My Vitamix Promo Code 06-006792 & Vitamix Blender Review


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My Vitamix Promo Code & Vitamix Blender Review

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I get questions all the time about which blender I use and which one I recommend. There really are two blenders I recommend. One is the Vitamix Blender and the other is the Blendtec blender.

People online are always looking for promo codes, promotional codes or codes to get free shipping or some sort of way of saving lots of money on certain items. And a vitamix coupon code is no different. The Vitamix company doesn’t really offer discounts or any kind of savings on their blenders or accessories but there are certain promotional codes or what they call vitamix coupon codes where people can get free shipping.

My Vitamix Promo Code: 06-006792

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As you can imagine a Vitamix blender can be very heavy and the shipping costs are pretty high. But when you’re checking out during the sales process there’s a little form field where you can enter a promotional code or promo code. This code will allow you to get free shipping and will help you save lots of money since you won’t have to pay for shipping.

What Is A Vitamix?

The Vitamix blender is a 2 horsepower commercial grade blender that you can purchase and use at home. If you go to many ice-cream shops, dairy places, bars or restaurants most likely you’ll see behind the counter a Vitamix blender.

In my opinion it’s high quality industrial grade and built to last. I’ve heard of people who have had these blenders for over 30 years and they still work beautifully.

Why You Should Buy A Vitamix

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a vegan, raw foodist, primal follower, paleo eater or everything in between. All that matters is that you want to eat healthy. Perhaps breatharians might not want to purchase a Vitamix. You can’t really blend up air that well.

Blending foods in my opinion is one of the great things about living in the modern world. Juicing is great too and I love juicing every day. My wife Kate and I juice about 5 days a week.

But blending has lots of benefits. First of all it’s a whole food. It’s also faster than juicing and requires much less clean up. Washing a Vitamix takes little time at all. The carafe cleans up nice and quickly. It’s dishwasher safe and they even have BPA free carafes now. People are becoming hip to the idea of the toxins and chemicals that are in plastics and don’t want to expose themselves to the xenoestrogens found in many plastic containers.

Heck the phytoestrogens found in soy, flax and beer are enough. We don’t need any xeno estrogens too do we?!

So why should you buy a Vitamix?

Well it produces the smoothest and creamiest of textures. The consistency of the smoothies and shakes you can make are like velvet in your mouth. The blades spin at something like 37,000 rpms and the newest model the 750 has a 2.2 horsepower motor and the 4 inch blender steel blade runs at 240 miles per hour. Talk about making a silky smooth puree that comes out completely liquified! It’ll shred anything into a smooth powder!

Vitamix blenders are just amazing and personally I like it just slightly better than the Blendtec blenders for 1 reason. It comes with a tamper. The Blendtec Total Blender has lots of great features too that I’ll be talking about in an upcoming article but because of the tamper that comes with the Vitamix, I have to give it a slight edge over the Blendtec.

If you use the tamper correctly with the lid securely fastened to the top of the caraffe then the tamper itself will never touch the blades of the blender. The tamper allows you to blend up some really amazing things. For example, I like to freeze some avocados, 1 banana and add a bunch of ice along with some honey and raw cacao (chocolate) powder and some protein powders. I add no liquid base at all. Because of this it creates a smooth delicious ice cream that’s to die for.

In order to pull off this type of recipe with no liquid, I need to have a tamper to really mash down all the frozen ingredients.

The Benefits Of A High Speed Blender

I HIGHLY encourage people to get into the habit of making one blended drink per day. The reason is because in a blended drink you can add as many super food powders as you want. For example I’ll make a medicinal mushroom tea like reishi and chaga and have that chilled in my refrigerator. I’ll also have some almond milk and coconut milk along with kefir and kombucha. I’ll take about 1 ounce of all these things and that will be my base.

Then I’ll add some green powders, some vitamin c powder, chia seeds, hemp seeds, raw eggs, and maybe some raw butter and blend that all up. Then I have this medicinal base full of super foods and super powders. Then I might add some low sugar fruits to it, some dark leafy greens like Kale and an avocado to add some nice fats. With the frozen berries it keeps it nice and cold and it comes out looking like a thick, sweet shake that’ll keep you full for hours and hours.

This can replace two meals per day if you’d like. It’s that filling!

There’s no way you can add in all those foods into your diet each day. But with 1 blended drink using a Vitamix you can easily get super nutrition with 1 simple drink that takes you 10 minutes to make in the morning before you head off to work.

AS a result you’ll lose weight, get rid of belly fat that’s hangin all over your waist and you’ll have tons more energy to live life to the fullest. As a result of this one daily practice of having 1 super food drink (with herbs) per day, you’ll also lower cholesterol, blood pressure and increase your mineral and vitamin intake each day.

What a way to take care of your body with 1 drink per day using the Vitamix blender!

Another benefit of the vitamix is that if you know anything about structured water and the benefits of that, you can purchase vitamix charging capsules made with rare earth high gauss magnets made by professor Ron Cusson. These strap onto the outside of your blender container and it actually structures the water molecules while the blades are spinning and the liquid is vortexing. It creates a mini electical charge inside whatever you’re blending!

Until I get the charging capsules from Dr. Cusson, I added my own magnets!

The Vitamix Can Also Double As A Juicer!

It’s almost like two machines in one. People often ask me, should I buy a Vitamix first or a good quality Juicer first? I always tell them buy the vitamix first because you can have it double as a juicer. It makes a higher quality juice than most juicers because it’s able to break down the cell walls of the fiber and unlock the nutrients inside because of how fast the blade spins.

All you need is a nut milk bag and you have a juicer. Just add in all your vegetables and fruits with no water and blend till your hearts content using the tamper. Then poor the contents through a strainer like a good fine mesh chemical and dye free nut milk bag and you’re good to go. The pulp will be dry and in half the time of cleaning a juicer, you’ll have yourself the best juice ever!

So if you’re interested in purchasing a Vitamix blender using my Vitamix promo code I would greatly appreciate that. We’ll receive a commission for your order and that will help keep our shows free so we don’t have to ever charge for our interviews!

My Vitamix Promo Code: 06-006792

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