible setting that will still boil (low on gas ranges and med to med lo on electrical ranges)

Time this also to see how long it takes to get to 50% of the liquid inside it

From now on you don’t have to sit around it all day, just set it and time it and come back and reduce from boil to simmer, then set timer (on my cell phone as I do) and come back in 7 ½ or whatever hours and turn it off!

Strain herbs and refrigerate…. This is the world’s most unpleasant tea to drink but its effects are amazingggggg!! Whooo!

2 requirements must be fulfilled for this type of tea – a decoction – to be made perfectly and concentrated so that it will work!

  1. It must take 5 hours or longer to cook
  2. It must be down to 50% of its volume of liquid than it started with

Both of these conditions must be met or the tea will not work… if you boil it down on a lower temp for 4 hours and only 2 cups left… it will not work therapeutically – use a lower temp than what you did.

If you boil it down only by 1/3 in 12 hours then it still will not work therapeutically even though way over 5 hours…

Super info for those interested in teas

Ancient Indians would often put water on simmer and throw in items like barks and berries and skin (off branches) of edible trees and etc and leave them there for 24 hours…. We have used this before as well and it is amazingly powerful

Extra Super info:

can always place cooking on lowest temp in existence in the house and let the pot cook for 24 hours OR LONGER to get to equal or below 50% – this will increase it’s potency the longer it cooks!

Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

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