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Stacking The Odds of Healing In Your Favor



If you’re sick right now, your body has a message for you. It wants to tell you that IT is fighting hard for you to be well. You see, your body wants homeostasis. It is crying out to get well.

It probably wants to be well more than you do.

Our bodies are truly amazing tools that we get to play around with for a short time here on earth. Unfortunately we tend to abuse our bodies with recklessness as a result of simply being unconscious throughout life.

If you’re sick with some illness or disease I want you to know that there are possibly hundreds of natural or alternative things you can do to heal.

In the conventional world there’s usually just one or two solutions and typically they involve prescription drugs. You don’t want to be on medication if at all possible.

Because drugs are the preferred method of healing in the allopathic medical model, you can’t take multiple drugs at once. Well you can but you’ll probably have some considerable side effects from them like say…..death and whatnot.

Let’s say you have a simple cold or flu for example. You need to be healthy in 4 days for some kind of event you need to attend.

If you take a drug or some kind of medication that most you can do is take that 1 drug and cross your fingers and hope for the best.

But if you’re doing mainly natural or holistic healing therapies here are some things you can try:


Sound healing, the Rife machine, light therapy, color therapy, energetic healing, meditation, deep yogic breathing, zapping, The Healing Code, Qigong, homeoptathy, The 5 Rites and the list goes on…


Probiotics, antioxidents, green powders, juicing, raw foods, spring water, herbs, super foods, targeted supplements, minerals, fermented foods, medicinal teas and more.


Enemas, colonics, herbal cleanses, sweating, rebounding and much more.

Within each one of those things there’s a world of open doors and opportunities waiting for you. When it comes to healing, what we need to do is rest, get out of the way so our bodies can heal and overdose on highly absorbable and assimilable nutrition.

Your body wants to get well. It wants to heal. When you can stop poisoning it, get the toxins out and begin providing vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to it that are easy to absorb (think of a green vegetable juice) then your body will heal in no time.

What I love about natural health is that you can stack so many of these things on top of one another and do them all at the same time because in natural healing there are zero side effects.

Because of this, your body can heal much faster than with traditional drugs and prescription medications.

So the next time you’re sick remember:

  • Rest
  • Get out of the way
  • Overdose on nutrition
  • Stack the odds in your favor
  • Rinse and repeat

Hopefully if you live a clean and healthy lifestyle you won’t need to adhere to this because you won’t be sick in the first place.

I know that’s my goal.

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