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My Thoughts On QOVID, Sharing Unpopular Beliefs, Benefits of Selenium, Listener Questions & Lots of Fun!

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I hadn’t done a solo show in a long time and I really wanted to get one out. We had a lot of listeners email in over the past few months wanting to get our thoughts on this coronavirus pandemic going on right now.

To be honest I had not interest in doing that. There are a million talking heads and I didn’t want to be “just another voice”.

So I decided to gather as much data as I could. When it first came out I honestly thought it was going to be another Swine flu or SARS situation. As you know it seems like they’re tightening the screws more and more each day.

They’re not letting this go. My prediction is that masks and social distancing are here to stay…..unless people wake up, stop watching Netflix and the mainstream news.

Unless we start doing some research and standing up for our rights, we will not win this battle.

The second half of the show I shared some really incredible anti cancer benefits of selenium.

It was a fun show. We had a number of listeners asking for Kate to be back on!

What do you think?? 🙂

On Last Thing!

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Thank you all!

Listener Questions

do you realise that when you promote your colostrum product that it contains bovine DNA so you are consuming that not to even mention the animal rights issues that would be connected to this practice. i understand you need sponsors however considering your content ( which i enjoy) im really surprised to see you promotong this not to mention it also makes me feel physically sick do i need to forward the ads. please take a better look at to what you are consuming and especially promoting.

Amy M



What a treat to receive a personal email from you. Thank you for taking the time to write back. Since I’ve been following you, I’ve learned about the purpose of birth certificates, the monetary role of plaintiffs and defendants in court cases, I’ve cleaned our parasites from my body, mattresses and home, nipped EMF and dirty electricity in the bud, blocked blue light, rebounded on a trampoline, found pristine water, stopped taking ascorbic acid, got off iron filled calcifying supplements, currently filling up a petition full of signatures to partner with our local Sheriff and looking forward to soon inhaling some Brown’s gas!! And this is by no means an exhaustive list! :)) All becomes of your show!

As you can see you have changed my life and I bet you didn’t even know it. Don’t underestimate the impact you’re making in the world by educating and transforming lives!!! And whatever you do, pay no mind to the naysayers, they’re just being true to their naysayer selves! 😉

I applaud and support you in your efforts and I’m glad to partner with you in the academy and be part of a likeminded community!! Thank you for offering me the generous lifetime 50% off discount. Yes please 🙂 Sign me up 🙂 I would love to participate in this promotion.

Please send me the link or instructions for how to sign up for this.

I greatly you and thank you again for this opportunity! I look forward to getting to know you and the academy community better and exchanging mutual value.

To health and wellbeing 🙂


Hey! I listen to your show and whenever i go on amazon ill make sure to support you! Thanks for doing what you do
I wonder if you could just try to write down what you eat in a day throught out a week. When you eat and how much. Whos recommendations has resonated with you the most.

Most of your podcasts are focused on foods. So would be really interesting to hear a solopod focused on foods. Not to copy what you do but it would be very interesting!

Oskar E


Can I ask how you got started with podcasting? Did it take long to develop comfort with just openly discussing topics this way.

Ben G

Hi Justin,

I hope you are doing well for you and your family. I’m writing to you in regards to the interview you did of me last year with my brain tumor. Well doTERRA is asking me to reach out and have that pulled. Because of our wonderful FDA they’re getting pressure to have all of my brain tumor online presence removed. Something I’d rather not do of course. But as my livelihood comes from doTERRA I do need to follow them. This request is coming from their legal counsel. If you could help me out in removing this it would be so very much appreciated.

Allison H

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It’s me! 🙂

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Big C Little V, benefits of selenium, 911 anniversary, listener questions and more!

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