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Q&A Session: Vitamin D, Fish Oils, M@$K$, Oxidation, Brain Tumors, Tissue Repair, Iron, Light, Biohacking & More!


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  • Today was a fun show where I did my best to give some answers to common health questions. Here are the questions!

    Hey Justin,

    Do you guys know of a good red light sleeping pad that would be used like people use an electric blanket?




    hi Justin, i have 2 root canal teeth too and i really wish to extract them asap, but there’s no holistic dentist in my

    country. That’s my first problem. Secondly, I don’t know what to tooth replacement is best for long term health. May I

    know what you did after your root canal teeth extractions? I have had autoimmune disease before and i’m sure it’s lurking

    somewhere in my system ready to flare up again. I did not take medicine, but did juice and water fasting, and make some

    changes to my diet. Hope to get your advice soon. Thanks
    Elo Elo


    Dreaming of Extreme Health Wellness Centers honestly, thank you for all you do and all you put out there for Mama’s like

    me!! You give me so much confidence in keeping my family healthy and strong



    What lighting do you use indoors?



    Replying to my IG story of CFL lights in Seth’s garage being toxic

    I work at a school and locked into a photocopier room with two commercial copiers that I use solidly for 3-4 hours a day

    sometimes more. No windows or open airways. Will I get cancer? I’m 48 and feeling extremely tired these last few months of

    working there but ima also a single full time parent to two teen boys so that could be the reason. Worrisome about the




    Thank you!

    Also I am curious if you have any suggestions of what to incorporate into my diet to help stimulate tissue girth and ligament repair?

    I’ve been struggling with recurrent shoulder dislocations and it’s held be back from doing all the things I love. I have already had surgery on it and it’s failed twice now. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!



    What do you suggest for chronic fatigue? No matter what I try I’m still sick 3 years in.


    Hey Justin,

    You had mentioned this inhaler on a commercial break which I don’t know the episode it was on but this inhaler you

    would inject the MMS into your lungs with .I’d appreciate it if you can help me find the inhaler you had mentioned.



    I worked for Merck too, I was taking Vioxx, their newest purple pill and opiates among other suggested poisoning while

    working on vaccines in R&D and manufacturing. I almost went to DC for a panel on opiates as an 18 year survivor after

    spine injuries while working for Merck, but came to the conclusion “they” wouldn’t like what I’d have to say when I opened

    my mouth. There’s a lot of money out there that terrified me into laying low. I used to pump thimerosol and formalin and

    helped make Gardisil. I’ve been disabled since I was 25 and live a quiet life, but thank God I don’t poison people. I

    recently had back to back 2 and 3 disc fusions and am struggling again, glad to have found the show for encouragement and

    ideas to finding wellness, again. RIP Brandy Vaugan.



    Do you guys carry the EMF pads for cell phones? I have an Iphone 12 max pro.

    Thank you



    Hi Justin,

    I listened last night to your podcast with Alex Volinsky. I have had a two hour conversation with him over the phone

    I just needed to tell you about a product that I found that clears the rope worms out very easily and without any pain or

    bleeding, I have never had bleeding from rope worms myself. The website for it is


    I promise you I am not a promoter for this product, I just felt very badly for Katie when she was explaining what she had

    and inquiring about protocols for assistance. The product mentioned above has an ingredient called oil of palm fiber, it

    is incredible!!! I don’t always currently do the whole cleanse I just use two of the packets that contain the fiber.
    It is a shame that Dr. Volinsky does not know about this product, I find the protocols he offers to be very limited, harsh

    and too difficult to do. Yes, he offers some valuable understanding to this rope worm problem but for someone who claims

    to be an expert in the field, for so many years, his knowledge is so limited and his protocols are quite impractical on an

    ongoing basis and have not changed and improved in many years.
    It’s not that I am ungrateful for what he knows, I am just disappointed.
    Thank you for your radio show , it’s very helpful. I hope Katie continues her health journey with exuberance and hope.


    Hello Justin.

    I just came across an interview you die with Brian Peskin (I think in 2013). It made me want to switch out my fish oil

    (fermented CLO) for the PEOs. You said in the interview you were possibly going to put them on you website. I cannot

    find them. Can you tell me this: Eight years later, what is you opinion of PEOs and why can’t I find any mention of them

    on your site? Is Dr. Peskin “for real”? What about his product? Please help clear this up for me before I continue to

    pursue these supplements.

    Thank you.
    Literally just subscribed to several channels but ok. I’ll keep trying.

    I really appreciate your show. I’ve found myself in a “degenerative” disease and through Sam Berne and Jim Stephenson I’ve

    stumbled into way more than I was looking for through your shows.

    You have something really great you’ve put out there for people like me and even people trying to maintain their health

    before it progresses to a condition like mine. Thanks for all the work you do.

    Tammet on IG


    On your recent post about cancer, I have some questions…..
    So I want to believe in all of this and having been sharing some info with my husband who is a chemical engineer. He is

    the type that always needs the scientific data from reliable sources to buy into any holistic health. I showed him this

    post and asked his thoughts and he isn’t buying it. Do you have any articles you could share from a reliable sources that

    a “science brain” could find some support to the claims that turning off WiFi, covering routers, etc. is actually

    beneficial and how exactly that works biologically? I’m definitely open to it but would love to be able to convince my

    husband that it’s not just some hippy hooplah!


    Hello. I am in need of some help to get me off of Singular, Zyrtec, and Flonase. I am allergic to basically everything

    outside, dogs, and feathers. Do you have any suggestions on how to combat this? Although since taking Singular, I have

    been healthier. But I know long term affects can be an issue.


    Justin, I would love some other anecdotal evidence against the use of masks, especially in those with previous infection?
    I’ve enjoyed your show for many years…keep fighting the good fight!!
    We (myself, my husband, and our three boys ages 18, 15, and 12) live in very rural eastern NC. My kids go to an exclusive

    private school. They were masked the entire school year which was a complete disaster. We were threatened with dismissal

    and treated like convicts for non compliance.
    I’ve just heard that the school intends to mask again this year despite NC being a “open” state (for vaccinated

    individuals). Of course we are not vaccinated, but we have experienced Covid. What a joke! It was a bad cold that lasted 5

    days…easier than a common cold in out cases!
    To my ask…can you direct me to some reputable sights that indicate 1. Mask wearing is ineffective 2. Prior infection

    results in immunity. 3. Any sights that would be helpful as I rally to take on the Board of Directors.
    stocks_amber’s profile picture
    Any help is really appreciated!! Taking them out of the school is not an option, nor is homeschooling. I’m fighting an

    uphill battle!!



    Hello am wondering can you direct me I have terrible back and neck pain I fell on ice in February and went to see

    chiropractor and he made it worse and now I have chronic pain , I didn’t break anything , but am struggling with pain all

    day and I ordered sunlighten sauna to see if it will help with the pain
    I also take solgar calcium magnesium liquid supplement and Manuka honey but nothing helps the pain and I do juices too,

    anyone yu know or anything you know off that can help?
    Thank you

    Hi there,

    I just come across your page and started checking out your posts, clearly you know your stuff and thought I’d see what you

    thought about my situation, I understand if your not able to help or may be too busy but I thought asking won’t hurt.

    I have recently had a Oligodendroglioma brain tumour removed 4 weeks ago and luckily it wasn’t cancerous. unfortunately

    with brain tumours they can come back much easier fortunately mine was completely removed which gives me a better chance

    but even so there can still be cells left behind but with not being cancerous I’m stuck on what to do.

    I generally eat well now (i must of sub consciously knew something was wrong few years ago) quality food sources, i avoid

    processed crap where possible, no tap water, no alcohol or smoking, and so on.

    Could you recommend anything to help restore or kill off any remaining cells or just any relevant information at all?

    Hope your well!

    Thanks in advance

    patrickc20 on IG

    Re: Stop taking vitamin D

    Thank you, Justin, for all your amazing work and wealth of knowledge that you share. You’re one of just a handful of

    health experts that I trust and “follow” because of the integrity and transparency you bring. I just have a couple of

    questions: 1) what brands and specific types of magnesium do you suggest? I’ve been taking the wrong kind, apparently.

    Secondly, I was intrigued by the PUFA explanation that BioChargeMe website offered on animal fats versus the others, like

    Omega 3’s. We strongly believe in grass fed beef/butter, etc. but this is the first I’ve heard speaking against PUFA’s.

    It makes sense logically. Just wondering though, how do people get clogged arteries and stuff supposedly from animal

    fats, versus those who are vegetarian and seemingly don’t have these issues?

    Just gathering info and trying to make sense of it, especially since so many suggest we need more fish oils. Thank you for

    all your help and any input.



    Re: Stop taking vitamin D

    Thanks for sharing this!
    I recently ( this last week or so )
    started supplementing D3 & K2.
    I was doing 10,000 IU D3 each night before bed.
    It seemed to be helping my sleep. I’m a
    New yorker and always felt better when
    in the sun but unable to get it much this summer.

    Now I’m stopping.
    Funny thing is I’ve had this one bottle of D3&K2 for a while
    but only started taking it recently.

    I did just order a few bottles on Amazon though.
    Guess I’ll be sending them back if i can’t cancel in time.

    Thanks again.


    I just googled this cass person and saw a sandy hook conspiracy link i won’t be listening to any more of your podcasts you

    need to researcbyoyr guests better


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