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My Journey From Pediatric Cancer Patient To Thriving Health by Jeff Koncz


For my first blog with extreme health radio I have decided to share what keeps me going on this journey extreme health in my mind, body and spirit. First off what got me here?

Here’s a short intro of myself for you readers, you can choose to skip this or not it’s up to you. Hi my name is Jeff Koncz aka the Rawganic Mechanic.

I am currently working full time toward my automotive mechanics license up here in Northern Ontario Canada. I have a passion for natural health and I consider myself a follower of extreme health practices. In my early life as a young child I suffered at the hands or modern medicine as a pediatric cancer patient.

After failure of traditional treatments to stop the cancer of my kidney I had to have my kidney surgically removed. So without knowing it I would fight the rest of my life with toxicity and health issues stemming from this early treatment. Coming from a low income single parent family, we relied on help from other family members. Living with my grandparents as a young man reaching high school, I lost my grandmother suddenly to a heart attack.

My grandfather at this time was taking traditional chemo treatments, which he succumb to many months later as his will to live left with the passing of my grandmother. This was very hard to deal with as they were taking the place of my parents as my mother worked several jobs to keep afloat. Then a few years later I lost one of my best friends who I knew since kindergarten to cancer as well.

Along with several other family members through out young adult hood. This fueled my questioning of modern medicine practices and a strong distrust with the overall governmental structure of our society. This snowballed into a rebelling youth in which I experimented with drugs and criminal activity. After losing my drivers license in an accident caused by drinking and driving, I decided to take a stand to change my life before I got thrown in jail or worst.

Always health minded due to my health condition, this catapulted my journey of health. After several years I have become extremely health minded, with health, fitness and self education becoming the most important things in my life. I am now working in a career that I enjoy, I write blogs, and contribute to a local health magazine. I am happily in love with my beautiful girlfriend Melissa. We love the raw lifestyle and we love the outdoors and taking advantage of our vast northern forests.

I love gardening and outdoor sports and I am always challenging myself to push the limits and try new things. I now always try to model myself so that others can look up to me and so that friends and family can look up to me. I hope to share what I’ve learned in life in hopes that people can try things I communicate so they may transform their lives and feel the joy that I have felt in recent years. Extreme health topics I love the most are spring water, wild foods, permaculture/gardening, fitness in the wilderness(canoeing, camping, running, snow boarding, biking), grounding, yoga, thought practices and alternative energies (crystals, rife, spirituality from around the globe).

I came from depression to a love for everything life has to offer. I am constantly experiencing synchronistic and serendipitous events in my life since leaving behind the evils of the past and trying to be the best I can be and helping others. I hope to edutain and encourage you to take back your power in your life.

So back to what keeps me going. The possibility of the future is what drives me the most. The fact that we can always better ourselves mentally physically or emotionally. In the recent months I have really stepped up my work out routines thanks to a friend I had a pleasure of meeting through work. He was a fellow employee and had reached some awesome fitness goals in his life.

He was interested in natural health and I was more than willing to teach what I knew and he would share his knowledge of gymnastic type fitness regimens. Thanks to him I have recently taken on handstands and in the future hope to accomplish a back flip as well. These are things I thought would be way out of my grasp but this friend allowed me to realize that this is something anyone can accomplish. The same goes for health as well. At one time when me and my girlfriend started experimenting with raw foods we thought it would be nearly impossible to live that lifestyle. A few years later, I was pretty impressed when I realized that we basically were eating 80-90% raw daily.

As I listen to more and more podcasts and learned more I realized the only thing holding us back is ourselves. So my hope for the future powers me to move on. I have so many things I want to try or improve, I wouldn’t be satisfied just living the way I already do.

This winter I bought a snowboard and started snowboarding for the first time. I picked up fast now I’m addicted I just want to keep pushing my limits until I can pull off some professional moves. I have no desire to be a competitive snowboarder I just love the feeling carving the hill and hitting the jumps and the warm feeling I get when I land a jump or grind a rail. Like when I did my first fifteen second handstand I knew I wouldn’t stop till I mastered it. I haven’t mastered it yet but I won’t stop. It’s this knowledge that we can better ourselves and reach previously thought unreachable levels. This is what drives me to go further and never give up and give everything a chance.

When we try to follow an extreme health lifestyle it’s important that we never become to dogmatic, we keep an open mind because anything is possible and sometimes we must learn the hard way to fully understand things. So never limit yourself, always expect more from yourself and when all else fails trust your gut.

Humans amaze me so much, our ability to adapt to circumstances and push what perceivable boundaries we may think we have. From people on their death beds coming back from sudden death, to indigenous warriors who strike fear into the animal kingdoms greatest predators. It would seem that our bodies have been built to destroy all obstacles in our way, a biological machine capable of anything.

In every aspect of life on earth there is examples of people breaking every limit thought possible. We have the ability to perform acrobatics to astral travel, survive the harshest most diverse climates of this planet. We have built in our DNA the possibility for the greatest achievements we could ever imagine and it all starts within ourselves. I hope this can inspire you to great new heights I know I’ve inspired myself just writing this.

With the right knowledge and a little imagination we can do anything.

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