I Used To Be Fearful of God Until I Read This Book!


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My Whole Life I Have Been Scared Of God, Until Now



My good friend Amy Schuber (podcast) gave me a book a couple of months ago that has made quite an impact on me so far-and I am only a few chapters in!

While I might not agree with everything he is proposing, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha is one enlightened man, who claims to have a direct line to God, to which he gets ‘downloads’ as he refers to them, and his goal is to share them with as many people as possible who will accept them as a gift from the divine.

In this particular book of his, Soul Wisdom, he focuses a whole ton on realizing how we, as souls, have a ‘soul language’ we all are capable of speaking, although many have yet to understand or uncover this unique gift. Apparently, according to him we are ALL capable of speaking it.

I find this concept very interesting, and as I read the first and second chapters of this impactful book, I realized why this concept didn’t seem very crazy at all to me, which normally would not be the case with such a far out concept such as this.

I realized it is because I have heard it (this concept) before. NOT in this more secular and seemingly new age kind of way, but in the traditional Christian teachings of the Bible.

For those who have followed my blog for any length of time might already know that I was raised in a mostly non-denominational Christian home, so knowing the stories and teachings of the Bible are no stranger to me.

Christians refer to this concept (of speaking Soul Language) as speaking in tongues, and upon reading this book I have come to see the vast similarities between the two. Most would believe them to be one in the same.

It’s no easy road to be open to looking at same concepts from different perspectives, be it religious, traditional, or other. I was once again reminded upon reading this book just how EASY it is- how SAFE- to stay where one has always been planted and continue to grow right in that spot, taller and stronger, but in the same place.

There is no problem at all with this in my opinion, it’s just that personally, I feel like when I am no longer afraid of asking tough or often frowned upon questions and searching a bit all around for answers and new information, it does not make God any less of God to me…in fact I feel it makes him MORE.

This is hard to admit-but in all honesty I have realized that I have always scared of God until recently.

Seriously though-do you often meet people who are not afraid of God?

I rarely meet people who don’t seem to be petrified of God by the things that come out of their mouths, even those who claim to know God and have strong faith. The FEAR I see gripping many in regards to life, death and everything that falls in between shows me that most of us humans walk around afraid that God will pull the rug out from under us at some point and leave us reeling from some unexpected or harsh turn of our reality. We like to think we have created for ourselves, a little cocoon of warmth and sunshine, even if we lie to ourselves so that we might actually believe it to be true.

This is why things like finding out more about these spiritual gifts and practices are so fascinating to me-because I want more! More knowledge, new beliefs, deeper faith, a better shot at understanding.

I believe the spiritual aspect of health and healing is AS important-if not MORE important than the physical. Within my journey of healing, I am taking time to look into who exactly God really is, although I am pretty sure I will never quite understand the fullness of the answers, and be left with many more questions than when I started.

But for now, I am excited to open up to more hearing from my SOUL. This is a huge part of my healing journey and I am excited to connect to this aspect at a much truer level than ever before in my life.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Laughing a bit more than usual with Justin in the car ride up to our chiropractic appointments. Joking around in Whole Foods and not taking life so seriously for awhile felt light and airy for my soul.

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