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My Name Is Kate and I Was A Pasta Addict

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My name is Kate and I was a pasta addict.

This is the sentence I have chosen to write as the first line I have ever blogged. EVER. Blogging is something I’ve talked about doing for years now and have honestly been too lazy to just start doing it. With our new adventures with Extreme Health Radio, I believe now is the time, more than ever, to get involved.

I am very excited to be a part of all this! Thanks for the support and for even taking the time out of your hectic life to read this.

So pasta…

In my humble opinion-the best substance ever created and I couldn’t get enough of it. Lunch, dinner-heck even breakfast-anytime to get a forkful dripping in delicious sauces and I was there. Years and years went by with my unhealthy addiction ruling the majority of my daily food choices and it seemed to have little to no negative effect on me.

So I kept it up, believing I must be immune to some of the negatives of living a “carb-a-holic” lifestyle so many others complained about. My weight didn’t fluctuate and besides the occasional indigestion I really felt pretty good. My love of Italian restaurants continued to grow, along with ALL things Italian.

Any chance to get more delicious garlic bread, creamy pesto sauces, wood-fired pizzas and intriguing Italian red wines-I needed no excuse, and more often than not I’d have a handful of girlfriends game to join me at a moment’s notice.

And so it continued.

What didn’t continue was my husband’s patterns of unhealthy eating. Our dating life of 4 years consisted of the typical out to eat on the weekends full of greasy and processed foods that we both seemed to enjoy for those years.

The year we got married though changed everything. Within the first 6 months of our marriage Justin started to read books about health, juicing, fitness and cancer prevention. This snow balled into a pretty fast conversion for him of changing his old diet of high sugar and processed foods to a life full of raw, alive, life giving foods and hence the journey started.

I started to SLOWLY look at my own life-the food choices that I was making on a daily basis and I was starting to compare my diet to his. How I felt in comparison to how he was feeling. How unhealthy I actually WAS, without knowing it.

My conversion was far from overnight, and the emotional part of changing my eating habits was harder than expected. I realized how much food played a role in my busy social life, as well as how hard it was to not be offended by having a husband who didn’t need or want me to cook for him anymore. But I THANK him for it every single day. He has encouraged me in this journey we are both on and I am now-7 years later-in a place that is excited for the opportunity to change and grow and be the very best version of myself.

I have to say-it’s a super cool place to be in when I now can wake up in the morning like I did this very morning in fact, grab a piece of freshly picked organic fruit and find myself actually saying a ‘thank you’ to the fruit for giving it’s life for me, to be able to nourish, restore and refresh me with living nutrients.

I am not by any means 100% carb free but the journey to better health has been opened to me and I believe 2013 is going to be such a wonderful year for me of change and restoration in my health.

I am so excited to have you along for the journey with us! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey everybody my name is Kate and I am a newcomer to the blogging world! I’ve always been a person who values fitness and health in my life but I can honestly say that the past few years have really been a wake-up call for something bigger-something better.

I am excited to blog about my journeys alongside my husband Justin as we discover and delve into the world of possibility that awaits us both in this new year and in the years to come!

We hope the shows from Extreme Health Radio both encourage and inspire you toward living a better, fuller and healthier life as well. We are honored to be able to produce them and get to do what we are passionate about on a day to day basis and I welcome any comments. Thanks and God bless.

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