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Super Veggie Drink Recipe by Robert von Sarbacher

Click play below to hear our lively interview with nutrition researcher Robert von Sarbacher.

This is used to open up a fallen lung, and when I say open up, I mean 3-4 days of this 3x/day with lots of apples will force it to pop open, and you will hear it “foooop” as if someone inflated it fast somewhere on the 3rd or 4th day! Feels great (and remember there is supposedly NO cure for a fallen lung, ugh, what a joke)…. Most who do this drink will have this happen even if NOOO fallen lung, even if you think you have perfect lungs, you will see how sadly mistaken you are when you see body react to so much nutrition, find a nutrition supplement on earth that compare to this reaction in your body??? But for others it is used as an enzyme supplement so that those with massive allergies or those that are weak people (that is NOT an insult, I’m talking about sickly and weak and perfume sensitive types b/c of liver problems or b/c of low immune function or b/c of weak blood or b/c of… wait.

I’ll be here all day as to why they are sick or weakly and 90% of the time it does not matter why, b/c 100% fixable anyway…) to extent of having what seems like inflammation to everything they eat, even these start to gain their life force back, thus no more inflammation on anything they eat…the elimination diet hell is put to nought… and very quickly like within a few days.

For others that are not sickly, then youth starts to appear on the face when the lines under the nose running along side of mouth start to fatten up as if someone inflated them from underneath… gotta love that… but it makes any supplement you take with it work at least 3 to 10x better since 100% of all supplements in the world function off of how much vegetables you have in you (ie life force in you, hydration in you, oxygen in you, biophotons in you, and ENZYMES in you)…

For others they will use it to remove a scar that is so recent it is starting to “scab over”… and instead of it taking approximately 4 to 8 months to completely disappear to point of no scab and no pink or otherwise discolored spot, to point of it being totally the same color as all surrounding tissue, instead it will scab over, heal underneath, leave no light color or discoloration and be perfectly like other surrounding skin in about 4 days, but that’s only if you do this protocol for 4 days 3x/day at maximum dosage given below (note for the recent scar removal only it will require 15 to 25 apples a day, sorry) …

This drink will provide sooooo much hydration, life force, enzymes, and biophotons and increase in their blood oxygen it’s just silly, if done at full go below… (sorry, never tried this drink long enough to see if can rid rest of body of other old scars using this drink if taken full time past 4 days)

  • 2 extra huge yellow squash (6 to 7 tiny squash, or 4 medium)
  • 1 whole red bell pepper
  • 4 romas or 2 beefsteak tomatoes or 3 vine ripened medium sized tomatoes
  • ½ of one whole broccoli
  • One whole head of romaine lettuce
  • Few leaves of kale
  • 3 or 4 red radishes
  • 1 to 2 inches of ginger root
  • 2 tbl worth of raw white onion
  • ¼ of a cucumber
  • 5 stalks of large celery
  • 1 large carrot

Can add extra carrot and celery to make it taste better…

First timers must eat maybe 5 apples after just to be able to handle this when starting out, but when I’m scar removing, for recent scars only, I will do 7 or 8 or normal sized red delicious apples afterwards … do this apples things afterwards for the first week, then can do it without the apples if you ever get strong enough! But if you’re weak, sickly type and using this drink to gain life force, the youth force of the body back into you… then must eat even extra apples after (6+)… b/c despite the seemingly harmless looking nature of this juice… you willlll have detox side effects even if you’re the strongest person in the world… (kale almost none comes out in a centrifugal juicer, parsley if you decide to add that too, very little will come out, etc so it seems innocuous, harmless, but it’s only harmless to point of needing no apples to a person that is strong)… this will show you how weak you are really quickly… the apples also make it so that it is activated, why? b/c it makes it so that your liver and kidneys and etc to not have to clean up after the mesh of enzymes and life force of what just came into you… so now you get nutrition while liver and kidney’s don’t have to pay for it…

Next warning, start off by cutting this entire drink in ¼, or at least ½ and eat extra apples, so that this does not give you any detox side effects, and I know, I know, you’re think, surely can’t be that many detox side effects when so little kale, little or no parsley, no wheat grass in it, etc etc… but see below as to why there are detox side effects…

Warning, no human is ever allowed to do this drink without the ginger and radishes, most 100% especially if they are weak, perfume sensitive, allergies to everything, and doing elimination diet where down to say a dozen or so foods that will not cause inflammation or some other reaction, – why? For one thing, almost every ingredient on the list above they are having allergic reactions to lol… to which, they would have NOOO reaction to if their bodies had some silly enzymes in them, some life force and biophotons and hydration and oxygen (and I can guarantee you their oxygen reading in their blood is tanked by now). I told you this drink would provide all these items if taken at full go from recipe above, that is all 5 to 7 cups at once 3x/day or so, but why take this much in at once to start off with, just start with making ¼ of this drink and handling it well… Anyway… This drink is not to be done period without those 2 ingredients…


B/c their bodies will not be able to withstand this much nutrition, it will be the exactttt same thing as if going to Ethiopia to feed the starving kids and adults… you bring in your veggies instead of gruel, and you feed them veggies, and they say thank you very much and promptly vomit it all back up, from something as simple as eating some silly squash… but why???

B/c to your body, if you’re weak, and to their bodies, it will seem like a super food, like taking too much bee pollen, it will seem like you took a TBL of royal jelly for the first time, it will seem like you drank a ½ cup of wheat grass juice… for first time… that’s why, it’s just too much nutrition for body to handle at once and liver can’t process it… hence the requirement for a liver bypasser… that is, radishes and ginger don’t really make this by pass the liver, just give it all the nutrition necessary to process this without making the liver use up your nutrients (or it’s nutrients) to do so… plus on top of which it will provide liver with extra cleaning up ability (as an addition to what apples will do) by cleaning up the blood so liver does not have to….

Make sense?

This is b/c ginger is a universal anti-poison, (at least one from Africa is, we have a milder version in USA of the 3,000 varieties, oh well), and red radish is not JUST the equivalent of human blood (to an extent) but also of liver enzymes (definitively), and will take over function of liver so that it can vacation a little while, while the lowly unappreciated radish does the work…(the most powerful of radishes in the world as a type of liver enzyme is the black radish, but if you ever use that you will have to use ½ the size of one red radish in comparison to 3 to 4 red radishes for this juice mix – it’s just too powerful) … the whole idea is to not have to deal with the building up period – thus to be able to see these as simple foods by your body, the whole idea is to bypass all that wasted time for those that are wanting fast results… bypass by way of putting in the ginger and radish so that it will make this drink not get thrown up like a sickly starving man or child would do who hasn’t had a decent meal in months or years…

Note for those who care, if ever in Africa and need to do this the slow way, or with sickly American, then just boil some veggies, for say an hour, and throw away all the veggies, then drink the juice, it will be veggie tea and this will sustain them for a month so that you can now give them a good meal of real veggies they can digest without vomiting it, this will take about a month to get to the point of eating a meal of veggies now.

This makes 5 or 7 cups so can share it or if you have a long enzyme-lasting juicer then you should be ok! But it is a waste of time to ever make this in a centrifugal juicer and try to save it, must drink right then or throw it away please… it will not keep, all enzymes will be dead wayyy to fast… like within 15 mins if you’re outrageously lucky, so don’t count on more than 10 mins…

However, when I’m on a protocol or put one of my clients on one, then…I drink the whole 5 or 7 cups right then, taking my Multizymes Enzymes (starting with 2 at drinking and 2 in between meals on empty stomach) and eating a lot of apples!

Yes I’m a nutrition freak, was this not already mentioned? I will increase multizymes to 5 or more each time and in between meals if I think body is liking it…And if doing an enzyme replenishment program or just just trying to make a fallen lung rise or if trying to gain life force and stamina back or if trying to make a person to become healthy after being sickly for so long, then I take my multizymes (Uri’s plant digestive enzyme supplement) but note when I take multizymes you can handle easily a lot more multizymes (digestive enzymes) with these veggies than with regular food like steak and eggs….sooo, up to you to take more it will do you good… and this is also part of the protocol I use to force open fallen lungs or make the pancreas feel like the most special internal organ in the history of time…and once a person experiences “pancreas” relief… you never go back, never mind the fact that if you did experience this “pancreas relief” by doing this protocol 3x/day with the multizymes or other plant enzymes, you would feel like you might just absolutely never die!

That’s how good pancreas relief is… the feeling of utter bliss TO THE PANCREAS and relaxation and total saturation and vacation the pancreas has is just amazing… You do NOT know what “health happiness” is until you feel what it’s like to have your pancreas with this silly grin across it’s face like it just got what it always ever wanted and is the happiest kid on the block… What you’re doing in this case is flooding the body with the enzymes from juices you just made but adding to it majorly by putting in the enzymes from plant based form… if that makes sense…sort of a double whammy… enzymes on top of which you take concentrated enzymes!

This is also endless biophotons on top of biophotons… youthing, life force all intact… hydration and thus oxygenation too for the blood, and life force returns “en masse”…

Pancreas heaven is really when you are doing this drink above with enzymes and not having to eat many apples if any…thus body does not use up any enzymes in digesting apples, and body is easily able to assimilate nutrients without any detox side effects… but don’t hold your breath you will be able to do that … so if you’re a regular person health wise then start this drink off small and do it once a day by adding it to your diet… then get up to 5 to 7 cups and eventually tryyyy to wean self off need for apples just for pancreas heaven feeling, and wow… you will be … sigh, … wow…

For those that are sickly, take your SWEEEEEEET time with this drink… do not suffer detox reactions, someone that is sickly and weak in any way must never have detox reactions, so have the apples already peeled before starting this drink, and 10x more so please start eating 5 to 8 apples a day with your meals for say 1 week b4 even attempting to do this drink so that you have NOOOO detox side effects, so that this drink seems easyyy to you even at ¼ then eventually ½ then full dosage

in fact, have salt like himalayan or flower of the ocean salt ALREADY encapsulated just in case of major detox reactions despite eating the apple… and have some Lemon OIL ready and encapsulated just in case of detox reactions… you know about the apples, and if apples are not cutting it after doing 1 or 2 cups of this drink, then noo problem, b/c you have lemon oil and salt there – take 2 pills each of those and drink some grapefruit juice quickly… need to stop all detox reactions … heck take 3 or 4 MSM caps and 1 or 2 or 3 more caps of encapsulated ginger… it’s not hard to deal with detox reactions, but for those that are weak and sickly, do not despise your sickness, do not be ashamed of your lacking health… hold your head high, life will be getting better sooner than later… for those wise enough to pay attention to my warnings, you can feel free to start out with as little as ½ of cup of this juice to test the water, then 1 cup then 2… wisdom is a good thing… (I give this little sample paragraph above so you understand a little into the ability of body to stop detox reactions with other things not just apples, though apples are the golden crown.)

Those with anemia, take 3 days out of your life, remove all anemia then do this drink, but if sickly and have anemia, not really wise to do this drink or the mini beet protocol until anemia is GONE! Or did you not know that 2 Medical Doctors won the Nobel Prize for finding a cure for anemia that took 3 days to cure 100% of the time… what?? You didn’t? no worries, I’m sure they will share this information with you the second they feel it’s ok to do so…LOL what did they do that cured anemia in 3 days? Simple, they fed them Beef liver and onions, for 3 days, basically, and for my clients I make them eat it 3x/day with some veggies… now you can do this drink above when anemia is gone, go get tested b4 and after and certain you are anemia free …

Since I do nutrition experiments on myself all the time, I experimented with this drink for a while, I find it an amazing reliever of so many problems… but the first time I tried it, I did not use the ginger and radish and when I vomited despite having the apples (stop laughing) , since it was about 6 cups of juice – could not get apples down fast enough and vomited in about 10 mins, I then laughed and said, how do you like that, my own body treated something as easy as this as if it was a super food! Lol…that is, my liver had to do muchhhh more processing than normal, and I knew what that meant, so that for this drink to work, I would have to make it so that liver was at ease in taking this drink.

I just immediately went and made a new batch and put in ginger and radish, and wham, that was end of that problem… no more vomiting, just eat the apples after and no more worries… but about a week or two later I did not even need the apples… Just started a new experiment with taking it with enzymes only and then… 4 days later, the rare pancreas heaven feeling, sigh, smile, wow, relief…(I’ve gotten there before thru other methods, but this was sure easy…)… and I do love the easy life…. What about you? So that is how you get the pancreas heaven feeling, no one need go thru life without experiencing it at least once, sigh, wonderful…

So again, for pancreas heaven, when capable then take this drink with few apples and many Multizymes enzymes during and in between meals, and you will be taking in NOTHING but water and this drink and possibly apples, and that’s it! Doing this drink 3x/day.

For scar removal of recent scars only, then apples out the whaaa zoo… 15 to 25 in a day, doing this drink 3x/day with apples (7 after eat juicing or so)… and water and Multizymes and nothing else…

For enzyme deficiency removal, getting some breathing ability back into a sickly person or into someone with a fallen lung, you can do it either way, with the apples or without… I’d try the happy middle, with only few apples and plenty of Multizymes…how long will it take to get to point of taking in this drink and yet having to only eat a few apples? Maybe a few weeks if just adding this drink to your diet with whatever else you eat, then you can do this drink solely with the apples and just a few… not too hard… make this easy for you.

If you want an insight in how to take a drink like this, to experiment with in the future… have you ever thought of putting in outrageous amount of salt water precipitate Ormus and see if any reaction negatively (detox side effect-wise???) … if not… you know what that means, it means you’ll start youthing, right? You’ll start gaining life force back FAST!!! Right??? I have said it before and I will say it again, the human body only uses supplements according to the amount of vegetables in you (ie vegetables that give life force, biophotons, enzymes and hydration and oxygenation) … the kind of vegetables that EVEN IF cooked correctly they fatten up your face to extent flesh growing in from underneath and lines and wrinkles disappearing in a matter of weaks (though beets will do this in a matter of days)… never mind how powerful veggies are raw… again, up to you… good luck to all…

Robert von


Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

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