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My New Bath Cleansing Protocol

Detox-Bath1As many of you know Kate and I have been on a bit of a cleansing journey lately.

We get asked from time to time why do we do all this cleansing. When people ask me that I’m kind of taken back because I realize that they just don’t understand not only us as people but how toxic the environment is as well.

The reason why we’re doing lots of cleansing these days is primarily for two reasons.

The first reason is that we’re planning on getting pregnant. Studies have shown that that in recent years that there were over 287 industrial chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of new born babies. And we wonder why autism, ADD, ADHD and other neuro-chemical mental disorders among children are on the rise? Is it no wonder that people are being diagnosed with cancer at younger and younger ages?

We know that we can’t do any detoxification or cleansing during pregnancy as this is the time for building not cleansing. And by doing so you wouldn’t want to chelate heavy metals and chemicals into the area where the baby could absorb it.

This is why it’s best to detoxify before conception. And because Kate has been around lots of chemicals, toxins and poisons in her hair salon, we want to get these chemicals out of her body (and mine) before we try to get pregnant.

The other reason why we’re doing so much cleansing is because we live near the San Onofre power plant which has recently been shut down due to “leakage” of the nuclear radiation. And if that weren’t bad enough we are on the West coast and we’ve already been seeing some of the damaging effects of the disaster in Fukushima.

If I have to convince you any further how important it is to detoxify, perhaps you might want to click onto another website. It’s critical in today’s toxic world to have more toxins leaving the body than what are coming in. If you’re interested in this concept you should take a look at a book by Sherry Rogers M.D. called Detoxify or Die.

In that vein some of the cleansing protocols we’ve been doing lately are FAR Infrared Sauna treatment (30 minutes per day), jumping on the Bellicon rebounder (15-20 minutes per day), taking liquid Zeolite along with a product we LOVE called Sacred Clay (Tell Michael we sent you for 2 weeks supply of product on your first order!).

I also do regular coffee enemas about two days per week for regular liver maitinence. If you’d like to read my article about coffee enemas you can click here or you can read some of Kate’s experiences by clicking here. We also did a show with Dr. Patrick Vickers from Gerson Institute in Baja California where we talked extensively about all of the amazing health benefits of doing regular coffee enemas. If you’d like to listen to that show you can click here.

If you’d like more information about all the things we’re doing on a daily basis to cleanse you can read this article to learn more.

But in this article I wanted to tell you about a new thing I’m going to be adopting two days per week. I’m going back to my roots here peeps….

Taking a bath.

I used to take baths as a kid as I’m sure we all did but for some reason women seem to continue the practice where as men don’t. I’m going to get back my childhood and get back to taking a bath two days per week.

I was reminded how powerful they are lately when I was speaking with a lady at the Dayton Medical Center. Soaking your body in a warm bath full of sea salt and baking soda can be extremely powerful as far as pulling radiation and harmful chemicals from your body.

And many of you know how I am. If I’m going to go through the trouble of doing anything I might was well take the extra steps for making whatever it is I’m doing, be the best ever. So I’m going to add magnesium flakes, Sacred Clay and Black Beauty (tell Michael we sent you if you purchase to get some free product) to my already existing ingredients of baking soda and epsom sea salts.

Just run the water and add a certain amount of these things into your bath and soak away. I did it for the first time the other night and my back pain got much better and I slept like a rock. I would highly recommend a good water filter (use code extremehealth and tell them we sent you for a discount!) if you’re going to be soaking in the bath for any length of time.

You don’t want to be absorbing transdermally calcium, fluoride and other harmful chemicals.

Try out the bath protocol and let me know what you think!


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