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Now Is The Time To Get Off Your Pharmaceutical Medications

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Let’s be honest with each other here, if you clicked into this article you are probably on medications or know somebody who is. You know what you need to do, you just haven’t done it yet. You know it and I know it.

Before I begin I was like to refer people to my disclaimer page. This blog post is not meant to give medical advice. That’s my caveat to make sure they don’t put me in the slammer for reducing the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. If they can to it to Greg Caton, they can do it to me.

Recently I read that one out of every two Americans are on some form of pharmaceutical medication. This number is staggering. Can you believe that over 150,000,000 people are now taking some form of synthetic chemicals in the form of pharmaceutical medications?

The last time I was in the doctor’s office may ask me how many medications I was on. As if whether or not I was on any, was not even an option. They were assuming I was on them and asking how many I was on. I am only 35 years old, how can somebody assume that a 35 year old person is on multiple medications?


Because it’s just normal.

It’s time that Americans wake up and start taking charge of their health. It’s just not natural for us to be taking so many pharmaceutical medications not counting over the counter medications like a acetaminophen, ibuprofen and other drugs that you can get from your local pharmacy.

All Drugs Are Liver Toxic

Over 80% of all pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plant alkaloids. Alkaloids are the medicinal and typically bitter portions of plants. Alkaloids are where the medicines are in plants. What the pharmaceutical industry does is they recognize a particular plant has an alkaloid that might be useful in lowering blood sugar or thinning the blood so they decide to do further research.

What they do is they chemically extract the alkaloid and remove it from all of the constituents, co-factors and phytonutrients that are in the plant. The co-factors and phytonutrients are critical for the absorption, assimilation and the transfer capabilities of the alkaloids. These medicinal plants also contain buffer compounds which act to prevent the alkaloids from having dangerous affects on the body and immune system.

So not only does the pharmaceutical industry in all of its wisdom remove all of the necessary co factors and enzymes contained within the plant but they also chemically extracted and then synthesize these isolated nutrients in a laboratory. Then they super concentrated it without these buffer compounds.

This becomes the pills you take each night before bed.

The medical industry likes to pull one compound out of the plant that might have over 1,000 compounds in it, and use this as a drug. All drugs have side effects and this is the reason why. Mother nature and God never intended for us to extract individual compounds from plants and then synthasize them into a poisonous chemical that we would put inside of our bodies.

When you really think about it, the real side effect of pharmaceutical medications are the symptoms that they remove from your body. The side effect is the removal of the symptom. But what these drugs are doing to the rest of your body and to your liver is something that they either don’t know, never studied, or they will not tell you about.

Any chemical or drug needs to be ultimately dealt with by your liver. One of the many jobs of your liver is to filter all of the poisons, toxins, chemicals and drugs that we get exposed to. Many people have suggested that the liver is the most important organ in your body, more important in fact than your heart and your brain.

Your liver is the only organ in your body that can regenerate itself. Perhaps this is God’s way of saying this is the most important organ you have.

God Didn’t Create You With A Statin Drug Deficiency

Many people are on statin drugs these days. I just used Statin drugs as an example. Insert your drug of choice above. Think about it, did God create you with a drug defficiency? Did god create you would if low Prozac levels?

It’s simply absurd.

What’s wrong with your body that you need these drugs? That is the question you need to begin asking.

Of course the medications will get rid of the symptoms but they create a lot of collateral damage in your body. It’s like dropping a bomb on an entire state, sure you might kill some bad people that you’re gonna kill many more good people than bad people.

Ask yourself these questions. How is this drug that I’m taking affecting the rest of the organs in my body? How is it affecting my blood sugar levels? How is this drug affecting my brain or my heart?

I guarantee you that your doctor is doesn’t know the answer to these questions so he will simply pass them off as if they were ridiculous and absurd for you to even be asking. The reason why he does this is because he doesn’t know the answer. He has never read the studies, he is simply taking the word of the pharmaceutical sales rep that was in his office selling in drugs last week.

An informed patient is a doctor’s worst nightmare.

Take Ownership Over Why You Need Medication

Have you ever ask yourself why are so many Americans on so many medications these days? Perhaps a lot of it has to do with the fact that in 1998 the medical and pharmaceutical industry were finally allowed to advertise their toxic products.

But this doesn’t answer the question completely. Because even though I’ve seen hundreds of these silly commercials since 1998 I have not been on any medications for much longer than that.

In my opinion there are four main reasons why so many people these days require medications just to stay alive.

Lack Of Being Breast Fed

So many people just do not understand just how critical it is to be breast fed as a child. This is God’s way of supplying the first food to a baby.

Assuming that the mother is healthy (which is a huge assumption these days and typically they are not) the mother passes to the child through the breast milk every anti body of every virus that she has ever been exposed to. She also passes on nutrients, bacteria and vitamins that the child needs to grow. There’s only one time and the child’s life that where they will double in size. This is from birth to six months old. How can they do this on breast milk alone when it contains less than 2% protein?

At the very beginning of lactation, breast milk contains colostrum which helps to lay down the track for the immune system that child will have. Think of a computer or a hard drive when you first get it. There is absolutely nothing on it. You have to format that computer with the operating system like a windows or Macintosh. Without breast milk children have no immune system (their gut is essentialy sterile), or beneficial bacteria which are your immune system.

Bacteria is your immune system.

Since they have no immune system they get sick. They now require medications to help them kill viruses in their body. These are viruses that should have been killed with a properly functioning immune system. They never got that because mom didn’t want to breastfeed.

This sets up an entire life of dependency upon drugs and medications in order to keep somebody well.

When was the last time that you met ANYBODY that has never been on a pharmecutical medication in their entire life?

Lack Of Eating Plants That Contain Medicine

Many of our plants these days are hybridized and they are not wild.

Wild plants are much more bitter and contain many more alkaloids or medicines that help to keep us well. I like to think of plant alkaloids and plant medicines as an internal workout for your body. These alkaloids are basically poisons. The alkaloids effect different organs in your body and cause them to react and become stronger as a result of being exposed to these poisons.

Nothing gets stronger or works better without resistance. Just like lifting weights on the outside of your body to build bigger muscles, medicinal plant alkaloids do the same thing on the inside of your body.

All food is a poison to a greater or lesser degree.

Over time plants became hybridize. They bred out many of the alkaloids that are in these plants. These alkaloids cause the plants to not taste very good. Since Americans only care about how things taste, they decided to breed out all of the bitter and medicinal portions of plants, which made them taste sweeter.

Our food today is lacking medicine. Since our food is not wild and strong it lacks any medicinal properties in it. Therefore we have to get our medicines from somewhere because we need it. Here comes the pharmaceutical industry ready to fill that need.

The body needs medicine and it has to be provided by something. If you don’t get it naturally in your food, you’ll get it from medications. Without medicines, we won’t live very long.

When you’re healthy you don’t need pharmaceutical medicines because you are eating plant medicines like herbs on a daily basis.

Childhood Vaccinations

As children not only did we not get a properly functioning immune system due to an unhealthy mother, not being breast fed, and being born via C-section, we have also been hightly vaccinated.

Vaccinations destroy your immune system and compromise your body’s ability to develop its own internal strength from having to fight off an infection that is completely natural.

By not allowing your body to get the measles, mumps or chicken pox, you compromise your own health in the long term. Going through an infection like that causes your body to naturally be stronger to fight off other infections later on in life.

Again it’s all about letting your body experience these health challenges in order to become internally stronger. Put your arm in a cast. Does it become stronger or weaker? Lift weights for a month, do you get stronger or weaker?

Internally, the same principle applies.

A Horrible Diet

Adding insult to injury we have the most atrocious diet on earth.

Our diets are causing our deficiencies.

Deficiencies in the body are not caused by what we don’t eat, they are caused by what we do eat.

Our diets have become an assault on our immune systems and our life. Therefore we need medication because are organs and bodily systems are shutting down much sooner than they should be.

Take Charge Of Your Health

I understand that getting off your medications is a monumental effort for most people. It’s probably similar to putting all of your money into one particular stock, or finally leaving the house as an 18 year old kid setting out to make a life for his own.

Getting off medications is the first step in you saying, “I’m in charge of my own body not some drug company. I know more about how my body works than any doctor does!”

Doctors like to scare people into thinking that unless they take a medication they will die. Just so that I remain copasetic with the medical industry I have to tell you to follow their advice.

But I will say it’s time to start taking control of your health.

You know that you need to get off of these medications, I do not need to convince you of that. What you need to do is start researching the field of alternative health. I would start by listening to as many podcasts as you can that talk about how to heal naturally. Whether or not you get off your medications is something that you will have to determine between you and your doctor.

Ultimately you.

It’s time to start rebuilding your immune system using mushrooms and fermented foods that contain benefitial bacteria in the form of acidopholis.

In the meantime I would start taking supplements likes Surthrival’s colostrum. I would start making medicinal teas using herbs and medicinal mushrooms like reishi and chaga as these will help to start rebuilding your immune system.

I would also introduce sauerkraut and Kiefer into your diet because the bacteria in your gut and colon makeup just about all of your immune system. Fermented foods are critical if you want to have a properly functioning immune system.

I would also suggest learning about how minerals work in the body. A highly mineralized body simply does not get sick. Each organ in your body runs on primary minerals. For example the primary mineral that your heart runs on is magnesium.

If you are taking a drug or medication for a particular organ that’s not functioning properly, I would suggest doing research on which minerals that organ requires.

It’s time to stop placing our health, our life and our bodies into the hands of doctors and pharmaceutical industries.

What are you going to do to start taking charge of your health?

  • So this was super sad to read for me 🙁 My mom had leukemia when she found out she was pregnant with me. That of course wreaked havoc on my developing system, as you can imagine. And, I was not breastfed. When they did an autopsy after she died when I was a baby, (Stanford Medical Research Facility wanted to do an autopsy to see if they could figure out why she lived as long as she did and my father agreed hesitantly), they found every organ in her body filled with systemic yeasts.

    I was healthy as a child — probably because we were poor and my stepmom made all our food from scratch, and we ran around in the sun in our bare feet a lot — but as I started to grow older and eat the standard American Diet, I found I got sick a lot. No immune system! (No breastfeeding as a baby to get that immune system, besides, I probably also had systemic yeasts so nutrients weren’t being absorbed by my body as well as they should be). I had to learn to eat better and be healthier than my counterparts, just to stay well.

    Thankfully now I am eating a lot healthier, and no sugar. I am eating fermented dairy (kefir) and am going to learn to ferment cabbage and other veggies. I hope to eat a little of that with each meal. Only raw milk and grassfed beef for me. And pastured eggs. And homegrown vegetables.

    I hope that will make a difference for me, it has been 3 months without sugar so far.

    • extremehealthradio says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for writing in. Wow that was a powerful story! It sounds like you’re definitely on the path to health now though aren’t you? That’s so cool. Glad you’re on the right path. Let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to help!


  • Susan Hall says:

    Could you please let me know how I can substitute thyroxine ? I really do not like to think that I have to rely on the pharmaceutical industry for the rest of my life.
    Thank you,


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