PJ Harlow – Is Mold Making You Sick Even If You Can’t Smell It? + What To Do About It! – Extreme Health Radio

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PJ Harlow – Is Mold Making You Sick Even If You Can’t Smell It? + What To Do About It!


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In today’s show with PJ Harlow from PJ Harlow Wellness we talked about mold toxicity and how to deal with it.

TThere’s alot to consider when it comes to mold like…

  • What kind of mold is it?
  • How long have you been exposed?
  • How much is there?
  • Do you have any symptoms?
  • Do you spend a lot of time where the mold is?
  • Do you have wifi in the house or live near a 5G antenna?
  • What have you done to eliminate the mold?
  • What to do to stop mold from growing
  • How to support your body’s detoxification process
  • How to test
  • How often to test
  • What test to do
  • And so much more

    We tackled all of these questions and more in this awesome show with PJ Harlow.

    I always advocate optimizing our environment before taking pills.

    Anyway I hope you like this show!

    Thanks for listening.

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    Show Guest:

    PJ Harlow

    Guest Info:

    Pj Harlow is a mold toxicity, CIRS & chronic Lyme Disease warrior & survivor. She resides on the Northeastern Coast of the U.S. with her husband and co-founder of Pj Harlow Wellness, LLC: Peter Harlow. The Harlow’s have 4 children, 3 of which have struggled w/ Lyme & co-infections, CIRS, Mold Toxicity, & PANS.

    PJ Harlow CHCP Mold Consultant
    Certified Enviro Practitioner, IAQ Consultant
    Home Mold Tests & Interpretation Decontamination Protocols.

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