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My Interview with America’s Most Successful Raw Doctor

ejuva-article-photo-1At the risk of coming across egregious, it has always bothered me so many untruths regarding health are spoken by higher ups in the raw community. I can’t help but wonder if these people are complete frauds or just bad at what they do. It saddens me their recommendations are made for the love of money rather than the love of health.

In many ways it reminds me of big pharma because money is more important than results. Of course there is the flip side, those who recommend only food and swear everything else is harmful.

After treating tens of thousands of diseases I can assure you food is not enough. So as mean and angry as I may sound right now, how do you really know who is telling you the truth? To help sort myth from fact I interviewed the best raw food doctor I know. He has no hidden agendas, he just speaks very accurately about health and the human body. He holds the honor of having one the highest patient success rate of any raw doctor.

He has been doing this stuff since 1978 and he is a M.D., D.C., N.D., PhD, founder of the College of Natural Health, an author, a lecturer (click here to hear some of his lectures) and an icon. If all that’s not enough, he’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet!

But first, did you know the Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain which is comprised of 57 leading physicians reported “death begins in the colon,” and concluded nearly every contemporary chronic disease is related to poisons in the colon. With the holidays just past, and summer upon us; it’s a perfect time to consider doing a great cleanse.

Cleansing is critical to health, but there are so many cleanses out there it can be tough to make a decision. There are some who believe cleansing is not even necessary, they think all you have to do is eat properly and the body will take care of itself. This is known as a detox diet and I for one have my doubts. If the Royal Society of Medicine is correct, cleansing of the bowel is a very serious matter, and with all the cleansing options out there, how do you know who to believe?

Well, to get the facts straight regarding detoxing I interviewed America’s most successful raw doctor, Dr. Joel Robbins. We talked about detox diets and if they really work, the importance of detoxing as well as the most effective detoxes. Not only that, but we will offer you something EJUVA has never offered anyone in the raw community before.


According to Dr. Robbins

ejuva-article-photo-2One of the main reasons your body requires sleep is so it may cleanse. He said every time we go to sleep our body makes new cells, repairs old cells, makes 75% of your next day’s energy, recharges your adrenals, gathers up all the metabolic and toxic waste it can, and performs many other vital jobs.

Dr. Robbins said our bodies make and repair twice as many cells when we are sleeping as compared to when we are awake. Sleeping stops certain functions which are preformed by the body while we are awake.

This frees up much needed energy to do the above mentioned nightly “cleanse” or detox. Dr. Robbins believes your nightly cleanse is the reason you feel a strong urge to use the bathroom when you wake up from a good night’s sleep. This is to evacuate unwanted waste which your body collected during your sleep.

The strong odor and dark color of your first evacuation are reflective of what your body gathered up that night. In fact, the foam which accompanies your first evacuation is the collection of salt you consumed the day before (Dr. Robbins recommends avoiding any type of salt). Dr. Robbins went on to say, those who wake up a bit groggy were not quite done cleansing. There are too many toxins left in the blood stream upon waking and this makes people feel as if they are hung over. For many, this “hung over” feeling can last several minutes until their liver finally clears things up.

Besides the extra energy your body needs for its nightly cleanse, there is another very important reason your body places you to sleep. Your body knows you cannot eat while you are sleeping. Dr. Robbins claimed every time you eat the body must minimize its cleansing mode to make room for the digestion and assimilation modes. The digestion/assimilation processes require more energy than anything else we do.

Dr. Robbins explained its similar to when we are sick, our body takes away our appetite and makes us tired so it has the necessary energy it needs to rev up our immune system. In other words, the body can’t cleanse well if we eat a meal, there’s simply too much for the body to do during digestion for an effective cleanse to occur. And, it takes hours for the body to digest and assimilate food.

Multiply that by 2 or 3 meals a day and how much cleansing are we really receiving?

Dr. Robbins said the body is very inefficient at cleansing toxins. This is because, believe it or not, our filters are not designed to filter out toxins. Our filters were made for filtering natural occurring metabolic wastes, not foreign man made toxins.

According to Dr Robbins stated, with few exceptions toxins are stored because they are too expensive for our already nutritionally depleted body to remove via our filters. Add in digestion food on top of everything else the body does, and we really reduce the body’s ability to cleanse. Eating really impairs cleansing, this is why he tells his patients not to eat after 7 PM, or before 12 PM.

He believes for most, cleansing is more important than eating. He also recommends nothing but water one day a week and nothing but juice until dinner two days per week. This because liquids do not invoke the same digestive processes as solid foods. Liquids give the liver a much needed break and lets the digestive tract catch up on everything we’ve consumed that week.

According to Dr. Robbins once we eat something, whether it’s an animal or a plant, it takes 4 to 6 hours to break down, digest, and assimilate. During which time far less cleansing can occur. I am mentioning all this because I asked Dr Robbins about these “detox diets” popping up all over the place and if they really work?

Dr. Robbins said there is no doubt the more nutrients you consume during the day via your foods and supplements the better the body’s natural ability to cleanse will be. But to call food a detox is a bit misleading. Sleep is technically a cleanse but it is minuscule at best. I mean you see how sick America really is and most everyone sleeps/cleanses each and every night.

**** Note ~ Dr Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute recently held a class of 26 health seekers at his facility in Florida. He recommended Ejuva in conjunction with their “detox diet” and four of them partook in Dr. Clements suggestion. The things that came out of those patients who did the cleanse with their detox diet was quote, “Amazing!” In the end, 24 of the 26 patients did the Ejuva cleanse and their results were increased 100 fold.

Juice Cleansing

ejuva-article-photo-3Dr. Robbins said those who claim juice fasting to be cleansing are far more accurate than those selling solid foods as a cleanse. This is because the body does not have to break down, digest, or assimilate liquids. But like sleep, juice fasts are a pretty minuscule form of cleansing.

Juices go through different channels of digestion called osmosis, which affords the body far more energy and far more nutrients than solids. According to Dr. Robbins the body keeps those extra nutrients for its normal daily processes and to pay back of nutritional debts. That does not leave a lot of nutrients left over for actual cleansing. Juice fasts are great for giving the digestive tract a break while giving the body extra nutrients and as a result you will cleanse more during your night’s sleep than you will while eating solids.

But the question remains, how deep of a cleanse do you want? I mean, who has ever lost their mucosa plaque while eating food, or while juicing for that matter?

I asked Dr. Robbins about the use of herbs while cleansing. Though Dr. Robbins does NOT believe in “Herbal Therapy”, taking herbs literary forever to try and heal an aliment of the human body (something else that is highly recommended by many of the raw higher ups).

Dr. Robbins believes herbs do not possess the ability to heal anything in the human body; however, they can relieve symptoms as meds do, and if relieving a symptom is required to make ones quality of life worth living then by all means take the herbs. But, Dr. Robbins does believe that herbal cleansing (taking herbs for a temporary amount of time) will promote a MUCH deeper cleanse than either food or juice will do in and of themselves (as proven by Dr. Brian Clement).

Because cleansing with herbs is a much deeper cleanse and so many more toxins are removed when using herbs, pregnant or breast feeding woman are told to not use herbs. This because the toxins gathered during a herbal cleanse are so vast they will end up in the breast milk or the blood stream eventually polluting the baby. In contrast, pregnant and nursing woman are encouraged to juice and eat raw solids. That’s the power herbs bring to the table when it comes to cleansing.

According to Dr. Robbins it is a myth that our bodies filters were designed to cleanse toxins. He says our filters were designed to cleanse the body of metabolic wastes. Metabolic waste is created by our all of our cells. Even if we ate perfect food and breathed perfect air our cells would still create this type of waste.

On the other hand, toxic wastes are man made and are foreign to the human body. As a result, our body’s filters are very inefficient at dealing with toxic wastes. Due to the nutritional cost of removing toxic waste from you body, your body will simply store most toxins because it’s the cheapest way out. Dr. Robbins said your body is not wired for health, it is wired for survival and it uses the least amount of energy and nutrients it can to get you through the day. The cheapest way out for the body is to store toxic wastes.

I do not believe neither food, juice, or sleep are enough to force our bodies into a deep cleanse for the removal of stored toxins. Dr. Robbins says these toxins can cause massive disruption in the communication that takes place between our cells.

He also says toxins are a main player in creating both dis-ease and disease in our bodies. For a deep cellular cleansing of toxins the body must be inspired to cleanse, and this inspiration comes from herbs. It is the herbs that will force the body to cleanse at a level it will not do on its own via solids or juice. Herbs insure a much deeper and more robust cleanse at a cellular level than any amount of sleep, food, or juice can provide the human body.

So raw foods and especially raw juices are great to help promote the body’s natural cleansing ability but if you want to turbo charge those results add a cleanse like Ejuva.

The idea that disease begins in the colon is not new. Below is a letter dated 1880 about autopsies of the bowel.

Remember, as Americans we consume far more processed foods than we did 134 years ago. If you have the stomach to read this keep in mind if you really think some juice or raw foods consumed for a weekend, a week or even a month will clear up the following.

The following experience is from the pen of Dr. H.T.Turner of Washington, it affords incontestable proof of the allegation made, that the colon is the seat of disease, and his testimony should be read with extreme care. It is no fanciful, theoretical statement, but the ghastly revelation of an appalling reality.( from the book “The secret of health without drugs” By Chas. A. Tyrrell, M.D.)

ejuva-article-photo-4“In 1880 I lost a patient with inflammation of the bowels, and requested of the friends the privilege of holding a post-mortem examination, as I was satisfied that there was some foreign substance in or near the Ileo-coecal valve, or in that apparently useless appendage, the Appendicula Vermiformis.

“The autopsy developed a quantity of grape seed and popcorn, filling the lower enlarged pouch of the colon and the opening into the Appendicula Vermiformis. This, from the mortified and blackened condition of the colon alone, indicated that my diagnosis was correct. Healthy diseased bowels
Healthy and abnormal bowels.

I opened the colon throughout it’s entire length of five feet, and found it filled with fecal matter encrusted on its walls and into the folds of the colon, in many places dry and hard as slate.

I observed that this crusted matter was evidently of long standing, the result of years of accumulation, and although the remote cause, not the immediate cause of his death. The sigmoid, or bend in the colon on the left side, was especially full and distended to double its natural size, filling the gut uniformly, with a small hole the size of one’s little finger through the center, through which the recent fecal matter passed.

In the lower part of the sigmoid-flexure, were pockets eaten out of the hardened fecal matter, in which were eggs of worms and quite a quantity of maggots, which had eaten into the sensitive mucous membrane, causing serious inflammation of the colon and were the cause of his hemorrhoids, or piles, which I learned were of years’ standing.

The whole length of the colon was in a state of chronic inflammation; still this man considered himself well and healthy, and had no trouble in getting his life insured with one of the best companies in America.

In the discovery described above, I had found but a prototype of at least seven-tenths of the human family in civilized life-the real cause of all diseases of the human body. That I had found the fountain of premature old age and death, for, as surprising as it may seem, out of 284 cases of autopsies held of late on the colon (they representing in their death nearly all the diseases known to our climate), but twenty-eight colons were found to be free from hardened, adhered matter(mucoid plaque), and in their normal healthy state, and that the 256 were all more or less as described above.

In many of them the colon was distended to double its natural size throughout its whole length, with a small hole through the center, as far as could be learned, these last cases spoken of had regular evacuations of the bowels each day. Many of the colons contained large maggots from four to six inches long, and pockets of eggs and maggots, while blood and pus were frequently present.”

Dr Robbins made a video about the toxic colon ~ CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO

Over the years

ejuva-article-photo-6I have purchased several herbal cleansing companies including Ejuva. I believe I can attest to which herbs and formulations will inspire the body cleanse at its highest level without over taxing the body and fatiguing already tired adrenals. So many formulations are way too harsh as they are formulated by people that are familiar with herbs but not the human body.

The Formulation used in the cleanse is critical! If you use one herb you are required to use its counter part herb or you will not have the full effect of the first herb and vise versa. Some herbs should be left out because of a certain herb that is being used.

It’s important to choose a cleanse that was formulated by someone who understands both herbs and the human body. The other issue with formulations is the price of some herbs. Some people leave out much needed herbs due to the cost. Our cleanse includes herbs that cost 150.00 per pound (wholesale) that you will never (due to the cost) find in other cleanses.

Most cleanses include about 20 herbs. Ejuva uses 96 herbs. The cost of that many ingredients is body cleanse expensive! This is so we cleanse the entire body and not just the bowel. Another one of my cleansing companies offers its clients a cleanse for $90.00. This cleanse lasts for 10 days, with a total of 17 herbs and it’s wildly popular. When you break down the cost of that cleanse it comes out to $9 per day for only 17 herbs.

Meanwhile, EJUVA contains 96 herbs and it costs on average $230 for 30 days. This comes to less then eight dollars per day for 96 herbs and you receive far more (by weight) of these herbs. I think it’s easy to see which cleanse is the best value for the money, and subsequently the best value for your health. Not only that, but EJUVA throws in the most expensive type of human strain pro-biotic in the world and a emotional elixir at no additional cost.

I asked some of the 10 day cleanse clients why would they pay more for less? They thought they could get the cleanse done in 10 days rather than 30 days and that sounded good to them. The truth is the human body is only capable of cleansing so much in a 24-hour period, no matter how much you throw at it. All you are doing by consuming a 10 day cleanse versus a 30 day cleanse is limiting your cleansing results by 20 days!

One of the most important but least known aspect of a cleanse is called the “carrier”. A carrier is critical for great cleansing results as this is the component that carries out the toxins. The 10 day cleanse has a little teabag filled with ginger that claims to carry out toxins while you are cleansing. The little bit of toxins the ginger might be able to carry out is not exactly what I’d call a great carrier.

This is because it is very limited in the amount of toxins it can absorb. The fact is most cleanses do not even use a carrier which is a critical mistake. The few percent that do use a carrier usually use something called bentonite clay. This clay (aka dirt) has a very acidic pH level, clay dehydrates the human body, especially bowels. Clay costs the body massive amounts of nutrients and enzymes to expel, clay is loaded with aluminum, and the contents which make up the clay are too large to pass through the intestinal lining.

This insures only toxins in the bowel will be carried out while the rest of the toxins get hung up in the liver, kidney, lymph, etc, etc. If the body stores toxins throughout the entire body why use a carrier that can’t escape the bowels? EJUVA’s carrier called Renew is made from Ayurvedic fruit and herbs that are enzynamically alive, it is void of aluminum, and contains nutrients that actually nourishes the body. Renew does not dehydrate the body and it gets beyond the intestinal lining.

As a result, toxins throughout the entire body are carried out. In fact, Renew carries out 4 times more toxins per gram than dirt. The only good thing about clay is that it is very inexpensive, if Ejuva used dirt instead if Renew we could lower our price substantially!

The bottom line is

ejuva-article-photo-5You get what you pay for, most lesser cleanses contain very few herbs and/or bentonite clay or no carrier at all and only enough pills for 10 days or so. These are only some of the facts why I believe the Raw icons from around the world have recommended Ejuva for over 20 years.

For those of you who have already cleansed, keep in mind, when we cleanse we do not get all of toxins though we are cleaner than we were before we cleansed. Chances are strong that more apple cleansing is required. Even with the aid of 96 herbs it takes a couple years of pure eating and several herbal cleanses to make us clean. So it is always a great idea to re-cleanse every 4 to 6 months.

Also, while reading Dr Turners’ letter ask yourself if you really believe some juice, or some uncooked plants with some sleep can really do the trick. It is also important to note every one of these people being described felt as healthy as you do now.

In an effort to thank the raw community for 22 years of support and for making 2013 our best year ever, Ejuva would like to offer our 30 Day Full Body cleanse at $188.50 each and our Ejuva Jr. two week full body cleanse for $101.50 each. There will be a very limited supply at this price so act fast while supplies last as this offer is guaranteed to sell out. You may call in your order to 866 GO EJUVA (463 5882) or order online at use the coupon code “cleancolon” to receive your discount.

If you have any questions or comments regarding your health I can be reached at or 866 GO EJUVA (463 5882)


Charles Partito N.D./ Raw Nutritionist
Counselor of Natural Health

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