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Peggy Hall – No President Can Mandate A Mask Or Make A Law!


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  • It was a complete honor to have Peggy Hall on the show from the Healthy American.

    As many of you know there are lots of people out there complaining about masks or what’s going on and my first aim is to focus on solutions.

    Whining and crying about things is just not in my nature. It’s okay to be upset for a little bit but then we have to get on with finding solutions.

    What I love about Peggy is she doesn’t argue the science because we all know science is now a religion. We live in a world of scientism.

    Not only is science now a religion but it’s also being changed and heavily manipulated. When you have science easily changed that way and the mainstream media on your side, you can convince most people of just about anything.

    Peggy focuses on what’s legal.

    I like that approach.

    So I hop you enjoy this conversion I had with Peggy Hall from the Healthy American!

    Please pass it on!

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    Show Notes


    Show Guest:

    Peggy Hall

    Guest Info:

    PEGGY HALL, Founder of THE HEALTHY AMERICAN, is a national leader in the freedom movement and is dedicated to “breathing life back into liberty.”

    Peggy is the former Director of Teacher Education at the University of California, Irvine and has been an educator for 30+ years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, a Master’s Degree in International Relations, and has years of experience as a health educator and community activist.

    Through her inspiring educational videos, hours of legal research, and online and in-person programs to keep businesses open, to help parents get their kids out of government schools, and to help Americans protect their medical rights, Peggy empowers patriots all across the country to take action to make “positive waves of change” as we fight back this growing tidal wave of tyranny.

    While others see Peggy as a leader in the “anti-mask” movement, she considers herself pro-civil rights, pro-human rights, and pro-God-given rights.

    Follow Peggy on social media here, or see her in person at rallies and conferences where she calls for “all hands on deck” to defend life, liberty, truth and freedom.

    Show Topic:

    Masks, vaccines and much more!

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