My Thoughts About What's Going On With One World Whey


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My Thoughts About What’s Going On With One World Whey


one-world-whey-133715I just wanted to say that it has come to our attention that the One World Whey protein powder that we love so much and have promoted has significantly lower amounts of protein as were stated on the labeling.

Because of that we have removed our affiliate links to make sure that until this issue is resolved you don’t end up buying something that doesn’t have as much protein in it that you thought.

It’s sad because I for one love it and believe as a result of using it have put on 7lbs of muscle in the last month and a half. Who knows if it was the whey, the intense workouts (which have changed only slightly, not really enough to put on that amount of weight) or what.

There has been much said about whether or not we can trust the labels of dietary supplements. Jon Barron wrote a very interesting piece on that recently which you can read by clicking here.

There are a lot of layers to this. On the one hand we all have to take complete responsibility for our health. That means me and that means you. I have been taking the whey for quite some time and love it. I still do. Should we trust somebody like Stephen Heuer? Even he is not privy to the proprietary process that’s involved in how the whey is produced.

It’s a lot like the secret recipe for Coke.

I completely understand the proprietary nature of ingredients and how products are formulated.

Should we be upset with people? Should you be upset with me and should I be upset with Stephen or should Stephen be upset with the product developer? Well being upset isn’t going to allow for any kind of growth.

One World Whey sold its protein product to major outfitters like, Natural News and The Raw Food World. Mike Adams recently posted a unique article about this situation on his website.

Now I completely understand people’s frustration with the product and perhaps with me or even Stephen. It’s valid and it’s justified. They should not have allowed this to go on. And the actual developer should not have mislabeled their product. And Stephen should have been testing this on a regular basis. It’s not acceptable to me that this happened. There’s just no justification for it.

I get all the “shoulds”. And as a regular consumer of the product itself, I’m really upset about what’s going on. I want you to know that we do everything in our power to do as much work as we can concerning the products that we promote.

This is why I’m removing any affiliate links that point to this product until this issue is resolved. And even then we’re going to make sure that we investigate further this situation before we proceed any further.

My question though is a much bigger one. Once this does get resolved, how can we believe them? In that regard how can we believe any kind of labeling? At some point we have to put faith in and trust people and things every single day that we don’t verify before using.

For example, how many people purchase a set of chairs for their home and when they arrive in the mail they put all of their body weight on that chair? We drive down the road and expect our car breaks to work when we need them.

We trust the label at the grocery store that says a piece of produce is organic. Do we know the farmer? Do we know anything about where that avocado actually came from? Probably not.

So it gets really hard.

If we were to spend all of our time testing and verifying everything we simply wouldn’t be able to live a normal life. We trust boyfriends and girlfriends without doing background checks on them, we trust people when they tell us things, we take them at face value, we trust the money we use isn’t counterfeit and the list goes on and on. We simply can’t spend our days being a detective.

At some point we’re going to have to put our faith in and trust certain individuals and corporations that they’re telling us the truth. I just wouldn’t want to be the one who misled people in this case.

In this situation, you might be upset with me and to be honest I’m upset with me. I apologize to you for that. My intention and my goal with this website is to be as upstanding and transparent as possible.

I’m doing this to help people and to empower them along the way. We all got burned here so I really apologize for that.

I think the lesson here is to trust your own intuitions even more. I know it’s easy to get swept up believing experts and follow what they’re saying. The way I’m choosing to look at this is, it’s my fault.

Why my fault?

Well because for some reason I attracted this circumstance into my life and since we’re all connected somehow on an energetic level I’m involved in this process. What we see in the world is a reflection of what’s on the inside. If we see war and anger going on, there’s war and anger going on inside our hearts. If we see deception and fear going on, we have deception and fear going on inside our hearts.

So I’m choosing to take responsibility for my own ability to be given this wrong information. When we start taking 100% personal responsibility for our actions and behaviors we can finally start making some progress in terms of personal development.

With that said, I’m truly sorry and hope that you forgive me. My desire is to truly see you healthy and heal at the deepest levels and I’ve let you down.

So I’m saying I apologize to you for this.

We’ll be working with Synergistic Nutrition to figure out how we will move on going forward. If they can produce some kind of lab test results on their next batch I will consider promoting them again. It all depends. I have to make sure that all of you know that we do our best to make sure everything we promote is of the highest integrity.

I appreciate you reading this far and most importantly for your support for our shows. It’s truly humbling and a real honor to be producing information that hopefully empowers, motivates and excites you to be the best version of you possible.

Below is the article from Synergistic Nutrition in regards to this matter.

With gratitude,

Justin and Kate


It has recently come to our attention that we have an error on our label for One World Whey. The inventor failed to give us the correct information needed regarding protein and carbohydrate content.

The inventor of One World Whey holds degrees in Nuclear Physics, Molecular Biology and Pharmaceutical Science. He has a highly specialized process of modifying and enhancing the whey proteins into information delivery systems that yield an enhanced protein synthesis effect in the body that far exceeds what basic dietary protein alone can do. His technology is so advanced that the majority of the scientific community is not aware of it, nor do many scientists comprehend the effect it can have on modifying food, as there is no current scientific analysis to measure the strength of the enhanced whey protein.

The effect a food or supplement has on your body is a combination of the molecules and the information they are carrying. That information can vary drastically from food to food. An example is the case I’ve read about in Biodynamic Gardening, where a person who had allergies to strawberries did not have allergies to strawberries grown bio-dynamically. Another case in point is the incident recalled from a book about water structure. As the story goes, a group of scientists within the US government conspired to create a pathogen that would kill people. They sat around a conference table talking about the expected lethal effects of this engineered microorganism. At the conference table was a pitcher of water. During the meeting, water was served from this pitcher to all attendees. Every scientist there became deathly ill, to the point of being admitted to the hospital. The water was later analyzed and was found to not have any detectable toxins. They then realized that the topic they were discussing had become imprinted energetically into the water and had made them sick.

Masaru Emoto’s frozen water crystals studies showed that negative thoughts, words or music would impart to water frequencies that prevented the water from forming beautiful and geometrically perfect water structures. Whereas positive thoughts, words and music given to water frequencies caused the water to form beautiful and geometrically perfect structures. The point being – information can be transferred into food for good or for ill. It all depends upon the frequency being offered. This then, is verification for the act of praying over your food before eating. It is also the reason that one should only eat food that is prepared from people who are happy at the time of making the meal, otherwise you run the risk of being negatively affected by the energy the unhappy cook put into the food.

It is not simply the amount of protein one consumes that determines how much cellular protein synthesis occurs in the body. Some examples to establish this are the following: If you were to take a small injection of testosterone, your body would grow muscle and make protein more quickly even though you’ve not increased your dietary protein intake.

Another example is the 80 or 90 year old person, who eats the same amount of protein they have for years yet their bodies lose muscle mass, heal slowly and become weak and frail. This all has to do with what is happening at the cellular protein synthesis level.

The body’s ability to create protein is controlled by many systems working cooperatively. In an elderly person, the signal system to support cellular protein synthesis is reduced so drastically that weakness occurs. And please understand, we are not only referring to muscle tissue, we are also referring to all cellular proteins.

The maltose in One World Whey acts to support a normal blood sugar and the raising of insulin. It is the insulin that supports the absorption of amino acids into the cells. When amino acids enter the cell then the body can make glutathione and proteins.

Due to the advanced technology the inventor is applying to One World Whey, the proteins are having an effect that far exceeds the effect of all other normal dietary proteins. This why a relatively small amount of protein from One World Whey is still delivering such profound health-giving results…as we’ve witnessed over these last three plus years. For a reminder of what One World Whey has done for so many people, please go to our testimonies section at this link:

The autistic child who is now speaking normally and functioning at a high level is just happy to take One World Whey and is not concerned about label errors. The man in his early 50′s who had his body feel, look and function like he was in his twenties after 10 weeks on One World Whey, is not concerned about a label error. These and many other people who have had such positive health results while consuming One World Whey will not be concerned with the label error and this will not affect their belief in and knowledge of the product. They know the results they have experienced.

Also, even the current 18g of carbs (72 calories) and the very small amount of fat in the protein powder mix has been imprinted with the inventor’s unique procedure. So, not only the protein, but also every ingredient in One World Whey has been beneficially modified. Perhaps this is why so many people build muscle and get healthier with the product.

I’d like to cast a positive light on simple sugars. Dextrose, which is also called glucose, is the number one molecule needed to make energy, technically called ATP. Maltose is two molecules of glucose bound together. The body runs best when fed the quantity of carbohydrates needed by your unique physiology. Dextrose also acts to release insulin and insulin acts to carry amino acids into cells, thus enhancing protein synthesis.

Additionally most people are unaware that proteins combine with sugars such as dextrose to create glycoproteins. For example, glycoproteins are what create joint and connective tissue. Connective tissue comprises up to 75% of the protein structure of the body. In nerve tissue, glycoproteins are abundant in gray matter. They are also found in gastrointestinal mucus secretions. Glycoproteins are used as protective agents and lubricants. They are also found abundantly in the blood plasma where they serve many functions. Hence the body can use the proteins in the whey in combination with the dextrose to create glycoproteins.

How proteins are made in the body and how the body works is still an ongoing discovery process. Many definitions of physiological function have changed over the years as more discoveries are made.

When we operate from the mindset that everything has to be perfect before we proceed, then we become paralyzed by condemnation towards anything that is less than perfect. This alienates us from people and makes personal progress on projects slow, to no movement at all. If however, we use the mindset that progress is our goal and if I’m making progress then I am moving forward with feelings of self-approval and acceptance of people’s mistakes. We accomplish more, enjoy more and save ourselves from the toxic feelings of guilt and condemnation. One World Whey has produced more health giving results than any Whey protein powder in the world. It has produced move positive, life enhancing testimonies than almost any other supplement I’ve ever worked with in a 23 year time period of selling nutritional supplements. The next batch of One World Whey Protein Powder will have the 21 grams of protein per scoop, however the effects may not increase, as the effects appear to be coming, in large part, from the encoding technology put into all of the ingredients that comprise One World Whey. The vast majority of people have made progress with their health while using One World Whey. These results have been so impressive that despite the label error, we will continue to offer One World Whey as it is, until the next batch arrives, in 6-8 weeks.

I apologize for this label error and I ask for your understanding. I want you to know that you’ve not been purposely told a falsehood as I just learned of this error. One World Whey is still just as safe, powerful, healthful and beneficial as it has always been, as it is only the label that was found to be in error.

Thank you for your understanding,

Stephen Heuer, BS Nutripath,
Founder of Synergistic Nutrition

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