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Stop Focusing On Diet, Build Your Foundation, Hydrogen, Sunlight, Breast Cancer, Bee Venom & More!



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We tried to get Jason Christoff on the show to talk about mental barriers, and self sabotage but we were unable to get a proper connection and he only had a limited time to begin with because of some speaking engagements so we did a Free For All Friday show!

As you know I’m always learning, studying, researching and trying new things so I always have a lot to share.

I pulled up a few news articles to chat about along with where to start with your health.

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Show Notes

Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen
Bee Venon and Cancer Cells
What are the health benefits of vitamin D?
Benefits of sunlight
Covid death toll under review
Masks are not helpful
Child taken by CPS due to COVID

Show Guest:

Free For All Friday

Show Topic:

Molecular Hydrogen, building healthy lifestyles, breast cancer, bee venom, masks, sunglight

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