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Synterra Nutrition Drink Approved by FDA for Medical Claims by Robert von Sarbacher

Click play below to hear our lively interview with nutrition researcher Robert von Sarbacher.

Synterra Nutrition Drink Approved by FDA for Medical Claims

The first and only nutrition product in the history of the world to be granted FDA approval for nutrition claims and it’s a nutrition drink of all things, actually it’s 2 of them, and AM and a PM drink…. Appropriately called AM and PM… that’s their actual names haha

Recommended Amount:

[note: I’ve been having my clients start off at 6 tbl morning and night though]

Take 4 tbl of the AM in the morning and 4 Tbl of the PM at night. Increase this amount for example in the afternoon, can take another 2 tbl of AM if need energy that doesn’t stop thru the day if you see my point…Increase the PM at night when you need to sleep, since it is one of the most powerful stress removers and sleeping aids on the planet!!!

And both of these drinks sold as one item, Synterra, work synergistically thus they build the body system and strengthen you as well… together they balance blood sugar levels to point that FDA has granted that medical claim – even Doctors and Pharmacists can recommend these product to people for the first time in history they can recommend a nutrition product that has zero side effects for Diabetics and others!

Sleeping Aid and massive stress remover – medical claims granted by FDA for both of those as well… many have used the PM drink by increasing it at night to make sure they can get some sleep… more than just 10 testimonials in the first month on those that could finally sleep for the first time in 10 years all the way thru the night whereas previously they have insomnia for 10 years and not a drop of sleep in 10 years for some people!

Some of these people had to increase the 2 tbl at night to 4 then 6 then 8 tbl at night before they finally got the sleeping affect but after the first and sometimes 2nd month of use at that level they could finally go down to smaller amounts and still have the same affect… The product seems to answer something that’s wrong with people.


Lasting and prolonged WITHOUT fake chemicals and WITHOUT adrenal gland damage caused by 99% of all other energy drinks on the market! This is another medical claim given by the FDA’s approval that is so significant! People are taking this drink instead of coffee in the morning and that’s a huge break through! People that are normally seriously tired by midday are feeling wide awake upon taking another little 2 tbl around 11am or noon or 1pm…

Fat remover:

As a stress reducer, it makes it easier to cut fat off of people! Stress being a MAJOR cause of increase in fat production on people not to mention slower moving bowels so that most in America that are overweight are NOT as much overweight from fat as they are from a large belly that contains a lot of stool – men are looking a little pregnant from stool even though have perfect bowel movements b/c what goes out is never enough to cover amount that went into the bowels… and their stomach muscles are loose so it just hangs out… This product so far is removing about 10 lbs per month almost off of people without anyyyyy change in diet so far except taking the AM drink in the am, and the PM drink in the pm!

The energy that you get from the AM drink is also a great stress reducer and helps with removal of fat as well by default! The blood sugar balancing aspect of this drink is sooooo significant for diabetics its exciting, not just b/c they can use this to cut down on other pills they are taking under Doctors recommendation and supervision, and with Drs. recommendations and supervision, but also b/c blood sugar balancing means instantly that they will lose fat by default since fat production benefits hugely by messed up blood sugar levels among other things.

What’s amazingly significant about this product is the use of this product is making those that have not just heartburn on regular occasion but also those with acid reflux, and even worse, GERD – are reporting that there is no more acid reflux or heartburn or bloating in less than 3 months…. More close to “about 3 months.”

This product is taking the entire world by storm, it is the nutrition industry’s most valuable product even as a money making tool, not just as nutrition, because finally the nutrition industry can for the first time in history legally say something good about a nutrition product without worry from FDA haha. This is significant b/c DRS. can make claims about it and use it without fear of losing their license now!!!!

It was one of the official drinks of the China Olympics in 2008 and every major distributor on earth is pushing thru the doors to make use of this product… People are buying it for themselves and then their whole family after they see what happens to themselves.

You can sign up as a customer to buy this product or as a distributor by going here: just hit the button that says product then hit Join Now as a customer or distributor it doesn’t matter which one. Shoot just sell it as a retail item instead!!!

This is just marketing information on the site, lots of science papers explaining why it worked and the results gotten in clinic trials that were accepted by the FDA, begrudgingly nonetheless, lol, & a place to sign up to buy the product…more information is on the site for all the clinical trials and results of those trials as mentioned…

You should keep in mind also that everyone who buys this product also take it with a product called ACE – Alternative Cellular Energy – which is nothing more than Ionic Minerals so powerful, so concentrated, and so alive that it took 18 months to make ONE BATCH, and 1 drop is enough to light a lightbulb!!! SEE the ENTIRE ACE FILE… Anyone taking this product will never get grey hair and anyone with grey hair will have normal colored hair again in just less than 3 years on this product…it’s is the world’s single most powerful living mineral product in history and I have been searching for mineral products that are organic for over 20 years of my life! I have a source list that is so long on products that are real and not fakes = as this industry is so well known for hiding the truth and presenting fakes to the world. ACE you get from me $55 for 90 day supply.

Just Got notice today (6.26/2010) that clinical trials were finished with excellent success rate on cancer going into remission on sooo many people using this product… this is pure nutrition, what ON EARTH WOULD’VE HAPPENED HAD THEY BEEN USING ACE WITH IT!! Anyway, for now this is not on the label legally yet and b/c not approved by the FDA yet that means it’s still anecdotal evidence… but… … … if this everrr made it thru the FDA – and we pressured them the first time – but that was kiddie stuff in comparison, – if this ever made thru the FDA I would laugh!!! That would be a FIRST IN THE WORLD – ie with cancer and all !!!

Robert von

Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

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